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October 26, 2010
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Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan, the Great Lion: Part Three

[Next morning on Half Dome.]
[The dragon couple awoke with utter joy and love.  They had already progressed with eating their breakfast from their carcass and water basin (which had mysteriously refilled itself with the same fresh and pure water that astounded them greatly).  After they had finished breakfast, Spyro and Cynder gasped slightly when they heard a low-pitched cawing sound coming from the south direction.  When they turned in that same direction, the couple smiled gleefully.]
CYNDER: Look, my love!  It's Aireous!
[Sure enough, the Ornithocheirus that lead them toward Yosemite and Aslan the previous day, was gliding slowly toward them.  He eventually landed in front of the couple with all fours atop Half Dome.  He then gazed upon the couple with his elongated snout.]
AIREOUS: Aslan has told me this message: that you are free to explore the floor of the Yosemite Valley below.  You may never know what kind of amazing things you'll find down there throughout the Valley.
[The couple looked down into Yosemite Valley before they refocused their eyes on Aireous.]
CYNDER: Did he say when we should return here?
AIREOUS: No need to worry, Cynder.  You will know when it is time for you to return here, at the summit of Half Dome.  If you need anything, my friends, I'll be circling around Half Dome in flight.
[Then, spreading his large wings, Aireous flapped once and the gilded away before he eventually began circling Half Dome at a radius of one mile.  Spyro and Cynder looked at each other for a moment before Cynder sequentially spoke.]
CYNDER: Shall we explore the Valley below, dear?
SPYRO: (smiling) Oh, of course, Cynder, my darling.
[With that, the couple flew off and glided down into the majesty of the Yosemite Valley below with joy.]

[One hour and forty five minutes later on the floor of Yosemite Valley.]
[The beloveds had been strolling through the forest floor of Yosemite Valley for some time since they slowly glided down from Half Dome, while observing the various wildlife thriving within it.  As they proceeded, they embraced and inhaled the alpine air, which seemed to reenergize them spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically, and other ways they never imagined were possible.  They would sometimes stop to wondrously gaze up at some of the tall trees that seemed to surround them.  After walking within part a dense forest of cedars, the couple then entered a valley meadow, which had a few magnificent elm trees interspersed within it.  And up ahead of where the couple entered the meadow, they could see that magnificence of Half Dome, from where they both came to settle themselves before the Mighty Aslan on the previous day, with Aireous still gliding in a circular formation around it.  Seen from the right of that colossal peak were two more stunning sites: the iconic Glacier Point and the jagged peaks of Cathedral Rocks.  Finally to their left was the sight of Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in all of North America, with its waters flowing downward gracefully and gently like dissipating mist. As the couple continued strolling across the lovely meadow, Cynder gave a soft and relaxed sigh of contentment.]
CYNDER: This place is amazing, Spyro.
SPYRO: I agree, my love.  I must also admit that not even Alavar could amount to the kind of enthralling majesty and beauty that's seen here in Yosemite.
CYNDER: I'd say that Hunter or Prowlus would either be astounded or jealous over Yosemite.
SPYRO: Indeed, darling!
[Both beloveds softly and joyously chuckled for a few seconds.]
SPYRO: And I can imagine that Sparx would be incredibly bored with place like this!
[They both laughed more loudly at the impulse of this comment.  Suddenly, Spyro gasped and stopped where he stood.  His black mate, Cynder, had already advanced forward a few paces ahead of him when she turned around and walked back to where he was standing, perplexity and concern expressed on her visage.]
CYNDER: Is something wrong, my love?
SPYRO: I think I hear something, Cynder.
CYNDER: What is it?
SPYRO: Well…I'm not sure, but it sounds like singing, even though it's very soft.  Listen.
[Sure enough, the couple stood there silently when suddenly, they both gasped slightly upon hearing the soft singing that seemed to silently echoed within the meadow they stood upon.]
CYNDER: Where do you suppose it's coming from?
SPYRO: I don't know, dear.  Wait!  Listen!
[They did listen and for a moment, instead of singing, there was soft whispering.  The voice sounded feminine and sweet as it echoed softly throughout the valley like a gentle breeze.]
VOICE: Come.  Come…to the falling water.
[The female voice then resumed singing softly, as the couple stood there perplexed for a moment.  Spyro and Cynder then looked around before the each looked at one another again.]
CYNDER: Well, I don't see anyone else nearby, so I'm assuming that whoever it was that whispered must have been directed toward us, Spyro.
SPYRO: I agree.  But what did that voice mean by "falling water?"
CYNDER: I don't know, but--(gasps) Spyro!  Up there!
[Spyro looked to where his black mate was gazing to the left, which happened to be Yosemite Falls.  After a few moments, Spyro's eyes widened in astonishment as he subsequently looked toward his beautiful black mate with intense joy on his visage.]
SPYRO: Oh, my darling, you're a genius!
[He kissed her neck passionately while Cynder giggled joyously.]
CYNDER: I do have my moments, dear.  Now, shall we venture to toward those falls over there and investigate?
SPYRO: Indeed we shall, my dear Cynder.
[With that, the couple spread their wings and ascended into the air with full force, heading in the direction of Yosemite Falls and the voice that beckoned them there.]

