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Chapter 1 – Sebastian's Arrival

[Location: Valley of Alavar]
[It was late in the afternoon as both Spyro and Cynder, their tails curled and intertwined around each other, were resting next to each other on a hill top and basking in the refreshing spring warmth.  Not too far from them, Sparx, hovering above at 500 feet, was gazing at the clouds high above him.  Many peaceful and tranquil sounds were heard throughout the Valley: birds singing, the flowing of the nearby river, and some occasional chattering from squirrels close by.  Spyro then woke up and lifted his head and neck, simultaneously yawning in the process.  Then he stood up, stretching out his aching body for a brief moment.  He then smiled joyfully as he then looked down upon Cynder, whose black scales and silver bracelets glistened beautifully in the early spring sunlight.  He silently continued marveling at her beauty for a moment before he positioned the end of his snout close to his mate's forehead.  As Spyro gently and lovingly licked Cynder's forehead then down along her narrow muzzle, she cooed softly and tenderly.  After repeating this action twice, Spyro repositioned his head in an upright position as his lovely mate gradually lifted up hers with a wide, gapping yawn.]
SPYRO: Did you sleep well, Cynder?
CYNDER: Mm-hmm.  Did you?
SPYRO: You know I always do when you're here.
CYNDER: (giggles)
[Cynder then stood up on all fours and sequentially stretched out her whole body, groaning softly in the process.  She sequentially spoke as she finished.]
CYNDER: (groans) The day has been so beautiful thus far.
SPYRO: It wouldn't be so beautiful without you, Cynder. (broadens smile)
[Cynder then immediately fixated her beautiful emerald eyes into her mate's brilliant amethyst eyes.  After a brief moment, they both inclined their heads forward and closed their eyes as they sequentially locked their lips in a deep and romantic kiss (which lasted for twelve seconds).  During this passionate kiss, their tongues caressed each other sweetly and tenderly, which brought sensual vibrations down their spines.  When the kiss ended, they pulled back their heads with expressions of love on their visages.]
CYNDER: (sweetly) I love you, Spyro.
SPYRO: (tenderly) I love you too, Cynder.
[They lovingly gazed into each other's eyes for a moment before something within the atmosphere above startled them suddenly.]
[Upon hearing the piercing cry that loudly echoed throughout the Valley, Spyro and Cynder immediately looked upward, scanning the sky for whoever screamed in terror. Cynder then looks at her mate, her visage with concern.]
CYNDER: Spyro, where do you suppose-
SPARX: Hey, you love birds!
[The gorgeous dragon couple looked up at Sparx as he quickly descended to them.]
SPARX: Did you hear that loud shouting I heard?
SPYRO: Yes, Sparx.  But we have no idea where it came from.
SPARX: Well, I think I do.  Look!
[As the dragonfly pointed upward, all three gasped at what they were seeing.  Far above them, they caught sight of a small red object descending downward with accelerating velocity. ]
SPYRO: That must have been the one we heard screaming.
SPARX: Well, come on!  What are we waiting for?
[With that, Sparx took off after the red dot falling from above with both Spyro and Cynder ascending close behind him.]

SEBASTIAN: (screaming, Jamaican accent) HOW IS IT DAT I GET PULLED INTO THESE SITUATIONS??????!!!!!!!
[Our favorite little red crab, Sebastian, was current at 1,900-2,000 feet above ground level as he shouted this thought out loud and is currently descending head first, his eyes wide with confusion and terror and claws flinging backwards.  As he plummeted to what seemed to be his death, numerous thoughts raced through his mentality.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally, frantic) Oh, who am I kidding, man?!  I might as well brace meself as I end up falling until I become squashed out flat like a crab pancake!  And to think that the day started out so well and-Huh?  W-What are those-(gasps) Oh no!
[Sebastian's eyes widened in sheer terror as he saw two large creatures ascending two him from below.  He immediately gasped as noticed features on their bodies that terrified him.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Are those piercing claws…and…(gulps)…sharp teeth?!  Oh, no!  This is so much worse than ever I imagined!  And they're getting closer!!  Can this day get any worse??!!
