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June 15, 2010
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Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan, the Great Lion: Part One

SYNOPSIS: Two-three years have passed since Malefor's defeat by the courageous efforts of both Spyro and Cynder, whom by now have officially become life-mates.  As of recent, something has been troubling Cynder as she kept having strange and bizarre dreams, most of which involved the adult form Malefor enforced upon her when he had brutally enslaved her.  Spyro, who deeply loves Cynder, never left her but remained by her side to comfort her in such desperate times she endured.   This lasted for two-three weeks when an anonymous message came to both Spyro and Cynder which stated these words: "Dearly beloveds, it has come to my attention that one of you is greatly troubled by something you both fear and dread.  But fear not, for I, Aslan have the answers you seek involved with your dilemma.  If you wish to find me, there is a portal, found near the edge of Warfang that will immediately take you to an area where I shall be waiting for you."

[It was in the late morning hours within the Sierra National Forest when suddenly a white, swirling gargantuan portal emerged from a height of 9,000 feet above sea level, located north of Huntington Lake and east of Mammoth Pool Reservoir.  Then a few moments later Spyro and his life-mate Cynder, flew out from where the portal opened, heading north-northwest, as their entry way closed 5-7 seconds later (they were currently flying at 20-30 m.p.h.).  Both Spyro and Cynder's bodies have significantly grown by at least half the size they were previously when they both defeated Malefor together (Cynder's body length has become moderately longer then her mate's on account of her sinuously long tail and extensive neck).  As their flight progressed, the dragon couple looked up when they heard a noise which sounded similar to low-pitched cawing.]
CYNDER: Hey, Spyro, what is that?
SPYRO: I don't rightly know, Cynder dear.  But he sure does look big from the way I see him.
[Visual shifts upward as the large creature slowly descends toward Spyro and Cynder's level while he continues gliding through the air.  He is then revealed to be a large pterosaur known as Ornithocheirus, by far the largest of his kind.  The Ornithocheirus looked down toward the dragon couple as he continued descending.]
ORNITHOCHEIRUS: Fear not, young dragons!  For I have been sent by my Lord, Aslan himself to guide you on your journey.
SPYRO: Do you know where he is?
ORNITHOCHEIRUS: Yes.  Just follow me, my friends and I shall take you directly to Him.
[With that, the giant Pterosaur increased his speed slightly, zooming ahead of the airborne dragon couple.]
[Many minutes passed as the Ornithocheirus led both Spyro and Cynder to their destination, to which within that time they've managed to enter the area known as Yosemite National Park.  Upon entering, the lovely dragon couple became amazed at what their eyes gazed upon: majestic valleys, wondrous fields of flowers, magnificent waterfalls, etc.  All of these things in the Park were imbibed by the young dragons that flew across.  A short moment later, Spyro and Cynder looked ahead suddenly when their leading companion called out.]
ORNITHOCHEIRUS: Look there, friends!  There He is, the Lord Aslan standing upon that mountain top!
[Up ahead, the dragons looked and were amazed at what they visualized: there before them at a distance of a few miles was Half Dome, seen from its southern side.  Atop its peak, was seen a sparkle of gold that gleamed in the brilliant sunlight, but as the trio advanced they observed that it was none other than a large and magnificent lion (Spyro and Cynder had never seen one previously), which the dragon couple found both beautiful and terrifying simultaneously.  The Ornithocheirus reversed his gaze for a moment and noticed the nervous looks on the dragons faces.]
ORNITHOCHEIRUS: Do not fear, friends!  For my Lord Aslan is the friendliest and most merciful of all sentient beings you'll ever meet!
[Although they didn't know why, Spyro and Cynder internally felt that the their guide was speaking truthfully and continued following him toward Half Dome.  Eventually, in a minute or two, the large pterosaur landed a few feet in front of the Great Lion, with Spyro and his life-mate Cynder landing beside the former together.  Then the pterosaur bowed his head deeply with reverence, with the dragon couple beside him following with the same actions.]
ASLAN (voiced by Liam Neeson): (joyously) Welcome, Spyro and Cynder!  And welcome to you, Aireous; you have my thanks for bringing these noble dragons here to me.
[The three that are present before Aslan then raise their heads back up to look upon Him.  The dragon couple's visage expressed extreme awe and astonishment in the utter magnificence of Aslan, for they have never seen a real lion before in their world.]
AIREOUS: But of course, Aslan.  I humbly thank you for giving me this noble and honorable task for You.