[Minutes later, Spyro and his beloved Cynder landed on a large protrusion of rock positioned in front of where the Upper portion of Yosemite Falls descends.  As the couple sat on their haunches, they observed that the singing had intensified slightly in volume, even though it seemed drowned by the thundering and clashing of the falls while its waters descended gracefully from hundreds of feet above.  They looked up along the length of the falls itself with wonder.]
SPYRO: Yeah, I agree, darling!  This waterfall is absolutely beautiful…just like you, Cynder.
CYNDER: Really?  How so, dear Spyro?
SPYRO: Well, you see how big it is?
[His soul mate nodded in acknowledgement.]
SPYRO: Because I remember Aslan speaking about your adult form and how its large size was given a specific and beautiful purpose, which involve giving life to others.  In a similar manner, I find that this tall and beautiful waterfall serves, in many ways that same purpose of giving life, like how its waters nurture the plants around it at the base. Your large size can give life by being able to bear strong children, as Aslan said when we met him before. In this way, you are most beautiful.
[For a few seconds, Cynder just stood there gazing at her mate with expressions of perplexity and astonishment on her beautiful visage.]
CYNDER: Wow!  How did you figure that out, Spyro dear?
SPYRO: I don't know how to explain it, Cynder, but I believe that it must have been after our encounter with Aslan…as if he had inherited His wisdom onto us upon meeting him face-to-face.
CYNDER: That would definitely make perfect sense, dear.  After all, He would have wanted us to have such wonderful wisdom to live out our lives together the way He envisioned.
SPYRO: Indeed, my love.  It gives me hope knowing that you'll become a wonderful mother to our future children.
[His black mate giggled at this.]
CYNDER: Well, I'm also hopeful that you'll be a great father to them as well, darling.
SPYRO: Aw, thank you, sweetheart.  I will always love you.
CYNDER: And I'll love you most endlessly, Spyro.
[They then slowly brought their open muzzles together to share a deep passionate kiss in the midst of the beautiful Yosemite Falls.  The couple spent the next five minutes remaining in that position before they separated, looking into their eyes deeply and lovingly.  A minute later, their loving trance was broken when they heard the soft singing dramatically intensify and looked in the direction of its source: the waterfall itself.  Suddenly streams of glistening mist and water emitted from the waterfall and went directly toward the dragon couple until they stopped in front of them to begin forming into something, and the singing stopped.  Seconds later, the condensed streams of mist and water transformed into the appearance of a beautiful woman, whose skin gleamed brightly like snow on a White Christmas and long, flowing hair that shined like the purest gold, eyes whose blue color was clear as the waters of Crater Lake and her torso resembled the shape of an hour glass.  Aside from Aslan, the couple had never seen one of such beauty and grace before, thus they have astonished looks on their visages as they gaze upon her (the woman stood a few feet away from them).  As she sequentially spoke, she bowed gracefully for a moment while smiling gently and cordially.]
WOMAN: Greetings, Spyro and Cynder.  I am Callan, the naiad, or water nymph, who currently presides within the Yosemite Falls, as you see behind me.  Now, tell me, do you like Yosemite thus far?
[Both dragons broke their trances and quickly regained their composure before they both smiled delightfully.]
SPYRO: Oh, yes, we certainly do, Callan.  Everything here in Yosemite is very beautiful.
CYNDER: Indeed, you could say it's far more beautiful than anywhere else in our world.
CALLAN: You're compliment is far from the truth, young Cynder, for it is Aslan who created all things to be beautiful.  
CYNDER: How is it that you know Aslan, Callan?
CALLAN: I know Him because just as He knows you, He knows me as well, just as He knows all whom He has created.  And now…I have called you both here to inform you that Aslan will return shortly this afternoon and requests that you wait for Him atop Half Dome.  He has something of great importance to tell you before you depart on a return journey to your own world.
[The couple's visages, fraught with sorrow, slowly drifted in a downward direction as they sequentially hanged their heads.  Callan then approached them gracefully before kneeling close the two beloveds and gently lifting their heads up with each hand.  Both Spyro and Cynder felt something beginning to slowly course through their bodies the moment they felt the tips of Callan's graceful fingers touching their chins, which felt as cool and refreshing as the fresh alpine waters of Yosemite itself.  Furthermore, this same essence seemed to slightly increase as they looked into Callan's beautiful visage, which facially expressed both delight and joy.]
CALLAN: Do not fret young lovers.  For your presence here in Yosemite over the last two days has been most delightful and wonderfully appreciated by all here.
[She then enticed their heads closer to her until she brought her arms around their necks and pressed them against her in a firm and yet compassionate embrace.  During their embrace with Callan, Spyro and his beloved Cynder felt their sadness instantly lift from their souls, thus replaced with joy and assurance.]
CALLAN: You have both done more than any single dragon in your world to defeat the evil that threatened its existence.  It's only fitting that you two deserve to live in peace together most joyously and prosperously.
[They spent that way for a minute or two before they slowly separated with joyous looks on their faces.  By then, Callan was standing straight up again.]
CALLAN: So until that time when you are needed to return, let's spend whatever time remaining together before then.  Agreed?
[Both Spyro and Cynder nodded in agreement with her.  They spent several minutes discussing various topics, some of which involved the experiences Spyro and Cynder had during their first visit to Yosemite yesterday, the numerous granite peaks, forests, wildlife and other natural aspects of Yosemite, the various nymphs that existed, and much more.  One intriguing topic they discussed was waterfalls.]
CYNDER: Callan, are there other waterfalls besides this one?
CALLAN: Why yes there are, Cynder.  And there are other naiads, who I call my sisters, who also reside at each one within the Yosemite Valley.  Though there are times when some of them dry up, thus some of us move down into the Merced River until the falls flow with life again.
SPYRO: Forgive me for interrupting, but is the Merced River the one that flows through the valley, Callan?
CALLAN: Yes, Spyro.  The waters flowing from almost all the falls in Yosemite Valley flow through small tributaries into the Merced River.  The Yosemite Falls here is by the far the tallest in Yosemite and this continent.
[She stretched out an arm and pointed south to where the granite spire, Sentinel Dome, stood.  The dragon couple turned around to where she was pointing.]
CALLAN: Near that peak, known as Sentinel Dome, are the Sentinel Falls.  Although quite different from Yosemite Falls, is still unique amongst the many waterfalls in the Valley.
[They continued with conversing in a similar manner like this for some time until finally Callan spoke with sadness.]
CALLAN: I'm afraid the time has now come, young dragons.  You must now return to the summit of Half Dome and await Aslan's arrival this afternoon.  I hope that you shall be able to return here soon, young dragons.
SPYRO: Aslan willing, we both will.
CYNDER: (smiling) Indeed, my darling Spyro.
[With that the couple turned around and spread their wings in preparation to take off for the summit of Half Dome.  They then turned their heads toward the rear direction where Callan still stood, with that same joyous smile on her lips.]
SPYRO: Goodbye, Callan!
CYNDER: We hope to see you again someday!
CALLAN: Fare well, young dragons.  I shall be waiting for your eventual return.
[The couple then shifted their gaze forward and immediately took off into the sky in a gradual ascent. Callan joyfully watched as they flew further away from Yosemite Falls before she then closed her eyes and spread out her arms in a gracious pose.]
CALLAN: (whispers) May Aslan look after you, young beloveds.  May He look after us all.
[After she finished, the beautiful naiad of Yosemite Falls dissipated back into sparkly and watery mist, which returned to the Falls from wince they came.]