[Suddenly overcome with intense fright and stress, Sebastian's eyes were forced shut as he blacked out.]

[Fifty-five minutes later at the Alavaran village.]
[Sebastian is currently located inside a hut where Meadow has been applying herbal mixtures similar to smelling salts for the past minutes to bring him back into consciousness.  His eyes still closed, as Sebastian slowly regains consciousness, he started hearing the soft thuds of many feet walking and voices close by.]
CYNDER: How is he, Meadow?
MEADOW: Well, he's showing signs of movement, which means he should regain consciousness any moment now.
SPARX: Great!  I honestly thought he died from sheer terror!
SPYRO: Sparx, this is serious!
CHIEF PROWLUS: I agree, Spyro.  For there is still much I would like to know who this small and somewhat bizarre stranger could be…whether he's a friend or foe, I am not sure.
CYNDER: Still, I highly doubt that he's evil.
[Sebastian moans groggily as he lifted his eye lids open slightly.  His vision was moderately fuzzy.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Oh, man, where am I?
[As he continued listening to the conversation, he began rubbing his eyes for a few moments.]
SPYRO: I'll have to agree with Cynder on that one, Chief Prowlus.  After all, we just now found him and I don't think it would be wise to overwhelm him with too many questions.
CHIEF PROWLUS: Hmm.  You do have a considerate point, Spyro. (sighs) But I'm afraid he can't stay here with us.  For as the leader of my tribe, I have many responsibilities to attend to here.
SPYRO: I understand.  That is why Cynder and I have both agreed to take him-
SPARX: Excuse me, but I hate to break up our little conference, but I think our little red buddy there is beginning to wake up.
[Just as the golden dragonfly finished his statement, Sebastian gave a great big yawn before he slowly opened his eyes entirely.  He gave a quick observation of his surroundings.  He noticed that he was lying supine on a soft and large leaf, set on the floor level of the hut.  His glance was then fixated at the two dragons, two Alavarans and dragonfly who were gazing down upon.  The moment his eyes visualized them, Sebastian was instantly filled with terror and fright as he sequentially yelped and rotated his body 180 degrees.  He then immediately closed his eyes shut and covered them with his crab claws.]
SEBASTIAN: (frightened) Please don't eat me!!  I haven't done anyting wrong, I swear!!
[Chief Prowlus cautiously took one step forward, while speaking in a firm, yet assuring voice to the crab.]
CHIEF PROWLUS: Listen to me!  No harm will come to you here!  For I promise that we won't hurt you!
[Despite the cheetah warrior's plea, Sebastian obstinately remained where he was with his back turned, his body and legs trembling with fear.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) This can't be happening!  This just cannot be happening!  I mean either this is only a dream or I'm dead!  Yes, that's it!  I must be dreaming here, man! (begins panting heavily) Okay, so I'm dreaming.  Now, if I just wait a moment and then just wake up, I'll be just-(gasps aloud)
[What interrupted Sebastian's thoughts was that he felt something warm and moist applied to the back of his head for a moment (which made him realize that he's not dreaming).  He instantly opened his eyes and then allowed his claws to hang downward.  Using his legs, he fully rotates his body to the opposite direction and then gasped slightly upon seeing Cynder's visage positioned up in front of him.  The black dragoness is currently laying flat on her stomach, with her hind legs gracefully sprawled to the side and her forelegs laid out in her front of her (her body was facing away from the spot Sebastian was standing).  Upon gasping, Sebastian trembled as he brought his claws set against his exposed teeth, which chattered frightfully.  He continued gazing directly into Cynder's beautiful emerald eyes as she spoke tenderly and softly to him.]
CYNDER: Shhh.  It's alright…we won't hurt you.  Don't be afraid…everything's going to be alright now.  But please…let us help you.
[In an instant, something caused Sebastian to lose a large amount of the terror that he felt, as he mentally became engulfed with intense nostalgia while looking into Cynder's tender and gentle eyes.  Then a familiar voice utterly reverberated within his mentality.]
ARIEL: (tenderly) Oh, please don't be afraid, Sebastian.  Just let me help you.
