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September 12, 2010
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Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan, the Great Lion: Part Two

[A moment of silence passed as the dragon couple were astounded with what Aslan last stated.  Spyro looked over to his beautiful life-mate concernfully and observed that she had a blank expression on her comely visage.]
SPYRO: (concernfully) Cynder?  Are you alright?
[Spyro then noticed that Cynder's eyes began swelling with tears before she positioned her head forward onto the stone floor sobbing.]
CYNDER: (mentally, dolorous) Oh, this is terrible!  I just can't believe that I would naturally grow into the very monster that I was known for being.  I don't know if I could live with myself anymore, considering the terrible thing revealed to me from my vision!
ASLAN: (calmly) It is not as bad as you think, Cynder.
[Cynder immediately raised her head up and looked upon the Great Lion's glorious visage and gasped mentally when she noticed that He too had tears--tears that shined brightly in the sunlight--flowing downward.  Cynder's life-mate, Spyro, also gazed at Aslan when He spoke and had a similar reaction.  Aslan continued with a calm voice with an apparent hint of sorrow.]
ASLAN: What I revealed to you is meant to be a good thing for you.  And despite how many still fear you, there are still others who deeply love and care for you…one of whom is still with you right now.
[For a few moments, Cynder remained silent as her gaze remained fixed upon the Great Lion's visage.  She suddenly gasped softly when she felt something touched one of her forepaws.  The black dragoness looked down to see a purple forepaw (stretched out from her left) placed on the back of her own before she readjusted her gaze left to look upon Spyro, whose visage portrayed sympathy and concern.  Cynder's eyes once again were filled with tears as she sequentially and immediately laid her head down on the stone floor near her beloved, which was followed by intense sobbing.  Spyro lowered his head and gently kissed his black life-mate's forehead.]
SPYRO: Please, don't be sad, Cynder.
CYNDER: (sobbing, slowly) But how can I, Spyro?  I mean…I've killed and hurt so many when I was that same adult form Malefor forced me into becoming.  I now feel ashamed more than ever knowing that I'll end up growing up looking like something everyone feared me as.  I'm scared, Spyro…I mean…
[At this point, while speaking, Cynder slowly lifted her head up until she was looking into Spyro's eyes.]
CYNDER: …what if others started seeing me as a monster again?  I don't think I can bear--
[She was cut off by Spyro, who instantly pressed his lips against hers in a deep and passionate kiss.  Though surprised momentarily, Cynder eagerly returned the kiss and joyously shed more tears, knowing that she had her beloved Spyro right beside her, regardless of what happened.  This beautiful moment lasted for a minute or two before they separated, looking deep into each others' eyes again.]
SPYRO: (softly and intimately) I love you, Cynder…and I will always love you for who you are, no matter what shape or form you will grow into naturally.  And you are no monster, Cynder…you are the most beautiful dragoness I've ever laid eyes upon, ever since the day I first saved you from the Dark Master in Convexity.  Besides, I think we should trust in what he's telling us, that it's a good thing.
CYNDER: But how do you know?
SPYRO: Well…I don't know how or why, but when I looked into Aslan's eyes something mysterious told me to trust him.
[The beautiful black dragoness smiled after listening to the wise words of her purple life-mate.]
CYNDER: (softly and tenderly) Alright, Spyro.
[After a brief moment, the couple then sequentially came together again sharing another gorgeously passionate kiss.]
CYNDER: (mentally) Oh, thank you, my beloved Spyro.  I'm so joyous to have you in my life, for you've always been there to lift me up whenever I was down.  And you're probably right, perhaps we should trust in what Aslan is telling us…perhaps he even knows the reasons why I am naturally bound to my natural adult form.
ASLAN: Indeed I do, young Cynder.
[The couple separated and immediately fixed their gaze upon the glorious Great Lion.  Their visages were filled with surprise and their jaws agape for a moment.]
CYNDER: You actually do, Aslan?
ASLAN: Yes, Cynder.  For I already knew you before you were born…before I created the universe.
[Throughout this discussion, Aslan sometimes motioned in different directions as if to indicate upon what he was stating.]
ASLAN: For in the beginning, I created all the heavens…the earth…and all living things inhabiting in the planet and the rest of the universe, both great and small.  And for each and everything living thing I created, male and female…sentient and witless…large and small…I gave each of them traits and features that made them unique and beautiful…as with all things I created.  Your natural adult form, Cynder, is no exception…for I created and designed it as something beautiful and dignifying.  Cynder…you and a select few dragonesses born throughout the history of your world, were gifted with that adult form naturally because it is an important part of your future with your life-mate, Spyro.
[Spyro and Cynder's visage immediately gave an expression of amazement and intrigue as they continued listening to Aslan gentle voice.]
ASLAN: In this world we are currently present in there are several various organisms that I brought into being where often the female counterpart is bigger than the male.  I created them that way on account that the female was responsible for properly nurturing, bearing, and protecting the young from predators.  I designed your adult form for that purpose, Cynder…for because it is bigger than most full grown adult male dragons from your world, it had incredible strength in order to protect the young and its devoted life-mate.  Its size also made it capable of bearing eggs that would produce hatchlings that eventually grew into strong and healthy adult dragons or dragonesses.  For you see, Cynder, your natural adult form was something I created for a wonderful and beautiful purpose: to bring life to others.  However…
[Aslan's voice, though it remained gentle, became filled with partial sorrow.]
