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[Location: near the Shrine of the Fire Guardian, outside of Warfang.  Time: late afternoon.]
[Spyro, Cynder, the new Fire Guardian, Kindle, and Michbellus are currently ascending up a hill, where the Fire Shrine was located at the top.  Michbellus momentarily looked down at Cynder with an expression of dolor on his fiery visage.]
MICHBELLUS: (mentally) I wonder if she remembers…
SPYRO: Something the matter, Michbellus?
MICHBELLUS: Huh?  Uh, no, it's nothing, Spyro.
SPYRO: Alright.
[Moments later, all four dragons managed to reach the Fire Shrine, which was enormous in size.  Beside the Shrine was a large tree, which stood at a much taller height than the Shrine itself.  In front of the Shrine was the torch which held the Elemental Fire.  Kindle stepped forward and then sat down on her haunches in front of it as she sequentially bowed her head and closed her eyes.]
KINDLE: (mentally) Oh, dear ancestors…I ask that you please summon forth the dragon spirits Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra.
[The fire dragoness then rose up and motioned herself backwards a few steps.  Then suddenly, the Elemental Fire burst forth into larger plumes that spread outward.  Both Spyro and Cynder then looked up at Michbellus curiously.]
SPYRO: What's happening, Michbellus?
MICHBELLUS: I can only assume that Kindle has asked the Ancestors to bring back the spirits of some deceased dragons.
CYNDER: Do you know who they are?
MICHBELLUS: That's what we're about to find out, Cynder.
[No sooner had Michbellus finished when the flames slowly and then eventually subsided until four lone flames were left in floating in mid-air.  They then positioned themselves in this manner: two placed together on the right and two more together on the left.  They eventually materialized into the forms of dragons' heads and necks until they appeared in this manner: to the left of the shrine were an adult red fire dragon and a light blue ice dragoness.  Floating on the right side of the Shrine were the heads and necks of another couple of dragons, but both male and female had black scales, indicating they were dark element dragons.  All four of the dragon spirits maintained a translucent appearance as they looked forward curiously at the dragons before them (they are known from left to right as Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra).]
PYRRHUS: Hey, it's good to see you again, Kindle.
SUNO: Yes, it's been so long since we've talked together.
NIDHUG: So why have you summoned us here, anyway?
KINDLE: I have asked the ancestors to summon you on account that you're children are here to see you.
[All four dragon spirits gasped with astonishment on their visages, while Spyro and Cynder facially expressed perplexity.  Michbellus looked down at the young dragon couple with a look of joy.]
MICHBELLUS: She's referring to you two.
[Both young beloveds gasped as they suddenly looked up at Michbellus shockingly and briefly glanced at the four dragon spirits before return their gaze back to the elderly fire dragon.]
MICHBELLUS: (sighs) Spyro, the red dragon and light blue dragoness, Pyrrhus and Suno, are your parents, (to Cynder) while the black ones, Nidhug and Umbra are your parents, Cynder.
CYNDER: (mentally) Why do their names sound familiar?
SPYRO: Wow…this is so sudden.  I never actually knew mine or Cynder's real parents.
MICHBELLUS: Well, now both of you will get your chance today, Spyro.
[With that said, the old fire dragon nudged the couple forward with one of his wings as they sequentially approached their parents' spirits at a slow pace.  Spyro's mind was filled with immense excitement and surprise simultaneously.]
SPYRO: (mentally) I can't believe it…I actually get to meet my real parents!
[Cynder, however, felt disturbed mentally on account that she kept hearing faint sounds of weapons clanging together, war cries, and blood curdling screams of those who were killed.  They eventually grew louder as she and Spyro ventured closer to the four dragon spirits, which frustrated the beautiful black dragoness internally.  At some point she heard a dark, dreadful and cruel voice whispering, "Cynder…if you ever find these four….I want you to kill them…kill them all…SHOW THEM NO MERCY!!!!"  As this same voice spoke, images of the same four dragons before her and Spyro ran very fast through her mind.  The mental insanity within Cynder intensified as she and her beloved progressed closer to the shrine, which caused her to facially express terrible anxiety.  When they eventually stopped in front of the shrine, Cynder, unable to bear it any longer, unleashed an unimaginably agonizing and mournful cry before collapsing on all fours and started sobbing heavily.  Instantly, all eyes glanced at Cynder as her beloved, Spyro, immediately laid next to her with his wing draped over her beautiful back.  He looked down toward her head with facial expressions of deep sympathy and concern on his visage as he observed her in distressful grief.]