[As Ariel's words echoed from his memory, Sebastian saw a translucent visual of her face placed upon Cynder's for a moment before it vanished.  Then he stopped trembling and removed his claws from his teeth.  Sebastian then took a deep breath and exhaled loudly before looking back toward Cynder's beautiful visage.]
SEBASTIAN: (slightly nervous) Well, okay…I will.  Um, so…(points with one claw) you're Cynder, right?
[Cynder smiled as she simultaneously nodded her head.]
CYNDER: Mm-Hmm. (stops nodding) May I know what your name is?
SEBASTIAN: (high-pitched voice) S-Sebastian. (clears throat, normal voice) My name is Sebastian.
[Cynder's smile broadens greatly.]
CYNDER: (mental) Sebastian…what a wonderful name!
SPARX: (whispers to Prowlus) I think she's gotten through to him.
SPARX: (mentally) Okay, okay!  Sheesh!!
SEBASTIAN: (nervously) So how is it that you are going to help me, exactly?
[Cynder then motions one of her forearms to her mate, signaling Spyro to come forward.  Spyro then slowly approaches Sebastian, in which the latter suddenly glances at the former.]
CYNDER: (giggles) Don't worry, Sebastian.  This is my handsome and kind mate, Spyro.
[At this point, Spyro has just stopped right alongside his gorgeous black mate and prostrates onto the floor with his head slightly erect.  He then nuzzles Cynder's cheek lovingly with his snout before he returns his amethyst eyes upon the little red crab before.]
SEBASTIAN: (smiles slightly, mentally) Perhaps he's just as nice as his beloved.
SPYRO: (smiling, gently) It's a pleasure to meet you, Sebastian.  Now, I suppose you have much to ask us about, right?
SEBASTIAN: (nods) Y-Yes, I do.  I mean, like where am I, exactly?  How exactly did I get here?  Am I ever going to get back home?  And what am I suppose to do to…(sighs irritably) Oh, I am so confused right now, mawn.  I don't even know or understaand why I am here to begin with.
[Sebastian sighs and hangs his head forward.  Spyro and Cynder glance at each other for a second before they fix their gaze back to Sebastian.]
SPYRO: Sebastian, all though Cynder and I may not have all the answers you seek, we have both agreed to take you to a place where we know some who might be able to find them.
[Sebastian instantly lifted up his head with great curiosity.]
SEBASTIAN: (slightly joyful) Really?  Oh…Wait.  Where is it we are going, exactly?
CYNDER: (giggles) Don't worry, we'll explain on the way.
[Cynder then lowers her head further until the end of her snout is placed right in front of Sebastian.]
SEBASTIAN: (confused) Huh? (understanding) Oh, you want me to-
CYNDER: Mm-hmm.
SEBASTIAN: Well, what harm can it do? All right, I'll get on.
[Sebastian then approaches and begins to clamper onto the end of Cynder's snout.  After taking a few seconds to get onto Cynder's snout, Sebastian rapid crawls upward toward her forehead.  As Sebastian traveled along the middle of her visage, Cynder giggles as his legs seem to tickle her in that area.  Sebastian then jumps from the top of her forehead, with a small yelp, right over the spines along the top of her neck.  He lands on the base of her neck, with a grunt, and then struggles to maintain his balance before he places a firm grip around the black dragoness's neck with his claws.  Both Spyro and Cynder then rose up and then headed toward the hut entry way, while Sebastian remained silent as he continued embracing the dragoness' neck.  Then Cynder fixed her gaze backwards before they exited.]
CYNDER: Thank you, Meadow for helping Sebastian.
MEADOW: Of course, Cynder. (smiles) I was glad to help.
[Then just as the lovely dragon couple, Sparx and Sebastian exited the hut and prepared to ascend, Prowlus rushed out from behind and placed his left palm on Spyro's right shoulder.]
CHIEF PROWLUS: Wait.  Before you go, there's something you must know.
[Then the tribal chief whispered something in the purple dragon's ear opening, to which Spyro nodded immediately afterward.]
SPYRO: Thank you, Prowlus.