[The Great Lion nodded once before Aireous slowly turned around and took off into the sky.  The giant pterosaur then proceeded with circling Half Dome at a radius of one mile, faithfully awaiting Aslan's next command.]
[Meanwhile, Spyro and Cynder were currently standing erect on all fours as they continued to gaze upon the magnificence and glory of Aslan who maintained a benevolent and yet firm composure upon his noble visage.]
ASLAN: Spyro…Cynder…I know what it is that greatly troubles you both…and I also know that you are most eager to resolve it as well.  However, you've had a long journey in coming here and no doubt you must be very hungry and thirsty.
[Spyro opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by the growling of both his and Cynder's stomachs.  Spyro's beautiful black life-mate then looked up toward the Great Lion with a look of embarrassment on her visage.  Aslan only smiled heartily as he then rotated his gaze to his left and thrusts his visage upward.]
ASLAN: (great and loud voice) Let there be food and water for this wonderful dragon couple!
[As Aslan shouted this great declaration it reverberated so loudly throughout Yosemite, it nearly made the earth itself tremble.  Both dragons looked at the Great Lion with a look of confusion until Cynder looked to her right direction and gasped suddenly.]
CYNDER: Spyro!  Look!
[Spyro looked in the same direction of his mate's and gasped in amazement at what he visualized.  There before them to their left was a large basin filled with drinking water.  Laid beside the basin was a freshly killed oxen (a non-talking "dumb beast" as they were called in Narnia) ready to be devoured by any carnivore whom desires to plunge its teeth into it.]
SPYRO: (mentally) Wow!  I didn't see any of that while Cynder and I were landing earlier.
[The dragon couple heard strong chuckling from the Great Lion, for he was able to hear their thoughts.]
ASLAN: You'll be surprised with the many things I am capable of doing, young dragon.  Now, please enjoy and eat your fill, for we still have much to discuss afterwards.
[The lovely dragon couple than approached to where the oxen carcass and water-filled basin were located and stopped in front of the them both.  Cynder then motioned her head and neck forward and took a bite at the oxen in the middle section.  She then attempted to rip off a piece of flesh from the dead animal but was surprised to find it didn't rip off easily.  In response, Cynder began applying more pressure by pushing onto the ground on all fours, pulling at the carcass much harder, with still no results.  When she stopped for a moment to breathe, Spyro lowered his head until it was right next to his mate's]
SPYRO: Cynder?
CYNDER: (panting) Yeah?
SPYRO: Let's try ripping at this together, okay?
CYNDER: (panting, nods) Okay, dear.
[With that both lovers bit hard into the flesh of the dead oxen and begin pulling with all their might.  Then in a few seconds, the couple managed to successfully rip off a large, thin chunk of flesh from the oxen.  Then, using her tail blade, Cynder managed to cleanly slice off the thin strip of meat allowing the dragon couple to swallow their individual pieces.  For the next few minutes, the beautiful dragon couple was devouring the meat most joyously, with each taking turns tearing off their respective chunk of meat in the process.  As they devoured their meal, wondrous and sensational thoughts occurred in their mentalities.]
SPYRO: (mentally) Oh!  This meat tastes so beautifully!  I never thought Cynder and I would ever find meat that tasted this good!
CYNDER: (mentally) Wow!  This meat tastes sweeter than anything Spyro and I have caught and devoured before.  It almost tastes…ethereal.
[They eventually finished devouring the amount of meat Spyro and Cynder could handle.  Spyro then went on over to the water basin and then sat down on his hunches in front of it, with Cynder following his actions and positioned herself next to him.  They then proceeded in drinking the water within the basin, which lasted for at least two-three minutes.]
SPYRO: (mentally) Oh, this water tastes sweeter than any I've ever drunk before.
CYNDER: (mentally) Wow!  This water is so refreshing, I feel as if I'll never be thirsty ever again!
[Immediately afterwards, the dragon couple then turned to the opposite direction and approached to where they were previous sitting in front of the Great Lion, whose gaze upon them remained constant.  Aslan had been watching them joyously as they enjoyed and relished in the food and drink He provided.]
SPYRO: Thank you for the food and water, Aslan.
CYNDER: They were both very wonderful!
ASLAN: I'm glad you loved it, my children.  Now…please come closer for I want to speak with you.
[The couple stared at each other for a second with perplexity before they looked forward and approached Aslan, sequentially flopping on their bellies in front of the Great Lion.  Immediately, Aslan laid himself down flat on His stomach, but his height even then was still taller than both Spyro and Cynder.  Then Aslan shifted His gaze toward Cynder's, as they both looked directly into their eyes.  After a minute of gazing into the Great Lion's eyes, Cynder then suddenly felt a tension of fear coursing through her soul.]