SPYRO: (tenderly) Cynder…are you alright? (pause) Because there is no need to worry, my love, I'll be right here for you whenever--(gasp)
[Quite suddenly, Cynder threw herself toward Spyro and tightly enwrapped her forearms around him as he was forced onto his back with her on top.  Her sobbing intensified.]
CYNDER: (sobbing dreadfully) Oh, Spyro, I'm so sorry!!!!!  I'm sorry for what I did!!!!
SPYRO: (confused) Sorry?  For what?
CYNDER: (sobbing dreadfully) I…I killed them, Spyro!!!  I killed both yours and my parents!!!!
[Spyro's eye pupils shockingly shrank instantly in reaction, though the reaction only lasted for a brief moment as he continued to hear his beloved life-mate sobbing uncontrollably.  He then enclosed his wings around her svelte body sympathetically.]
SPYRO: (whispering) Oh, Cynder…
CYNDER: (sobbing dreadfully) You probably hate me now for doing that, don't you?
SPYRO: NO!  Absolutely not, Cynder, my love!  What you've done wasn't your fault…you and I both very well know that.
CYNDER: (dreadfully) I know…but it feels so painful in killing each of our parents so mercilessly and ruthlessly!  I don't think I could ever live or forgive myself now knowing that--(gasps)
[She was interrupted when Spyro lifted her head and lip-locked his jaw against Cynder's, thus engaging them in a fiery, passionate kiss.  Although initially surprised by this, Cynder immediately melted into the kiss.  Throughout their kiss, they relished the scents of each other's bodies and the tastes of their tongues.  They remained that way for at least a minute before they gently separated, looking deep into each other's eyes.]
SPYRO: Please, Cynder…do not let yourself be troubled by what you've done in the past…that's all over now.  Let's live joyously in this peace we created together and spend our lives together prosperously and lovingly.  I wouldn't spend a day of my life without you in it, Cynder, because I love you very much.  And whatever it is each of our parents want to tell us, I'll be right here beside you to help you share the burden of your sorrows all the way.
[After a brief moment of silence, Cynder (who still had tears running down her eyes) bent down her neck over one of her mate's shoulders, snuggling it against his in another comforting hug.]
CYNDER: I love you too, Spyro.  And thank you…for I would have been lost without you, my love.
SPYRO: Of course, my love.
[Throughout this precious moment between the wonderful young couple, Kindle, Michbellus, Pyrrhus, Suno, Nighug, and Umbra had been watching them with utter interest.  They first displayed facial expressions of sorrow when Cynder broke down emotionally, but they immediately smiled joyously when her beloved, Spyro, solaced and appeased her.  Now, one of the black dragon spirits, Nidhug, bent down his neck, positioning it a little above Cynder's forehead for a second or two.]
NIDHUG: (whispers) Psst!  Cynder.  Cynder, up here!  Look!
[Cynder, upon hearing the soft whisper of father, shifted her gaze, from her right eye at him.  Upon seeing who it was, she immediately retracted her head back to its previous position, slightly tightening the embrace around her purple beloved.]
NIDHUG: (gently whispering) Hey, do not worry, my little black angel, I'm not going to yell at you.  I just want to tell you that whenever you two are ready, Cynder, your mother, Pyrrhus, Suno, and I have something very important we all want to tell you.  After that, we can catch up on what has been happening with the two of you.  We'll be waiting when you're both ready.
[At that, Cynder's father rose his head back up to its previous position, while he still looked down joyously at his daughter. Cynder then looked into her beloved's amethyst eyes very deeply, which indicated to her an expression of promising reassurance.  As a result, she got off of her life-mate as they then positioned themselves next each other sitting on their haunches, each placing one wing over the other's back.  Both were looking ahead in the direction of their own parents as Cynder's father began speaking.]
NIDHUG: Cynder…your mother and I, along with Pyrrhus and Suno, want you to very much understand that despite all that has happened, none of us here are angry with you for what you've done in the past.
[Cynder's eyes widened immediately, surprised by what her father had stated.]
CYNDER: You…you're not angry with me?  Even after I've slaughtered all of you?
UMBRA: Of course not, dear.  For on the contrary we are actually very joyous to see you and your dear mate today. (inhales) You have no idea how long it's been since we've last seen both of you in person.
SPYRO: Really?  When was that?
PYRRHUS: It was back when you were still in your egg, son.  
SUNO: I thought we've seen Cynder some years after that, dear?
PYRRHUS: Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. (sighs) I guess we'll have to start at the beginning. (to Nidhug) Should I start or would you care to start, Nidhug?
NIDHUG: I recommend that you should start, my fiery friend.