CHIEF PROWLUS: Of course.  And good luck to you all.
SPARX: (mentally) Well, I can definitely see where this wild adventure will turn out.
[Both the dragons opened their wings, ready to ascend.]
CYNDER: (whispers) Just hold on tight, okay.
SEBASTIAN: (startled) Huh?  Why?
[No sooner had the red crab spoken when he suddenly found himself rising rapidly into the air, in which he immediately tightened his embrace around Cynder's neck and closed his eyes shut.  While in this position, Sebastian was also breathing heavily, both Spyro and Cynder observed his anxiety with great sympathy.]

[Thirty-five minutes passed since Spyro and his beloved mate Cynder departed from the Alavaran village and are currently flying at an elevation of two thousand feet above sea level.  Frightened and terrified, Sebastian remained clinging to Cynder's neck, as they glided over various landscapes.  Sparx then presently hovered over right next the nervous Sebastian.]
SPARX: Hey, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: (hi-pitched) AH! (eyes open instantly, pants rapidly)
[It took a few seconds before Sebastian finally stopped panting.  He then turned his visage toward Sparx as it portrayed both frustration and agitation.]
SEBASTIAN: Could you please not do that, man?!  I already had meself scared stiff from already falling thousands of feet from above!
SPARX: Okay!  Okay!  Sheesh, you didn't have to shout that loud or something!
SPYRO: Sparx!
[Sparx zoomed over next to Spyro, the latter flying to his foster brother's right side.  Spyro had a slightly stern complexion on his face.]
SPARX: Yeah, what is it, buddy?
SPYRO: Sparx…please understand that Sebastian is currently is a state of confusion and terror.  So be sensitive to him as of now.
SPARX: Okay, boss.
[Spyro then notices that Sebastian, with his eyes open, is currently shivering as the latter continues to have his arms wrapped around Cynder's neck.  Spyro then repositions himself to closer to his mate, looking toward Sebastian's direction.  Sebastian then glanced to his right at the purple dragon.]
SPYRO: Sebastian, if you feel terrified of heights, I'll hover underneath you and Cynder to catch you in case you fall, alright?
[Sebastian, though still slightly nervous, nods his head with assurance.  Spyro then smiles genuinely in response and then positions himself a few feet underneath his mate.  By now, Sparx was flying a few feet behind Spyro and Cynder.  Sebastian gazed at the purple dragon while the latter repositioned himself.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) He reminds me of Eric.  Oh, I sure hope he and Ariel are alright.
[Sebastian then rotated his head in a forward position.]
SEBASTIAN: Excuse me, Cyndah.
[Cynder rotates her head sideways slightly.]
CYNDER: Yes, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: Where is it we are going, exactly?
CYNDER: To Warfang, the Dragon City.
SEBASTIAN: (gasps) You mean dere's more dragons around?!
CYNDER: (giggles) Don't worry, Sebastian.  Most of them are very peaceable and pleasant.  But since you're new here, I want you to stay with Spyro and me, okay?
SEBASTIAN: (nods) O-Okay.  Tank you, Cyndah.
CYNDER: You're welcome.
SEBASTIAN: So, this world we live in…what is it called?
CYNDER: Dragon Realms.  Just be sure to ask if you need anything, okay.
SEBASTIAN: Okay, Cyndah.
[The beauteous black dragoness smiles back at Sebastian before redirecting her head forward.]
[Throughout the exchange of words between Sebastian and Cynder, Spyro remained positioned below his life mate.  As he gazed up at his beloved Cynder, Spyro marveled at the beauty of her resplendent ruby-red underbelly scales, which extended all the way to the end of her tail.  Throughout the period of eighteen months, as Cynder grew in size, her tail became far more elongated then her mate's in length and her height at the moment is slightly higher than his.  After a few moments passed, Cynder looked back to her mate underneath her and observed the manner in which he was starring at her.]
CYNDER: Do you like the view, darling?
SPYRO: Yes!  And it's beautiful!
CYNDER: (giggles, blushes) Thank you.
