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United States
NAME: Ryan
AGE: 24
BIRTHDAY: May 18, 1988

I have mild autism, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome, in addition to having the audacity to admit it:-).
I hate no one (because God would not want me to.)
I do not fear death(because God sent his son to save the world)
I am not going to run from pain(For the lord is my rock in times of trouble)

SpyroXCynder forever
FlameXEmber forever

I'm the owner of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Club, here: :iconrockynbullwinkleclub:
________________________________________ ___,d88`******__________________
________________________________________ _,d88`*********_________________


Favourite cartoon character: SpyroxCynder, BaltoxJenna, BambixFaline, FlamexEmber, etc.
Greetings, everybody!  I want to thank everyone who's given me so many happy returns of the day (Birthday congratulations).  I'm deeply touch by them.


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BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 34 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there I have to go now, talk to you later. :D I enjoyed the artwork AND the stories, maybe I can talk on THOSE later? Take care now.

Respectfully your, Californian Christian Friend.:D
BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:DGood morning, or Afternoon for you maybe.:D
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Good late afternoon to you as well.  Just so you know, I have a few fanfictions for MLP in my gallery, when you'd like to read them.
BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will read them GREAT to hear from you friend.:D
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Make sure to comment on them when you get the chance. :)
(1 Reply)
BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D:D:D:D *squee*!!! Thank you for the watch.:D:D:D:D
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
You are most welcome. :)
BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am sorry for the delay I am facing technical difficulties; I see, I am Californian; You must be busy a lot or something, you have long pauses between our conversation we are having right now, maybe I can talk when you are not busy? May I add (I) ALSO have Autism Spectrum Disorder(The NEW name for Aspergers)? What of my adding you as a friend, may I befriend you?
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
Sorry, sometimes I get sidetracked by other things, which explains why there are delays in my responses.  I confess that it's bad habit I've developed. :(

I've also watched you as well.  I've observed that you have a drawing of the Titanic on your gallery.  I must inform you that I'm quite an enthusiast with the Titanic.  In fact, I even have an Autobot OC whose vehicular mode is that of the Titanic named Oceanus.
BlackHat6 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? It is okay if you get distracted, I have that a little MYSELF (Having ASD 'Aspergers' as well) Really? You like the Titanic ALSO? COOL.:D If you drew that Autobot or had it somehow put on DA, I think it would be interesting to see, I am a Transformers fan myself, did you see Transformers 4? It combined MLP & Transformers in a scene if you did not hear of it already. XD
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
I've already commissioned an artist on DA to draw Oceanus' robot mode, but it's not in the movie format, it's more along the lines of an animated Transformers series known as Transformers Prime.  The artist is known as :iconairaly:
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LemonxChanh Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the fave Love 
minidynz Featured By Owner 6 days ago   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave. God bless.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You are most welcome and may God bless you as well. :)
Worldgoesround4all Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
thanks for the fave ^^
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You are most welcome. :)
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello again.

Since you last asked, I've actually taken into consideration the possibile names should I ever have Spyro and Cynder have children in my fanfiction.

I have seen many, many, many cases where writers or artists here have simply named their spawn of the two CCs a mixture of Spyro's and Cynders name, Spyder, Cyndro, things like that. Whatever I'd name them, It's a resounding no to the prospect of something that simple and overdone; it's not even very clever. If my OC was to have that naming setup, she'd be called 'Schakrelena' or 'Selkri', and HER children (assuming we didn't use the previously suggested names') would be 'Ddraigtanexander' or 'Alexanto', and those simply sound ridiculous!

So, I moved to human names; again, this has been done already: Look at ShaloneSK's Nina for instance. But it opens up more possibilities.
For example, in my fanfic, Cynder's ancestors are Norse ice dragons in the far North of Scandinavia, whose mother was an abandoned fire dragoness; however, Cynder has spent most of her life in Avalar, which is a dragon kingdom with a large population of draconic speaking dragons, and French speaking humans; immediately, the most obvious name for a purple dragon in a French-speaking nation would be Pourpre, the French for purple. But Avalar is a pretty large empire, spanning a huge amount of Europe, and it's only going to get bigger.
Cynder's godmother, Ddraig, is Welsh, and so if SHE had a say in the naming, assuming we go for the name purple again, the Welsh name would be porffor; another example is Lila, the German word for purple. I'm using the word purple as an example, as it's a logical name for a purple dragon, and it's a name which I can use the different languages of to make interesting names.

You can also see my thought process here I imagine... But yeah, if you're still interested, that's where I stand on the matter.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
That's very intriguing! :nod:

One name I chose for a SpyroxCynder child I thought is Phoenous, which I used from the word "phoenix," since that said offspring's element is fire.  It may not sound original with some, but I thought it was pretty good.  What do you think of that?
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, that's a pretty good name.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Thank you. :) One other reason for choosing this name is because of how the phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal.  This applies Spyro's black beauty on account that when he defeated and freed her from Malefor's control, Cynder became reborn as a new person both inside and out.
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