PYRRHUS: (chuckles) Alright then. (to Spyro and Cynder)  Son, when both you and Cynder were conceived by your mothers as eggs some fifteen years ago, it was a most joyous moment for all four of us.
SPYRO: So you're saying that you and mom were friends with Cynder's parents?
[It surprised the young purple dragon when he stated this on account that he had just now met his real parents.]
PYRRHUS: Yes, Spyro.  And not only that, but we were also best friends with them.
NIDHUG: You got that right, old buddy!
[All four dragon spirits shared a moment of joyously intimate laughter.  Even Kindle and Michbellus had to suppress their own laughter while watching this wonderful moment between both parents and offspring.  When it was over, the story resumed.]
PYRRHUS: (exhales joyfully) Oh, if you could only imagine the immensity of joy your mother and I felt when you were conceived in your egg, son.
SUNO: Indeed.  For after being mates for many decades, your father and I eventually became interested in starting and raising a family of our own.  And it was on that same day when I laid your egg that the one containing your mate was also laid at the same time by my friend Umbra.
[For a moment, Spyro and Cynder looked at each other briefly, their faces expressing astonishment, before they returned their gazes back toward their parents.]
SUNO: It was such a special blessing when you two came into our lives.  But alas…it was brief when…
SPYRO: …the night of the raid occurred, when the Dark Master's forces invaded the Temple, smashed all the eggs and took Cynder's egg.
[All four dragon spirits made sudden glances at Spyro when he finished what his biological mother was stating.  The moment he mentioned Cynder, he enwrapped his tail around his beautiful black mate's passionately and comfortingly.  Further back, Kindle reverently and sadly bowed her head slightly with her ear fins positioned down while Michbellus maintained a solemn, yet dolor expression on his visage.]
SPYRO: Is that correct?
[Spyro's mother, father, and Cynder's parents then facially portrayed an expression of deep sorrow as they continued.]
SUNO: Yes, son…you are correct.  And so when word reached us about what occurred at the raid, we all felt devastated, thinking that both of you were lost forever.
[Suno shed a single tear when she stated this.]
NIDHUG: Indeed.  We all spent a few months mourning dreadfully over our supposed loss…we didn't even leave each of our domiciles under the exception of going out to eat.  Then one day we all got word that Malefor's forces were growing stronger and that all adult dragons were beckoned to help join the cause in our war against him.  And so in seeking revenge for the loss we greatly felt from that event, we all decided to contribute our efforts to the cause fighting Malefor.
PYRRHUS: And so we spent the next two years fighting hard and passionately against Malefor's forces with our dragon kin, where we would eventually became some of the best known fighters in the squadron we were assigned.
UMBRA: But then at some point in the middle of all that fighting, I had a bizarre vision: for which I saw a large and powerful dragoness, and a name was whispered…Cynder.  Then it struck me… (to Cynder) for Cynder was the name your father and I intended to give you after you were supposed to hatch.  In this same vision, I also saw a young purple dragon and I heard the name "Spyro" whispered, (to Spyro) which sounded like the name you were to be given by Pyrrhus and Suno…and I didn't know what to believe until after I had this same vision twice.  After which I utterly realized what it meant, that both you and Spyro had somehow survived the raid, Cynder.  I was absolutely overjoyed, but when I told my mate, along with our friends Pyrrhus and Suno about it, they didn't believe me, despite the fact that I insisted it was all true.
SPYRO: But, why didn't you?
[Spyro was addressing that question to his parents and Nidhug.]
PYRRHUS: (sadly) Because at that time, son, we still thought yours and Cynder's eggs were destroyed in the raid.  And you were right, son, we should have listened and believed what Umbra told us then.
NIDHUG: Indeed.  And it was later on that after two years of fighting, during a battle where our forces had the advantage over the enemy and just as it seemed that victory was near…it happened.
CYNDER: (fearfully, mentally) Oh, no!
[Cynder began shivering out of fright and despair, to which Spyro observed, who thus placed one forepaw on his mate's and gripped it tightly.  He then looked over to his soul mate, who noticed this action.]
SPYRO: (whispering softly) I'm here…don't worry, my love.
[Cynder took this to heart joyously, despite the oncoming despair that was building in her soul.  The gorgeous couple readjusted their gaze forward.  When Nidhug began speaking, he was facially expressing sorrow and regret.]