[With that, Spyro ascended till his head was just below Cynder's.  Then after flexing their heads and necks in the proper position, Spyro and Cynder pressed each other's lips in a brief, yet loving and intimate kiss.  As Sebastian gazed at the two mates osculating, he was instantly filled with joyous nostalgia, remembering how Ariel and Eric first kissed at their wedding.  When both mates separated, Spyro returned where he was previously positioned underneath his gorgeous mate, Cynder.]
[Fifteen more minutes passed before Sebastian made an astonished gasp with his mouth gapped open when he saw something that astounded him.]
SEBASTIAN: C-Cyndah…is…is dat-
CYNDER: Yes, Sebastian…Warfang.
[No sooner did Cynder spoke when her purple mate reverted to his right and ascended slightly until he reached the former's elevation level, as they edged closer to Warfang, which was one mile ahead and closing.  Sparx came up behind as he flew up next to his brother's head.]
[When they passed over the city walls, Sebastian continued shifting his gaze in all directs at the size of the Dragon City.  As he progressed with his thoughts, he, and the two dragons and Sparx flew past numerous towers, pavilions and other numerous structures within it.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Wow!  Waafang sure is biggah din any city I ave evah seen befoh!  It's fah more enowmous dan my home in Atlanticah!!
[Suddenly, Sebastian felt himself shivering in fear.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally, anxiously) But what if dose living down dere dink of me when dey see me?  What if some of dose dragons dat Cyndah mentioned eat crabs? (gulps) What if-
SPYRO: Sebastian, are you alright?
SEBASTIAN: (aloud) Huh? (to Spyro) Oh, um, what is it, Spyro?
SPYRO: Is something troubling you?
SPARX: Yeah…you looked as if you've seen a ghost or something.
SPYRO: Sparx!
SPARX: Alight, sorry!
SEBASTIAN: Well (sighs) it's jost dat I'm nervous, Spyro.  I'm terrified about whethah or not the othah dragons actually eat crabs like me!
CYNDER: Don't worry, Sebastian.  Most of the things dragons, like us, eat are on land, not in the sea.
SEBASTIAN: (wipes a claw from his forehead) Phew!  I'm so relieved about that.  So where aw we going in Wahfang, anyway?
SPYRO: To the Dragon Temple, where our friends the Guardians reside.  Once we reach there, they'll be able to help you as best they can.
SEBASTIAN: Are you sure?
CYNDER: (giggles) Of course, Sebastian.  The dragon elders are very wise and reasonable.  But if you still feel nervous, we'll be right there with you.  Alright?
SEBASTIAN: (gulps) Okay!  So where is des Dragon Temple.
CYNDER: It's right up ahead, Sebastian.
[As Sebastian shifted his head for a better visual and gasps at what he saw before him.  There ahead of the four stood the Dragon Temple, a massive, cylindrical, dome-roofed structure measuring at 600 feet in diameter, with an incredible height of 300 feet.  Along the circumference of the upper exterior walls displayed four patterns positioned equidistantly with each bearing the symbols of the four elements of the Guardians: fire, electricity, ice, and earth in their respective colors.  This structure was centered on top of a rectangular structure that was measured at 800 feet for both the length and width, while its height was 400 feet.  This second structure served partially served as a platform encircling the Temple.  In a few moments, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and Sebastian landed near the arched western entrance.]

[Some moments later, all four were walking through the inner hallway which led to the central room, where all four Guardians were expected to be located.  Sebastian by this time had already dismounted from Cynder's neck base and was crawling rapidly across the floor.  Cynder is walking alongside of Sebastian's left, Spyro to his right, while Sparx is hovering above him.]
SPYRO: (mentally) Incredible!  For one of his size, Sebastian moves fast.
[As they progressed, Sebastian feet were making click-clacking sounds as they tapped onto the floor, which agitated Sparx slightly.]
SPARX: (mentally) Sheesh!  I wish Sebastian would stop doing that.  I mean all that click-clacking all over the floor can drive anybody nuts!
[They eventually came to a stop in front of the entrance of the central part of the Temple, which was encircled by a circular hallway 8 feet wide.  Just then from their left came the Guardian of Electricity, Volteer, who was humming softly until he stopped upon joyously seeing the familiar faces before him.]