ASLAN: …your adult form was never meant to be used for the intentions of evil.  Cynder…I also knew of the terrible things Malefor did to you when he controlled you.  For while he was sealed within the Mountain of Malefor, he somehow discovered your natural adult form, which was partially why he stole your egg from the Dragon Temple during the night of the raid.  He utterly abused the gift I bestowed upon you when he enforced it upon you for his malicious intentions and cared not for its natural benefits of giving life.  And during that time when you were under his influence, Cynder, I wept…yes, I wept for you because I knew that you had no individual control of the acts Malefor forced you to commit.  I knew that none of those actions were directly your fault, Cynder and I also knew how devastating it was for both you and others.
[Aslan's tone then shifted to a gentler and softer level, filled with hope and understanding.]
ASLAN: And that is why I had Spyro, your life-mate, placed in your life, Cynder, because I knew that with his compassion and kindness, he would accept you for who you are, regardless of your dark past.  For it was by my will that you were to be saved by him in the realm of Convexity.  I also knew that even after Malefor's defeat, you would still be haunted by your past involving him for the rest of your life.  But with Spyro here at your side, you now have somebody intimately close to you, who will always love you, giving you hope in helping you bear the burdens of your past and remain faithful to you through every tribulation that you'll both endure throughout the rest of your lives together.  And in return, you shall also love, cherish, and remain forever faithful to him as well, Cynder as both of you will eventually produce, nurture, and raise many children together and live long enough to see the fifth generation of your family.  By then, you will be remembered, not as the terror everyone feared you as, but as your beautiful and caring true self I purposed you into being.  
[Throughout Aslan's discussion toward the dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder had facial expressions of amazement and astonishment while they listened.  A minute of silence followed after He finished, when the dragon couple arose from their seat positions and approached him, their eyes filled with tears.  They immediately fell forward and wrapped their forearms around Aslan's neck, burying their faces in His thick golden mane, with their tails entwined as they began sobbing.]
CYNDER: (mentally) Oh, goodness!  I never imagined that someone had been watching over me and Spyro all this time!  And yet, I don't feel that I deserve this kind of grace or mercy, and yet Aslan gave them to me anyway.
SPYRO: (mentally) I'm so overjoyed!  I had never known that Aslan had so much planned for me and Cynder together!  Not only that, but he's revealed so much about my beloved that I never knew about.  I only wish Ignitus was here to witness this…I miss him so much!
ASLAN: (whispers) There, there, young dragons.  Do not let yourselves be troubled…let no sorrow or grief overcome you.  But be abundantly filled with joy and peace and let yourselves be released and forgiven of your transgressions.
[Instantly something coursed through Spyro and Cynder's bodies, giving them intense spiritual warmth.  They gasped slightly when this occurred and felt a surge of strength within them as they sequentially reversed movement from Aslan.  They then bowed before the Great Lion reverently.]
SPYRO and CYNDER: (unison) Thank you, Lord Aslan!
[The dragon couple raised their heads to gaze upon the Lion's face, who nodded joyously.]
ASLAN: You are welcome, my children.  And now…
[Aslan arose from his seated position.]
ASLAN: …I have something to show you that will amaze you.  Come.
[He then approached in the western direction, with the young couple following behind him.  Spyro and Cynder observed that the Lion's foot pads hardly made a single sound with each step, which utterly amazed them.  A few seconds later, all three stopped at the western edge of Half Dome's summit.  Both dragon beloveds gasped in amazement as they gazed down into the Valley below.]
SPYRO: Wow!  This is really beautiful!  I've never seen a valley this majestic before, Aslan!
ASLAN: (chuckles delightfully) I'm glad you like it, young Spyro.
CYNDER: What's this valley called?
ASLAN: It is called Yosemite Valley, Cynder.  In fact this area of valleys and mountains is part of what is called Yosemite.
SPYRO: (astonished) Did you create Yosemite too, Aslan?
ASLAN: Yes, Spyro.  And just like your mate, Cynder, I created Yosemite as something most beautiful, and I declared that it was good.  Would you two care to explore the land?
[The couple looked at Aslan, with their mouths agape and facially expressing surprise and delight simultaneously.  Spyro and Cynder then looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before they smiled and then looked back at Aslan joyfully.]
SPYRO: Cynder and I would be very honored, Aslan.
ASLAN: Excellent.
[The King of High Kings then pointed his head high upward into the sky.]
ASLAN: (loud and strong) Come forth, Aireous!
[A few minutes passed before the Ornithocheirus came zooming back to Half Dome, eventually landing close to Aslan and the dragon couple.  He pointed his elongated head toward Aslan.]
AIREOUS: I am here, my Lord Aslan.  What is it you that you want of me?
[A few seconds of silence passed before the Great Lion responded.]
ASLAN: Aireous, I want you to guide these dearly beloveds throughout this whole area known as Yosemite.  Do not go anywhere outside its boundaries and please ensure to lead them back here on the summit of Half Dome by sunset.
AIREOUS: By your command, Alsan.
[Then after giving another bow to Aslan, the giant pterosaur looked upon the Spyro and his life-mate, Cynder.]
AIREOUS: Alright, my friends!  Off we go!
[As he shouted those words, Aireous flapped himself upward seconds before a draft of wind carried him eastward toward Glacier Point.  Spyro and Cynder launched forward in the same direction right behind the giant of the skies.  Then both Spyro and Cynder suddenly gasped when they utterly realized something.]
SPYRO, CYNDER: (mentally) Oh no!  What about Aslan?
ASLAN: Fear not, young beloveds.  For I will always be with you wherever you go, whether it be here on Earth, far away in your realm, or even within yourself.
[Though perplexed with how the Great Lion contacted them, His reassuring words solaced the couple's fears.]