NIDHUG: We heard a terribly piercing shriek from ahead and observed with utter astonishment that it truly was you, just as your mother saw in her dream, but below you followed another huge wave of the Dark Master's soldiers and our forces were currently exhausted from fighting the previous one.  And so…


[Nidhug, Umbra, Pyrrhus, and Suno were shouting something to their dragon allies, though it was inaudible.  The other adult dragons and dragonesses expressed facial expressions of terror.]
NIDHUG: …we insisted to many of our dragon kin to retreat back to Warfang while all four of us would stall the Dark Master's forces to give them time to escape safely.
[Visual showing all dragons retreating, while the Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra remained standing before the oncoming army ahead of them, each couple holding each other close, side-by-side.  Then suddenly they looked up as Cynder, possessed by Malefor, lunged and dived toward them with a blood-thirsty and murderous look upon her visage.]


NIDHUG: We remained steadfast as we embraced the end of our lives…we didn't strike back or even defend ourselves when you delivered the fatal blows to all of us, Cynder, because as our child, you were too precious to us and didn't dare to bring any harm to you.  And I'm terribly sorry you had to endure the pain of such a horrible memory, Cynder, along with all the other terrible things Malefor forced you to commit while under his control.
[At this point, Cynder had bright tears flowing down her beautiful visage, and she was sobbing softly.  Her life-mate Spyro was compassionately and lovingly snuggling his head against hers, while muttering to her words of assurance and hope.  She in return snuggled him back lovingly.  This lasted for half a minute more before she calmed down.]
UMBRA: But…after we came into the afterlife, we immediately discovered that it was Malefor who had stolen your egg during the night of the Raid.  It was just so utterly joyous to learn that after all this time you had survived.
SUNO: And your father and I were just as joyous to learn that you had also survived as well, Spyro, on account that your mentor, Ignitus, saved you from the dark master's forces during the raid.
NIDHUG: Yet, we were also grieved upon discovering that Malefor had been controlling you since you hatched, Cynder.  This distressed all four of us greatly, as we could only watch over you from afar as you suffered from his enslavement.  And it was then that we decided to forgive you form all the terrible things you committed because you mean so much to us.
[Cynder's eyes widened with interest when her father stated these words as she looked at him.]
CYNDER: You have?
[Her gaze shifted to Pyrrhus' direction as he sequentially spoke.]
PYRRHUS: Indeed we have, Cynder.  After all, none of the things you were forced to commit back then weren't your fault.
UMBRA: Yet, throughout that time, we all wept for you, Cynder, as we watched over you helplessly.  We also knew then that Spyro, as the next the purple dragon, was your only hope of being freed from Malefor's tyranny forever.
SUNO: And what a joy it was when we witnessed Spyro freeing you from his control in the realm of Convexity and bringing you back home safely, Cynder.  Since then, we've observed how you two have grown intimately close to each other throughout your travels, struggles, and adventures together, right up to the point where you defeated Malefor, restored the planet together, and during what occurred afterwards.
PYRRHUS: Not to mention that you two have become a perfectly loving couple now.
NIDHUG: See?  I told you that they were meant for each other, Pyrrhus!
PYRRHUS: (chuckles) You certainly did, Nidhug.
[Both fathers and mothers chuckled lightly as their children and couple, Spyro and Cynder, blushed heavily for a moment.  Kindle and Michbellus of course just smiled softly.  Cynder then looked at her parents with a questionable, yet joyful, look on her beautiful visage.]
CYNDER: So…all this time…you've been watching me and Spyro…and have forgiven me for the terrible things I've done?
UMBRA: Of course, my little black angel.  As our daughter, you're our most cherished possession and gift, something worth far more than any vast amount of gold and silver in the entire world.  That's how much your father and I deeply love you, Cynder.
NIDHUG: And no matter how much others hate you for what you've done, we will always love you forever, my little black angel.
[Tears began swelling within Cynder's perfect green eyes--tears which expressed immense joy instead of sorrow--as she looked toward her parents.  She then rose up and quickly approached her parents as they bent down their necks to greet her.]
CYNDER: (sobbing) Mom…Dad…
[She then brought her wings into an embrace with her parents.  Her soul mate, Spyro came up from behind her shortly afterwards until he was standing close to her left side.  He smiled at his beautiful life mate as he visualized her and her parents embracing each other joyously.]
PYRRHUS: Hey, son.
[The purple dragon turned toward his father and mother.]
SPYRO: Yeah, dad?
PYRRHUS: I want you to know that your mother and I are very proud of what you and your mate, Cynder, have done so far.  And we hope you'll both spend the rest of your lives together joyously and lovingly.
SPYRO: Thanks, dad.
SUNO: We have also decided to give you both our blessings in your decision in becoming life-mates.