[Later, on the summit of Half Dome.]
[The dragon couple had arrived a few minutes ago and are currently devouring some of the newly placed carcass where the previous one laid (they didn't have to use tremendous force to rip it open this time), each of them taking turns ripping and eating each piece of their respective piece of meat while the other watched joyously and lovingly (both of them were positioned in the north-eastern direction).  As Spyro was taking his turn to devour his piece of meat while his beautiful life-mate, Cynder, was watching him admiringly and lovingly, she caught something out of the corner of her left eye.  In an instant, she yelped loudly and quickly jumped backwards a few feet, thus causing her purple life-mate to lift his head and gaze back toward her.]
SPYRO: What's wrong, Cynder?!  Are you alright?!
[He quickly approached Cynder (who had a terrified look on her beautiful visage) until his face was close enough to softly breathe upon hers.]
SPYRO: What happened?
CYNDER: Spyro look there!
[He did and gave a terrified gasp at what he saw: a strange figure in the distance walking in midair shining with a bright golden glow against the afternoon sun.  Both Spyro and his beloved Cynder remained positioned still as a statue while plagued with utter terror as the object ventured closer toward them.  Then to their surprise, it stopped and spoke aloud in a voice that, though distant, immediately sounded familiar.]
ASLAN: Fear not, young dragons, for it is I!  Please continue enjoying your meal!  I'll wait for you when I reach you at Half Dome's summit!
[The dragon couple's paralyzing fear instantly vanished at hearing the reassuring voice of the Great Lion and they approached the carcass and resumed their lunch.  Aslan, walking on thin air with ease, eventually arrived at Half Dome and then positioned himself some feet away from the dragon couple as they continued enjoying themselves with their meal.  Upon finishing, Spyro and Cynder then walked over to Aslan and laid themselves down onto the granite surface in front of him.]
ASLAN: Did you enjoy your meal, young beloveds?
SPYRO and CYNDER: Yes, Aslan.
ASLAN: Very good.  I'm joyous that you did.  And what did you think of the Valley itself as you explored it earlier?
SPYRO: It was wonderful, Aslan. Cynder and I loved every minute of it.
ASLAN: That is good to hear, young beloveds.  And now…please listen closely…for the things I am about to tell you will be of great importance to you both for the rest of your days together.
Here's part three of this marvelous short story, featuring another OC I created, Callan! Please enjoy!

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
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