VOLTEER: Ah, greetings, jubilations, and good tidings to you, young dragons!
SPYRO and CYNDER: Hello, Volteer.
[Sebastian remained silent, as he observed the giant electric dragon approach them.  His legs began shivering and buckling with fright when Volteer noticed him.]
VOLTEER: Ah, and who is your small and trepid companion there?
SEBASTIAN: (high, squeaky) Yipe!
[Sebastian quickly withdraws behind Cynder's right leg, sticking his head out immediately afterwards.  Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx briefly glance at the terrified crab before they returned their gaze back at Volteer.]
SPYRO: His name is Sebastian, and we've come on his behalf hoping that you and the other Guardians might help him.
[Spyro then progressed with explaining to the Guardian of Electricity how they both (with Sparx) found Sebastian earlier, the consideration that he's apparently from someplace not in their world, and concluded that he is apparently confused and perplexed about much of what has occurred to him recently.  Throughout this explanation, Volteer was nodding comprehensively while Cynder kept her visual on Sebastian still hiding behind her right leg.]
VOLTEER: My, this is utterly most enthralling, inspiring, intriguing, stupefying-
SPARX: (impatiently) Okay, we get the picture already!  Now do you believe us or not?!
SPYRO: Sparx!
VOLTEER: Oh, it's alright, young dragon. (sympathetically) And yes, I earnestly believe you, and I'll help you and your little, red friend in any way possible.
[At those words, Sebastian emerged from behind Cynder's right leg and approached forward a few inches ahead of it, as he looked up at Volteer.]
SEBASTIAN: (gulps) Y-you will?
VOLTEER: Why absolutely, Sebastian.  Now let's go in and present your case to the other Guardians.  I'm certain they'll be delighted to collaborate on this most gracious effort and conundrum you're having.
[As Volteer just finished the last sentence he progressed in movement until he was positioned himself right in front to the circular doorway before them, with the other four behind him.  As the electric guardian projects his electricity breath to open the door, Sebastian quickly retreats a few steps in between Spyro and Cynder.]
CYNDER: (whispers) Don't worry, Sebastian.  We'll be right here for you.
[Sebastian nodded as the door then suddenly opened.  Then all four followed Volteer as he entered the central room of the Temple.]
[This central room was 50 feet high with a diameter of 290 feet, and within its center was the pool of visions.  As Volteer entered the chamber, with the other four following him closely behind him, he saw the other three Guardians, Terrador, Cyril, and the replacement Fire Guardian, who was a fire dragoness, standing around the pool of visions.  All three looked toward Volteer as he strode forward.]
TERRADOR: Ah, Volteer.  It was good for you to come.  How are you?
VOLTEER: Most superb, thank you, Terrador.  But, I'm afraid we have a dire emergency on our hands, for you see these four have something urgent to discuss with us.
[When he finished, Volteer stepped aside, letting the four behind him approached forward.  The other three Guardians were filled with joy and delight as they saw Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, strode toward them slowly (Sebastian was still between the dragon couple, eyes wide with uncertainty and fear).  Little did Spyro and Cynder realize that each time Terrador spoke, his booming baritone voice was apparently frightening Sebastian.]
TERRADOR: Ah, greetings, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx!  This is a most joyous and yet unexpected visit from you.
CYRIL: Yes, considering you were still on another romantic honeymoon in the Valley of Alavar.
[As Cyril finished, the four visitors approaching then stopped 25 feet from the chamber entrance behind them, while Volteer then strode up alongside them.  Then the Fire Guardian looked downward as she noticed Sebastian nervously positioned between Spyro and Cynder.]
FIRE GUARDIAN: So who is your little friend there?
CYNDER: This is Sebastian, Kindle.  And we've brought him here hoping you and the other Guardians could possibly help him.