SPYRO: Thank you, mom.
SUNO: (giggles) You're welcome, son.
[Spyro and his parents smiled greatly.]
CYNDER: (playfully) Oh, Spyro?
[He turned toward Cynder's direction when she surprised him by suddenly pressing her lips onto his deeply.  He immediately returned the kiss with intense and fiery passion.  They separated thirty seconds later as Cynder sequentially and lovingly snuggled her neck against Spyro's.]
CYNDER: Thank you so much for being there for me, Spyro.  I'm so glad to have you as my mate!
SPYRO: And I wouldn't spend another day without you with me in my life, Cynder.
[The two beloveds remained that way for a minute or two before they slowly pulled away.  They then looked up at their parents smiling, to which they responded by smiling back.]
NIDHUG: Oh, by the way, Spyro, my mate and I have decided to give you and Cynder our blessings as well.  We will also be expecting great things from both of you together in the future.
CYNDER: (blushing momentarily) Oh, thank you, dad.
SPYRO: (blushing momentarily) Indeed.  Thank you very much, Nidhug.
PYRRHUS: By the way, son, have your foster parents, Flash and Nina, given you and Cynder their blessings?
SPYRO: Why, yes they have, dad!  They were absolutely thrilled when Cynder and I told them about our decision to become mates.
SUNO: That's great, son!  Your father and I were glad when observed how they've managed raise you very successfully since you've hatched, Spyro. (sighs) Though there were times where your father and I wished we could have done something at times, despite the fact we were dead.
CYNDER: (optimistic) Don't worry.  I'm positive we can now get the chance to know each other better, Suno.
SPYRO: (tenderly) That is true, dear.
SUNO: Thank you, Cynder.  I'm so glad to hear that from you.
CYNDER: You're welcome.
PYRRHUS: Hey, wait a minute.  Where's your foster brother, son?
SPYRO: You mean Sparx? (sighs regretfully) Well, to be honest, he's been gone for days now and hasn't yet returned.
UMBRA: (groans contemptuously) Don't tell me that your brother is still verbally molesting and criticizing our own daughter?
SPYRO: (Sadly) Yeah.  He still refuses to accept the truth that Cynder's not evil and the deep love she and I have for each other.
PYRRHUS: (sighs) Oh dear.  Well, I am terribly sorry about that, son.  We may have to considering waiting patiently until he's ready to concede to your loving relationship with Cynder.
NIDHUG: (to Pyrrhus) That is true, Pyrrhus. (to Spyro) But still, if Sparx weren't your foster brother, Spyro, I'd want to personally swat that pesky glowing mosquito into a squashed bug pancake!
SPYRO: (chuckles) Well, he can be really annoying most of the time.
[Instantly, Spyro, his beloved Cynder, and each of their parents burst out laughing uncontrollably while Kindle and Michbellus just stifled in suppressed chuckling.  Suddenly, out of nowhere came high-pitched screaming that pierced the laughter for at least a few seconds, thus causing everyone to jump slightly as the noise quickly bombarded their ear drums.  Then as soon as it ended, all eyes shifted toward the tree next to the shrine when they observed that a small yellow object had fallen next the base of the tree positioned near the Shrine.]
SPYRO: (gasps) Sparx?!
[Instantly, Spyro, Cynder, Michbellus, and Kindle ventured over to where Sparx had fallen.  Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra, for although they were dragon spirits, were unable to coordinate any movement from where they appeared and did their best to gaze upon where they witnessed Sparx's fall.]
UMBRA: Well, I didn't realize that Sparx was spying on us this whole time, dear. (sarcastically) Would you like to swat him now since he's here, Nix?
NIDHUG: (chuckles softly) Nah.  I think he's already overwhelmed as it is, Umbra.
[All four dragon spirits silently chuckled at this remark while simultaneously having sympathy in their hearts for the poor golden dragonfly.  Meanwhile Spyro, his mate Cynder, Kindle, and Michbellus were overlooking the unconscious body of Sparx.  Spyro then bent his head and gently placed one side of it gently against his small comatose body for a moment.  He then repositioned his head back in the upright position.]
SPYRO: I'm guessing that he must have passed out.
MICHBELLUS: Yeah.  I'm guessing he must have overheard everything that was stated in that conversation at some point. (sighs) If you don't mind, Spyro, I would like to take your brother back to Warfang and see if Messick could bring him out of his coma.
SPYRO: That's fine, Michbellus, I don't mind.  But please be careful with him, he's very fragile.
MICHBELLUS: Alright.  I promise to be careful in handling him on the journey, Spyro.