CYNDER: (mentally) What if He isn't the one who can help me with all these nightmares I've been having?  What will happen if he even heard about my dark past?  Do I feel worthy of laying my troubles before Him?
[Cynder's thoughts were interrupted when she noticed Aslan facially express great concern and sympathy, which began breaking down her doubts.]
ASLAN: (whispers) Do not be afraid to speak what is on your heart, Cynder.  For I will help you with whatever lingering tribulation that troubles you and I promise you that no harm will come from that.  But I can only help if you will allow me.
[When the Great Lion finished speaking Spyro comfortingly placed his left forepaw on his black life-mate's right.  Cynder then looked to the direction of her purple life-mate, who gave her a reassuring smile.  Encouraged and enthralled by her life-mate's faith in her, Cynder returned her gaze toward and into the Great Lion's.]
CYNDER: Aslan, what's been troubling me are nightmares that I keep having in my sleep for the past few weeks.  Even now, they terrify me greatly and just can't seem to understand why they keep occurring.
ASLAN: Could you please describe these nightmares you keep having?
[Cynder gives out a long and deep sigh.  As she sequentially spoke, a flashback occurs, going back to the nightmares she kept having.]
CYNDER: Well…they involve this: when I was forced to serve Malefor since I hatched from my egg, he forced my body to growing into the form of a large adult dragoness.  And in my nightmares, I often looked at my reflection in a large mirror.  Then suddenly…(sniffs) my reflection changed into the same form I described to you, which seemed to look upon me menacingly.  I suddenly became terrified with fear coursing through my veins and seizing me by the throat for a moment before screamed in my sleep before I woke up.
[Cynder began breaking down in tears, thus motivating Spyro to entwine his tail around hers comfortingly and placing a wing over her.  Cynder continued.]
CYNDER: (sobbing) They're so frightening that I don't think I can handle them anymore!  Oh, Aslan, I ask you with my heart and soul, what do you think there is something wrong with me?  Is there any reason why I keep having these nightmares?  If so, what do these nightmares mean?  And is there anything you can do to stop these nightmares?
[As Cynder spoke to the Great Lion, her dear life-mate, Spyro, portrayed a facial expression of deep concern, for she had previously disclosed these details to Spyro weeks before.  Spyro kept a fixated gaze toward Cynder a minute after she finished before readjusting it toward Aslan's direction.  The Great Lion's visage stilled showed much composure in addition to deep sympathy and compassion as He kept his eyes fixed onto black dragoness' beautiful emerald eyes.  For a moment they remained staring like that, even though it seemed like a long time for Spyro and Cynder, before Aslan spoke.]
ASLAN: (gently) Cynder…there is something you need to know about your nightmares…they all serve as visions.
CYNDER: Visions?
ASLAN: (gently) Yes.  Visions are dreams that give you a messages that would involve an occurrence in the future.  And I can assure you that you're not the first to have them.  For all across history, many have witnessed these kinds of visions before.  Some had visions involving events that occurred after witnessing them in their sleep.  Even now, there are some who presently have visions, some of which involve events that have not yet occurred in history.  Yet there were times when some of these visions were interpreted, but there was only one could do it.
SPYRO: Do you know who this is?
[There was silence for a few seconds before the Great Lion spoke to the dragon couple directly.]
ASLAN: Yes.  It was I.  For I am the one who sent the visions and therefore, I am the only one who was able to interpret them correctly.
[Instantly, the dragon couple felt astounded and amazed about what Aslan lasted stated, but continued listening.]
ASLAN: And now I shall interpret your vision, Cynder.  In your dream, what you are seeing in your reflection in the large mirror you were looking upon was what would occur as time passes for both you and your life-mate Spyro.  And the transformation of your reflection means is something that will occur gradually as you progress over time in growth.
CYNDER: (concernfully) What do you mean?
[The Great Lion's visage then portrayed a posture that expressed sympathy, sorrow, and concern simultaneously as continued speaking.]
ASLAN: Cynder…what your vision is telling you…is that form Malefor forced you into becoming while under his tyranny…it is your true and natural adult form.
This is a LoS fanfiction involving the lovely dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder, coming to the see the Great Lion himself from The Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan!!!!! I wrote this because I believe that Cynder's adult form from ANB is her natural one, which is why you read Aslan confirming that at the end of this composition(you'll discover why later).

Here's what an Ornithocheirus looks like: [link]

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