[Cynder then progressed with explaining to Cyril, Terrador, and Kindle the same thing her mate told Volteer, which took a few minutes to finish.  During this explanation, Sebastian approached a few inches ahead and observed the Fire Guardian up ahead closely.  Kindle was a red-orange colored fire dragoness with an elongated slender body, for which most of her length is in her extensive neck and tail in addition to having long legs.  Her underbelly and wing membranes were colored golden yellow. Her avian head possessed two white horns protruding backwards and two adjustable, ear-like fins on each side of it (depending on how she feels, they either remain open or enclosed in a downward position).  Kindle's tail blade, leg barbs, and spinal fins (from the top of her head, along her entire back) were portrayed in the shape of passionate flames bursting forth.  The fire dragoness' comely visage featured amber-colored markings in a manner similar to those belonging to Cynder, while both her thighs and the length of her spine depicted flame patterns with this same coloration of amber.  Lastly, the wing barb on each of her wings represented the form of a brightly burning flame, with a notch within each, in addition to having three golden bracelets attached along the length of her tail.  Kindle's natural expression on her visage was one of honest maternal compassion and gentility, which momentarily mollified Sebastian's mental stability.  After Cynder finished her explanation, there was a moment of silence as Terrador briefly glanced at Cyril, then Kindle, Volteer, till finally looked ahead at where Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and Sebastian were positioned.]
TERRADOR: Very well. (raises voice) Sebastian, please come forward.
[At the loud and reverberating sound of the Earth Guardian's stalwart voice, Sebastian once again became intensely frightened as his eyes widen greatly.  Regardless, Sebastian begins to approach forward when he suddenly stops a foot ahead of Spyro and Cynder, petrified.  He then notices Terrador's visage becoming slightly sterner.]
TERRADOR: Sebastian, I asked you to come forward.  So please do so at once.
[Nonetheless, Sebastian remained stationary, as his body begins violently trembling with terror and placed his crab claws onto his now exposed clinched teeth, in response to Terrador spoke with a moderate tone of intensity, which echoed throughout the chamber.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally, terrified) Oh, mawn!  He sounds much worse den when the King is greatly upset!
[He notices that Terrador has a look of slight impatience on his visage, which nearly horrifies Sebastian to the breaking point.  Then just as Terrador opens his muzzle to speak, Kindle bravely protrudes her neck and head to his direction.]
KINDLE: Wait, Terrador!  Do you mind if I try something?
[At first, Terrador facial expression changes to a more tolerant manner and he then nods his head in approval to Kindle.  The female Fire Guardian exchanges a smile of gratitude and then she turns her attention back to Sebastian, with her ear fins perked up.  She then began approaching Sebastian slowly while speaking to him with compassion, understanding, and gentleness.  As Sebastian was listening to Kindle's kind and reassuring words, he found himself mentally and emotionally placated on account that something in her high and lilting voice reminded him of Ariel.]
KINDLE: Now, please do not be frightened, Sebastian, for I promise that we will not harm you.  I can also greatly comprehend how confused and frightened you must be feeling right now, Sebastian.  But please understand that we, as Guardians, are here to help you with whatever is troubling you, which include any questions that are racing through your mind right now.  But, in order for us to help you, all you have to do is just trust us.  It's a simple as that, Sebastian.
[Kindle then currently stopped approaching Sebastian, currently positioned between him and the Pool of Visions.  She then rotates her entire body 90 degrees to the left until her right side is directly perpendicular to Sebastian's direction.  All eyes watching observed Kindle's movements with slight perplexity (Volteer, of course had an idea of what she intended). The Guardian of Fire then gently slumped onto her left side with her legs and tail sprawling to her right, and then covers them with her extended right wing, while her left folds up completely inward.  With her head and neck entirely erect, Kindle then looked toward Sebastian's direction, while he noticed the fervent essence of compassion and tenderness that was currently evident upon her visage and in her kind golden-yellow eyes.]
KINDLE: So as to prove that you can trust us in helping you, Sebastian, all you have to do is come right here…
[She slowly motioned her tail forward.]
KINDLE: …and place your claw over my tail spade.  Please approach whenever you're ready, alright?
[Sebastian, though no longer nervous or terrified, still withheld some amounts of uncertainty.  After a minute or two of hesitation, Sebastian swiftly turned around to his right when he heard Spyro whispering.]