[Using one forepaw, Michbellus carefully scooped up the little dragonfly and then held him gently against his chest.  He then turned around and walked in that direction for a few steps before he stopped and looked back at toward the others.]
MICHBELLUS: It's been good seeing you four again.
[The elder fire dragon was addressing Spyro and Cynder's parents, who smiled delightfully in return.  Then, with a swoop of his wings, Michbellus ascended and flew in the direction of Warfang with the unconscious Sparx still held in his forepaw.  Spyro, his beloved Cynder, and Kindle meanwhile positioned themselves in front of the Fire Shrine and the four dragon spirits present.  The young dragon couple had doleful looks on their visages when they refocused their gaze at each of their parents while they portrayed looks of concern.]
UMBRA: Now what's wrong?  You shouldn't let Sparx's act of eavesdropping worry either of you.
[Cynder looked up at her mother with sadness glowing in her emerald green eyes.]
CYNDER: I know, mom…it's just that I'm worried…what if he tells everyone that I killed you, dad, and Spyro's parents?  I fear that everyone would hate me even more if he does.
[Upon hearing this, Spyro sympathetically draped one wing over his beloved's back and enwrapped his tail around hers, thus comforting her slightly.]
PYRRHUS: (chuckles) I don't think it'll be that serious, Cynder.  For I'm sure that Michbellus will talk about that to Sparx once he's awoken from nearly scaring himself to death.
NIDHUG: I agree with him, Spyro.  After all, Michbellus has been a very good friend of ours for a long time, and one you can trust, despite his tendency of being strict.
PYRRHUS: Indeed, Nidhug.
SUNO: But there is something you must know: for those of you who still resent you, Cynder, I am hopeful that they will eventually come to accept and forgive you, just as we, our son, Hunter, some of the cheetahs from his tribe, the Guardians, and nearly all the moles have done already.  Perhaps some might even become interested in befriending you and our son as well, possibly even ones that are around your age.
CYNDER: Thank you very much, Suno.
SUNO: You're welcome.
SPYRO: We have actually managed to befriend two or three of the younger dragons living in Warfang already, which is a considerate start for both of us, mother.
SUNO: Well, I'm glad you two have both managed to do that, son.
NIDHUG: By the way, there is something I want to address to both of you.
[The young couple looked toward Nidhug.]
NIDHUG: Spyro…Cynder…I want to encourage you that if ever and whenever you find yourselves mercilessly pestered and persecuted in the future, please always remember those who truly care for you and ensure to always have a strong heart when you're in the midst of trouble.  For when you depend upon each other, you can accomplish anything.
CYNDER: (joyously) Thanks, Dad.
NIDHUG: You're welcome, my black angel.
UMBRA: So, anything else going on in life?
CYNDER: Well, apparently the reconstruction of the damaged areas of Warfang has been progressing smoothly with our assistance added to the effort.
SPYRO: Also, the moles are currently building a private pavilion for Cynder and I that we will inhabit until we both eventually grow into adults.
CYNDER: But for the time being, we've both decided to settle ourselves within a cave in Avalar that Prowlus and the inhabitants of his cheetah village have given for us.
SUNO: That's wonderful, you two.
PYRRHUS: Indeed.  And to be honest, I was surprised with how Prowlus' attitude of dragons changed so quickly, considering how he never trusted our species for a long time because of the war.
NIDHUG: (chuckles) Well, it seems our children helped change his mind, P!
PYRRHUS: Indeed, Niddy.
[The two male dragon spirits enjoyed laughing for a brief moment.]
SPYRO: By the way, Dad, how did you and Mom become friends with Cynder's parents?
PYRRHUS: (inhales, exhales sadly) That's another long story, son…one which we may not have time to longingly reminisce upon.
SPYRO: (worried) What do you mean?
SUNO: What your father means, Spyro, is that whenever the spirits of deceased dragons are summoned they are only given a certain amount of time to cohere amongst the living.  For you see, when dragons die, they do not truly leave this world, but their spirits live on, binding themselves with nature, offering hope to the future…
[As Suno progressed with this discussion, her son gasped mentally as he suddenly remembered Ignitus speaking similar words of wisdom when he and his beloved, Cynder, were within the center of their planet as it was fragmenting apart.  His mother continued the discussion.]
SUNO: …And because we four have bound ourselves with nature, it is part of our responsibility to help maintain the cycle of life that progresses in our world.  And that's why we won't be able to remain this way, son, so as to ensure that same cycle can remain in balance.  But do not worry…we'll continue watching over you and Cynder as you both progress with your lives together.
