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United States
NAME: Ryan
AGE: 24
BIRTHDAY: May 18, 1988

I have mild autism, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome, in addition to having the audacity to admit it:-).
I hate no one (because God would not want me to.)
I do not fear death(because God sent his son to save the world)
I am not going to run from pain(For the lord is my rock in times of trouble)

SpyroXCynder forever
FlameXEmber forever

I'm the owner of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Club, here: :iconrockynbullwinkleclub:
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Favourite cartoon character: SpyroxCynder, BaltoxJenna, BambixFaline, FlamexEmber, etc.
Hey, watchers.  I've decided to do my first original Meme on DA!  And here it is: Your Top 5 episodes of Ed, Edd, n Eddy!  What you do is that you simply list your 5 most favorite episodes from this all-time modern and hilarious cartoon classic, a brief summary, and then explain what made it so memorable and hilarious.  So here I go:

#5: Rent-a-Ed
    In this episode from Season 2, after a failed attempt of their circus act, the Eds try their luck as repairmen (which also ended in failure) before finally shifting their goals of opening a sauna inside Johnny 2x4's house, which utterly ended with the house imploding.
    HIGHLIGHTS: For me, the best parts of this episode all involve with Ed, especially with how he's always breaking everything he touches, causing major and hilarious mayhem throughout the show, such as...
  • The teeter-totter in the playground
  • Jimmy's miniature oven, ceiling, and his poor [and crispy] sailor cookies
  • Johnny's sink, thinking it was a bottle of soap (Weird bottle, huh?)
  • Johnny's heat radiator (Can I build a birdhouse with this stuff?)
  • The support beam for Johnny's house (What's a support beam?

#4: Gimme Gimme Never Ed
    What happens here is that the Eds do their best in giving Johnny's best friend, Plank, the thrill of a lifetime by constructing three fun-filled rides for the latter, with the last one ending with the trio sent flying sky-high (literally too) 
    HIGHLIGHTS: There are several throughout this episode, but the best was the scene where the Eds were hilariously careening down their man-made roller coaster screaming their lungs out (while Ed joyfully shouted things like FASTER, PUSSY CAT! FASTER!)  Here's a video link showing that scene: 

#3: It Came from Outer Ed
    An episode centered on Ed from beginning to end, that involves him supervising his two best buddies in trying to invoke "The Curse of Evil Tim," one which we never learned what it involved.  And throughout Ed's attempt at organization of his "scam," a lot of mishaps happen along the way.  But in the way, the Curse actually worked at the ending when a whole flock of crows descended upon the trio!
    HIGHLIGHTS: I loved the entire episode, but there are two epic moments in it that I REALLY liked.  The first was when Ed attempted to "save" Jimmy from "Evil Tim" (actually Double D) all the while heaving a huge tree above his head shouting "CRUSH THE MONSTER!!!!"  The other was when Ed started mutilating Jimmy's new doll, Mr Yum Yum, like it was some sacrificial-alter death while laughing maniacally in the process! 

#2: The Day the Ed Stood Still
    Just like the previous one, this is also an Ed-focused episode.  In this one, Edd and Eddy decide to cash in on Ed, who desires to become a monster, by dressing him up as one.  But, being the hyper-imaginative person he is, Ed goes all out wild in his newly "transformed" monster experience as he then abducts and terrifies the kids of the Cul-de-sac, causing hilarious mayhem and destruction along the way.
    HIGHLIGHTS: I loved every part of this epic and hilarious episode, but one of my favorite moments is that awesome entrance Monster Ed makes when he emerges from the back door of Kevin's house, roaring menacingly in his epically monstrous costume. 

#1: Rock-a-bye Ed
    Ah, yes, my all-time favorite episode of EEnE.  Yes, I know it's an Ed-centric one, but this one's special.  In this one, Ed, after having a horrible nightmare of his mother punishing him, Ed becomes intensely frightened of Johnny 2x4 whenever he saw him or when the latter spoke to the former (on account that he saw mother with Johnny's face).  In the end, Ed's friends decide to help him by having Ed confront Johnny head on.  This ends strangely with Johnny screaming awake in bed from a "nightmare."  
    HIGHLIGHTS: For me, I laughed really hard whenever Ed became terrified of Johnny, which included retreating inside of a tree and best of all twisting himself around a balance beam in several helpless horrified knots. 

And there you have!  My personal Top 5 episodes from Ed, Edd, n Eddy!

I'm passing this meme onto these six friends of mine so that they may tell everyone what their top 5 EEnE episodes are: :icondragonofbrainstorms:, :iconlegendofwii92:, :iconblooddragonjl:, :iconoddfox17:, :iconkendell2:, :icondan-zigg:


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