[Spyro, his beautiful mate Cynder, and Aireous spent the whole day gliding throughout the wondrous Yosemite National Park.  The dragon couple was amazed at what they visualized during their flight: monolithic granite rocks of enormous size, majestic waterfalls, large fields of wild flowers, towering sequoias from below, magnificent mountain peaks, and so forth.  They stopped a few times either to eat or to imbibe upon from the scenery of a specific peak or summit.  They eventually returned to the summit of Half Dome, where Aslan had instructed to return by Sunset and gave their goodbyes to Aireous as he continued heading southward toward the Sierra National Forest.  As the couple landed, they noticed that Aslan wasn't present, which made Cynder express concern facially.  Her life-mate, Spyro, placed a comforting forepaw on her right shoulder.]
SPYRO: Do not worry, dear.  You remember what Aslan said: that he'll always be with us, no matter what.
[Cynder gave her purple life-mate a hopeful and joyous smile.]
CYNDER: Thank you, Spyro.
SPYRO: You're dearly welcome Cynder.  Hey look!
[They looked and saw before them a was a medium sized pile of wood and sticks surrounded by a circle of rocks, which was located near the already stripped out carcass the dragon couple devoured and the large water basin they drank from earlier.  The dragon couple approached it.]
CYNDER: Spyro does that look like camp fire to you?
SPYRO: It certainly does, darling.
[Then instinctively, Spyro launched a small fire ball from his mouth into the pile of wood, which immediately ignited into a blazing campfire upon contact.]