PYRRHUS: And don't you worry, son.  You and Cynder are always more than welcome to come visit us again whenever possible.  We'll be able to have more fun and talk some more from there.
SPYRO: Thanks, Dad.
PYRRHUS: Of course, son.
[Suddenly, all seven present began hearing soft whispers, which grew louder every passing second.]
SPYRO: What's happening?
SUNO: It seems that it's nearly time for us to go back.  I'm really sorry we couldn't make our first encounter with you last a little longer, son.
SPYRO: It's alright, mom.  I'm just glad to have met and known you and dad as my real parents.
CYNDER: And that goes the same for me too, mom…dad.
UMBRA: Oh, thank you, my sweet little black angel.
NIDHUG: Indeed. (to Kindle) And Kindle, there is something all four of us have been wanting to ask of you.
KINDLE: What is it, Nidhug?
UMBRA: Well…you have been a great friend to all of us for so many years, Kindle, along with your cousin, Ignitus, and the other Guardians.
SUNO: And in the duration of our lives and afterwards, you have been giving all four of us support, encouragement, guidance, and comfort, even within our highest successes and our lowest depressions.
PYRRHUS: Therefore, we humbly ask if you would please do the same for our children as they too progress in their lives together while we are away.
[After a few seconds, Kindle, with a facial expression of joy and tenderness on her visage, placed one wing around  the beloveds, Spyro and Cynder, and brought them closer in a gentle embrace.]
KINDLE: I will.  For as the new Guardian of Fire, it is part of my duty and responsibility to help guide and nurture the younger generations of dragons.  And I promise to do the same for both of your children.
[All four dragon spirits nodded in approval while maintaining facial expressions of joy.  By this time, the whispering had already grown louder in volume.  Then Spyro and his mate Cynder gasped as they saw each of their parents' spirits beginning to disappear.]
PYRRHUS: It's been good seeing you in person, son.  You and Cynder take great care of each other while we're gone.
SUNO: Please do the best in everything you both do in life.
NIDHUG: I'm glad to have talked with you, my little angel.
UMBRA: You are so precious to us, Cynder, and we'll be sure to see each other again, soon.
PYRRHUS, SUNO, NIDHUG, and UMBRA: And we love you both very much!
[Then the four dragon spirits instantly vanished.  Spyro, his mate Cynder, and Kindle were facially expressing sorrow upon witnessing them disappear from sight, though this only lasted for a brief moment.  Kindle then released the young dragon couple from the embrace and inclined her head close to them while maintaining a sympathetic expression on her comely visage.]
KINDLE: Are you alright, young dragons?
[The young couple looked directly at her, and both had streams of tears from their eyes--tears of both joy and sorrow.]
CYNDER: Kindle…I just feel overwhelmed by what Spyro and I've now witnessed and experienced today.  And yet, both of us are overjoyed at having to meet each of our own parents.  And we have you to thank for that, Kindle.
SPYRO: Indeed.  Thank you for doing this for us, Kindle.  We are so grateful for having someone as kind as you in our lives.
KINDLE: (joyously) Oh, of course, young dragons.  And it was my pleasure for helping you connect with your parents.  But do not despair, for whenever you want to visit with them again, you can always ask either me or one of the other Guardians to summon them at one of the elemental shrines.
SPYRO and CYNDER (unison): Thank you, Kindle.
KINDLE: Of course, young dragons.
[Kindle then lifted her head up and rotated her gaze in the opposite direction.]
KINDLE: (joyfully) Now let's head back to Warfang together, alright?
SPYRO: Sure thing, Kindle.
CYNDER: Of course!
[The three dragons then rotated their bodies in the opposite direction of the Shrine.  Then, after stretching out their wings, they ascended into the sky and began their flight back to Warfang.]

[Later that day.]
[The young couple were sitting and snuggling next to each other on the platform structure of the Dragon Temple near its western entrance.  Cynder then fixed her gaze toward her purple mate.]
CYNDER: You want to know something, Spyro?
[Spyro then looked toward his beautiful black mate.]
SPYRO: What it is, my love?
CYNDER: When we first met each of our parents earlier, I was scared--frightened that they would have rejected me after what I did to them.  But I'm joyful and thankful that they still love me regardless of what I've done, just like you do, Spyro. (sighs joyfully) Now I'm glad to have met them.
SPYRO: Indeed, so am I, my love.  All my life, before I ever knew I was a dragon, I've always been raised by my foster parents, who were dragonflies, thinking that I was a dragonfly myself.  I never even knew or wondered who my real parents were or the fact that they were watching over both you and me in spirit.  And now I too am delighted to have met them personally and know that they love me too.  And I am hopeful that we will be able to talk with them again real soon.