SPYRO: (whispering) Don't worry, Sebastian.  We'll be right here for you.
[After seeing Spyro's visage giving an assuring smile, Sebastian looked to his rear left to see Cynder with sharing the same optimistic expression her mate was showing.  He then gazed forward at Kindle, who was waiting patiently for him to approach.]
SEBASTIAN: (gulps, mentally) Well…here's goes nothing, mawn.
[Sebastian, crawling and clacking his legs against the stone floor beneath him, gradually approaches Kindle to where her tail spade is located.  All eyes were fixated on Sebastian as the little crab as he came closer to Kindle.]
TERRADOR: (mentally) Well it looks like Kindle actually did it.
CYRIL: (mentally) As unorthodox as her method appears, Kindle has apparently managed to coax Sebastian to trust us after all.
VOLTEER: (mentally) Oh, Ignitus would be most undeniably pleased with Kindle if he saw this.
[Eventually Sebastian stopped right in front of Kindle's tail spade.  He then bravely stretched out his left arm and placed his crab claw onto Kindle's tail spade, to which her smile broadens in response.]
KINDLE: Well done, Sebastian.  Now that we have established trust with one another, I would like for you to stand upon my tail spade, please.
[Without question, Sebastian obeyed, following with what Kindle politely instructed him.  He then felt a slight downward surge before he instantly realized that Kindle had lifted him off from the ground with her tail.]
KINDLE: Don't worry, Sebastian, I promise not to drop you.
[As Kindle gently stated this, she carefully maneuvered her tail spade, with Sebastian perched upon it, toward her body.  Then in a few moments, Kindle's gracefully elegant tail has placed its spade flat upon the right side of her body.  With that, Sebastian removed himself from Kindle's tail spade, for which she withdrew back to its original position on the floor, as he progressed toward the dragoness's head and neck.  Kindle giggled softly as the tips of Sebastian's crab legs motioned across her body scales.  Little did Sebastian realize was that after he walked off of Kindle's tail spade, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Volteer, Terrador, and Cyril were positioning themselves around Kindle as he stopped in the center of her torso.  As Kindle continued gazing down upon Sebastian, he starred directly into her brilliant amber-colored eyes, which seemed to melt his fear and suspicions away instantly, refilling him with heart-warming trust and some adoration for the fire dragoness.]
KINDLE: (gently) Alright, Sebastian…whenever you're ready, I would like for you to tell us what happened in how you were brought here, starting from the beginning.
[As Kindle spoke, Sebastian looked around him to find all the other dragons present, except for Sparx, lying prostrate with their heads erect as they waited patiently for Sebastian to begin.  Even the seemingly strict Terrador maintained a calm and gentle demeanor, much to the relief of Sebastian.  Sebastian, after deeply inhaling and exhaling, he began his tale.]
SEBASTIAN: Well…it began this afternoon as Ariel, Melody, and I were traveling to the kingdom of Atlantica to visit King Triton and some friends for the weekend.
SPARX: (sulking mentally) Great!  Now here comes one of those cheesy flashbacks!

[A flashback begins, changing to the scene precisely described by Sebastian.  Everything within the flashback occurs throughout the progression of Sebastian's retrospective sequence of events.]
SEBASTIAN (voice only): We've been traveling since yesterday and had almost reached de palace by dat time.  Den suddenly, out of nowhere, some powerful surge immediately started pulling us backwards from an ocean trench below.
[In the flashback, Ariel, her daughter Melody have managed to cling onto a large rock to evade it's pull, with the little terrified Sebastian clinging to his life on the former's tail.  Then, Sebastian's grip suddenly slips as he is sequentially pulled in the depths of the trench below, screaming terrifically.]
This is the first part of Chapter One for my fanfiction The Legend of Spyro: Visit from Under the Sea. I should be able to upload the next part of this chapter immediately afterwards:D.

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Kindle is owned by :iconrattlesnakedefender:

Sebastian, Ariel, and Melody owned by :icondisneyplz:

All other characters present owned by :iconsierraplz:

NOTICE: Sebastian is speaking in a Caribbean accent.
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