[Later that night.]
[Both Spyro and Cynder were lying supine with their limbs lying on the granite floor close together as they watched the stars in the night sky, with the latter positioned close to the former's right.  They felt the intense warmth of the camp fire close, which never seemed to dim or shrink in size.  The couple had already feasted upon the carcass, which still had that same incredible taste when they first tried it late that morning.  Spyro looked in his beautiful life-mate's direction and observed that she had a look of dolor on her visage.]
SPYRO: Is something on your mind, my love?
[A few seconds of silence passed before she replied.]
CYNDER: Yes…a whole bunch of things actually, Spyro dear.  I've been pondering upon what Aslan has told me about my adult form…the things he said that made it beautiful…and me beautiful.  And I find it astounding that all this time…after all the terrible things I've done…he, Aslan, had been watching over and caring for me and is still doing so now…and that he did it because he loves me as a father.  Deep down, I honestly feel absolutely joyous about what he's done for me in all my life, and yet I also feel ashamed that I didn't know this sooner, Spyro.
[Spyro then observed that Cynder tears began swelling up in her eyes as she maintained the dolor expression on her visage.]
CYNDER: (sobbing, slightly) But even though I am joyous about that, there is something I'm still worried about.  I'm worried and frightened about what others might react if they saw me when I've fully grown into my natural adult form.  I fear that there are still some who will see me as a monster.  What do you think, Spyro?
[After a thirty seconds of thought, Spyro looked over to Cynder and lovingly moved his right forepaw over to his black dragoness's left and them firmly gripped its digits around those of the back of the latter's.]
SPYRO: Cynder, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and please do not worry, my love.  For Aslan himself said that he'll continually be watching over us--both you and me--now and forever.  And you have nothing to fear, Cynder, because you have Aslan, me, your mate, and all our friends, which include the Guardians.  And…
[While speaking, Spyro arose from his supine position and walked over to Cynder until he positioned his body, standing directly over his beautiful life-mate's, looking into her gorgeous emerald eyes.]
SPYRO: …please remember that since we are mates, we must help share the load of our burdens together.  Therefore, as your mate, my love…I want to share this despair that lies within you…please.
[The couple looked into each other's eyes and a minute of silence passed before Cynder responded.]
CYNDER: (seductively) Of course, Spyro, my love.
[With that, the couple then probed their heads slowly toward each other as they sequentially closed their eyes and brought their mouths in a breath-taking lip-lock.  Throughout their kiss, their tongues softly and gently caressed each other while Spyro and Cynder savored the taste of their essences as they moaned from these sensations.  In addition, both were deeply imbibing the essences of their sweet scents throughout this act of physical love.  Cynder wrapped her forearms around her mate's neck to deepen their kiss and they enwrapped their tails lovingly from end to tail base as they progressed in their joyous and intimate act of eros.]

[Fifteen to twenty-five minutes later.]
[South from Half Dome within the boundaries of Kings Canyon National Park, Arieous was perched near a tranquil lake when shifted his head around in different directions upon hearing loud roaring and screeching in the distance.  A few seconds later, he sighed joyfully.]
AIREOUS: It must have been those two.  They are such an intimate couple that they are.  Reminds me of something Aslan told me: "A man shall leave his father and mother and be joined by his wife, and the two became one flesh."  Isn't that beautiful?
[With that, the Ornithocheirus then quietly fell asleep.]
Here's part two of my short story of that gorgeous dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder meeting Aslan, the Great Lion. I solemnly apologize for the long delay (only two parts left).

Now, as you observed, Aslan reveals the true purpose of Cynder's adult form as seen from ANB, one meant to be something beautiful. Such a revelation has proven to be most wonderful for this marvelous dragon couple that he has bestowed:D.

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
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You own me some handkerchiefs. I could feel my eyes watering with Cynder in the first paragraph. And once again i love the demonstration of love Spyro has for Cynder, i love their kiss especially at the campfire :love:

Beautiful story, keep at it :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much, my friend and Jesus willing, I shall. WHat did you think about Aslan's explanation for Cynder's natural adult form?
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HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
God was the one who inplaced those words into my imagination. I just wrote down what he had Aslan to say (Aslan is a representation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). Thus making this story a spiritualy pilgrimage for the couple, Spyro and Cynder, in this story.
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