CYNDER: Indeed, darling.  And Spyro?
SPYRO: Yes, Cynder?
CYNDER: I'm so glad to have you in my life too.
SPYRO: And so am I, my love.
[Then as if in a trance, both mates motioned their heads forward closer to each other in a loving kiss.  Just as they were about to make contact for a most lovingly passionate osculation, they were interrupted by someone calling to them from their right.]
SPARX: Hey, Spyro!  Cynder!
[It was none other than Sparx, which made Cynder give a discomforting sigh, considering how she and her mate, Spyro, knew how obnoxious the young dragonfly was.  Spyro looked over to her with a calm expression.]
SPYRO: Don't worry, Cynder.  Be calm.  Let's do our best to endure whatever it is Sparx wants to tell us.  Alright?
CYNDER: Alright, Spyro.
[Seconds later, the little golden dragonfly zipped right in front of the couple, gasping for breath shortly before he gazed at them directly.</i>]
SPARX: Oh, man, I'm so glad to see you two love birds.  Now before either of you say anything, there is something really important I want to get off my chest, especially to you Cynder.
[Sparx hesitated for a moment before he suddenly thrust himself forward onto Cynder's forehead in an embrace and began sobbing loudly in the manner of a loud cry baby.]
SPARX: I'm sorry, Cynder!  I'm so sorry for calling you an evil she-dragon and many other insults I've said to you before!  And I'm sorry for holding a grudge against you!  Spyro's right!  You are not evil anymore and you are both meant to be with each other!  And I'm really sorry for spying on both you back there when you both met your parents!  And I promise to let you live together in peace and never nag at you about that ever, ever again!!!
[Throughout Sparx' emotional outburst, both Spyro and his mate Cynder facially expressed grief, poignant of the little dragonfly's confession and apology.  After letting the him cry for at least thirty seconds, Cynder and her mate, Spyro, looked upon Sparx' direction.]
SPYRO: Sparx.
[Sparx lifted his head up.]
SPARX: Yeah?
SPYRO, CYNDER: (unison) We forgive you.
[Sparx then lifted himself up from Cynder's forehead with his wings and then motioned in reverse before looking toward the young dragon couple again.]
SPARX: R-really?  You're still not mad at me for all the hate speech I hurled onto you?
CYNDER: Of course not, Sparx.  After all, you couldn't control yourself.  
SPARX: Oh, good!  Thank you so much.
SPYRO: Of course, Sparx.
CYNDER: So was it Michbellus who finally talked some sense into you, Sparx?
SPARX: Yep and man is that guy harsh!
SPYRO: He's strict because he cares for all of us, Sparx.
SPARX: Yeah, you may have a point there, man.  So what now?  Are just going to sit around all day and watch the sunset or something?
[Just as Spyro opened his mouth to speak he was interrupted by another voice that he, his mate Cynder, and Sparx recognized.]
FLAME: Hi, guys!
[There before them approaching them in flight was one of their new friends, Flame, who was flying towards them until he eventually hovered in midair at least twenty feet from their present position.]
FLAME: If any of you are interested, I'd like you all to come over to my place for the night.
[The young couple arose from where they sat, their faces expressing delight.]
SPYRO: Sure thing, Flame!
CYNDER: Just lead us both there and we'll follow you!
FLAME: Alright!
[Flame flew in the southern direction while the young dragon couple took off, flying after him, leaving Sparx behind where he currently hovered.]
SPARX: (sighs) Well, there's go my suggestion of sunset watching.  Oh well.  Hey guys, wait for me!
[He zipped away after them.  The vision adjusted itself until only the sunset could be seen below.  Suddenly, transparent still motion head shots of Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra appeared, all of them seemingly and delightfully gazing downward like watchful parents over their children.]
This is something that occurs within the prologue of my Legend of Spyro fanfiction, Visit from Under the Sea, before Sebastian came into Spyro and Cynder's world. And before you ask, Kindle's creater, :icondragoncid:, has permitted me to use her idea of the elemental shrines in my fanfiction, which was how Spyro and Cynder were able to make contact with each of their respective parents in this fanfiction.

I would also like to thank :iconspartan-029: for providing me with some of the inspiration in writing this piece! I also listened to this song while writing this: [link]

Kindle, (c) :icondragoncid:

Michbellus, Messick, Pyrrhus, Suno, Nidhug, and Umbra (c) me

All others are owned by Sierra/Activision
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