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June 25, 2012
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Location: Warfang. Time: Night.

Atop a tall skyscraper stood, a beautiful, young black dragoness named Cynder who was looking out into the vast cityscape of Warfang, with her face expressfully morose.  It had been two months since both she and Spyro, a young purple dragon, had defeated the diabolical dragon, Malefor and saved their planet from his destruction.  As Cynder approached the edge of the building however, other, more dolorous thoughts currently occupied her mind.  They all involved how Malefor forced her into serving as one of his generals, along with all the devastation she brought to many under his iron-fisted control.  All this brought her misery and shame for doing them, for she dreaded those moments.  Alas, yesterday, she encountered a group of dragons who assaulted her with insults, including:

        "You don't belong here, traitor!"
        "Why don't you do us all a favor and kill yourself?!?!"

All these terrible verbal assaults had reverberated in her mind since then and were destroying her internally with pain so terrible that it made her spirit writhe with utter agony.
        This is it, Cynder sadly thought to herself, as she positioned her body sideways along the edge of the building. I'm going to end all the pain and suffering I've brought to everyone.  Just a single jump and it will all be-- She immediately turned shifted her head toward the central stairs upon hearing sounds of claws clicking against the floor, which were followed by a voice calling:
        "Cynder?"  She immediately recognized it as Spyro's, the one whom she fell in love with during their journeys in the war against Malefor.  She then observed Spyro ascending out from the stairs and then gazed at Cynder.  "There are you, Cynder."  Within his soul, Spyro's heart fluttered joyfully upon seeing Cynder, even though he hadn't yet expressed that to her externally.  Spyro also observed that her face looked deeply morose, to which he became greatly concerned.
        "Cynder, are you alright?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. "Is there anything wrong?"  The purple dragon then observed that a tear streaming down from one of her beautiful emerald green eyes as she then sadly whispered:
        "Goodbye."  She then allowed herself to fall over the edge of the building.
        "CYNDER!" gasped Spyro.  He then immediately darted forward and jumped down after her.  The purple dragon became more terrified in observing that she had already fell two to three stories down.  Spyro then immediately activated his Time Control, which slowed everything down around him considerably.  Wasting no time, he then flew down fast in a circular spiral motion, enabling him to intercept Cynder.  When Spyro managed to reach and catch Cynder in her pectoral area, the effects of Time Control then ceased.  The force of the impact from Spyro's aerial tackle then sent both him and Cynder onto the roof of a nearby structure without any injury.  The young purple dragon currently has Cynder pinned down on top of him, his foreclaws on her forelimbs and his chest pressed securely against hers.  Cynder was struggling with all effort to free herself from Spyro's strong and ardent grasp, but it was to no avail.
        "Let me go, Spyro!" Cynder shouted loudly as she continued struggling.
        "No, Cynder," Spyro calmly replied, his voice traced with sadness.  "I can't do that.  Now, please, stop struggling, or you'll end up hurting yourself."  Cynder immediately ceased struggling, for she did not ever want to harm the dragon she loves.  Nevertheless, she shifted her head away from him and closed her eyes tightly, for she felt still ashamed of herself.
        "But, Spyro," she spoke morosely, tears dolorously streaming down her visage.  "My life has been filled with nothing but agony and pain from all the thousands of dragons and other people I've killed.  I've only brought misery and pain in committing all of those terrible acts of murder…for it hurts me more that you can imagine.  I just can't live on knowing that…which is why I wanted to end it by ending my life."  She paused for a few moments before asking: "Why, Spyro…why did you stop me?"
        "Because, Cynder," calmly replied Spyro, his voice heavy with emotion.  "I'd never live with myself if I allowed you to die.  You mean absolutely so very much to me, Cynder, no matter with what you've done in your past.  Cynder…I love you."  Immediately, Cynder's emerald eyes opened as she then slowly turned her head up until she was gazing into Spyro's eyes, whose face was fresh with tears streaming down.
        "You do?" whispered Cynder.
        "Yes…I do." replied Spyro.  He then bent down his head and pressed his lips passionate against Cynder's.  Though she was initially surprised for a millisecond, Cynder immediately melted into the deeply passionate kiss with Spyro.  She was finally content in knowing that Spyro, the dragon who she loves, shares the same love for her.  Throughout the kiss, they both embraced each other in their arms, thus pressing their chests and bellies together, sequentially coiling their tails together.  After a few minutes in that intimate position, Spyro and Cynder broke from their kiss and joyfully gazed into each other's eyes.
        "I'm sorry for trying to kill myself, Spyro," Cynder remorsefully apologized.
        "Don't worry," calmly replied Spyro, as he gently nuzzled her beautiful visage momentarily.  "What matters is that you're still here with me."  He then looked deeply into Cynder's beautiful emerald eyes and briefly thought about how beautiful she looked in the full moon's glowing silver light.  He then states:
        "Cynder, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life."
        "And I am most blessed to have you in my life too, Spyro," Cynder lovingly replied.  They both then brought their maws together and shared another passionate kiss with each other.  After a minute into this supreme moment, a faint voice was heard from the streets below:
        "Spyro?" Both beloveds immediately opened their eyes and slowly separated from their deep osculation in recognizing the voice as it continued.  "Hey, are you out there, buddy?"  Cynder rolled her eyes and sarcastically states:
        "Your brother sure can ruin our supreme moment like this."   Her purple beloved chuckled, sequentially stating:
        "Don't worry about it, Cyn.  It's something we'll get use to eventually."  They both slowly uncoiled their tails, allowing Spyro to move off of Cynder.  The svelte black dragoness then flipped over on all fours and then turned to her beloved.
        "Spyro, would it be alright if I slept with you tonight?" she asked.
        "Certainly, Cynder," Spyro delightfully replied.  "I'd love that."  His beloved black dragoness smiled joyfully for a moment before they heard Sparx' voice calling in the streets below.  The two young dragons ascended into the air and then slowly drifted down to find Sparx in city streets below.
This is for :iconruffled-sharpies:'s contest that involves writing a story involving a canon couple.
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humanofprey Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We all make mistakes but just 0.000...01% acknowledge their mistakes and Cynder is one of them. Cynder knows her crimes but nobody in Warfang are judges to condemn her. They are obliged to know that "the legendary purple dragon who had defeated the diabolical dragon Malefor" would accomplish nothing without Cynder help. Just as Commander Shinderu Shepard (my character from the game Mass Effect) said to navigator Presley: "Saying that humanity must stand-alone is a foolish and selfish thought. No matter how strong you are. You will become even stronger with the help of an ally". So every soul of Avalar must get down on their knees and thanks Cynder for saving their lives too.

Beautiful story, as always, especially when Spyro and Cynder kiss each other :love:
Nice work and good luck :thumbsup:

P.S: Shinderu means Cynder in Japanese because my character is just like Cynder the dragoness: Green eyes, black hair, white skin (because Cynder's horns are white =p) and her combat armor matches the dragoness' body: black with red stripes on her torso. Well Cynder is my favorite, what can i say? :aww:
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
I agree with you on that absolutely!

Thank you, and that's the best part of fanfictions like that about them, when they're kissing each other. :love:

Indeed, Cynder is my favorite character too. :)
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Very nicely done. I liked it a lot. It was pretty sad too, but sweet as well, great job!
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Thank you very much, Kendell!
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
shadmariaa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
i'd say its worthy of 5 stars
i bet i know what's gonna happen next
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Thank you!
shadmariaa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
dragonmaster35 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
What does CE: mean?
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
It stands for "Contest Entry."
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