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March 26, 2010
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Location: Dragon Realms, Mountain of Malefor
An intense light shines over the ruinous sight of the Mountain of Malefor.  As the light's brightness decreased, there before where it illuminated was the Archangel Gabriel, as he levitated close to the horrid sight of the mountain before him.
"Doubtless, this is where they should be," he proclaimed with a voice that echoed throughout the landscape.  "Now I shall now do as my beloved Father in Heaven hath commanded me."  He instantly vanished from where he hovered.

Gabriel reappeared inside the depths of the Mountain, hovering within a large and extensive corridor.  What he saw before him was the very crystal which encased Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx when the Mountain of Malefor was collapsing nearly three years ago.  It's orange glow was faint in comparison to the luminosity emitting from Gabriel as he gradually approached it.
"These young ones have grown in size and strength just as the prism which still protects and preserves them has throughout all this time," the archangel spoke in monologue.  "But soon, my Father in Heaven, the Almighty God, the Deity, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will soon release them at the exact given time, for which only He knows, so that they may defeat the evil which dreads across this present world."  He eventually stopped right in front of the large crystal pillar and then stretched out his right arm and opened his right palm which revealed a bright, silver orb.


Gabriel was standing before the Throne of God as He gave these instructions:
"Go to the world of Dragon Realms, where you will find a place called the Mountain of Malefor.  Within it is a prism encasing three precious souls, whom I deeply cherish as with all sentient beings created by Me.  Now…you are to take this to one of them, Cynder."  As He spoke, a bright silver orb appeared before Gabriel as the latter drew out his open right palm took hold of it.  Yahweh continued,
"And remember to do this in remembrance of me!"


Gabriel, with the orb held by his right open palm, lifts it up high and bows his head, praying,
"Father, who art in Heaven…let thy will be done!!!"  Instantly, the orb was then launched upward, then splitting into four smaller and separate orbs.  They then swirled around the orange prism numerous times before they eventually stopped in midair and went straight toward Cynder.  All four were then seen, each respectively positioned on Cynder's neck, forearms, and tail,  materializing into the forms of beautifully polished bracelets.  As Gabriel observed this wondrous moment, he then realized something before declaring,
"It is done, Father."
"Well done, my child," declared the voice the Living God, which reverberated throughout all of the Mountain of Malefor.  "For the bracelets I've tasked you in bringing to Cynder are to represent, not of her former enslavement of from Malefor, but of how she is now bound by My ever-present Will and Love, which is a far lighter burden than the larger amount guilt and grief she that lies within her heart.  And because they are crafted by Me, they shall grow in size and shape just as Cynder grows in the same way.  Because of this, her bracelets will also represent the freedom, peace and prosperity in which she and her future true mate, Spyro, will bring to their world.  And now, O faithful Gabriel, I have much more for you do to now."
"By your command, O Holy Father," the archangel humbly replied.  Then within an instant, he vanished in another blinding flash of light that emanated throughout the entire corridor and vanished, leaving only the faint glow from the orange prism that continued to gradually grow, as the three embedded inside also grew and aged with it.  Then the Lord's voice spoke once more, very softly,
"Oh, young ones, when your time comes and you are released from that prism, I shall continually watch over you throughout your natural lives during and after your war against Malefor.  For both you Spyro…Cynder, shall by My Will, spend the rest of your joyous lives together and be most fruitious in your mutually loving relationship as mates.  In addition, I will bless you both with many descendents after your time and you will both also share a place in My house in Heaven.  And Sparx…you will eventually come to realize the inner beauty of this young and lovely dragoness and forgive her of the terrible things Malefor has forced her to commit just as your step brother, the one I have chosen to for her to spend the rest of her life with, has already done.  But for now, stay warm and nourished within this very crystal until the given time, for which I have chosen, you shall be released and thus ready and strong enough to put an end to Malefor's tyranny once and for all."
This is something I wrote in order to properly explain how Cynder recieved those bracelets on her neck, forearms, and tail, thus giving an evident, logical, and canonical explanation of how they were placed there while she, her future mate Spyro, and Sparx were encased inside that crystal (hence the reasoning of the title). And I want to inform those reading this that I wrote this with every bit of my heart and soul in which my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given me (I stating this out of pure honesty, not to alienate those who don't cohere with my beliefs).
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Yoshitoki92 Jul 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool text. =3
Thank you very much!
Yoshitoki92 Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Np. =)
Wow that was beautiful and now I can stop wondering how thous got on their
Thank you very much!
This is so beautiful I cried.
Insane-Randomness Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad. Your writing is certainly improving dude.
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