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Chapter Two: Sebastian in Warfang

[The next day, Spyro, his life-mate Cynder, and Sebastian spent time together inside the pavilion while in conversation.  Although Sebastian was at first anxious about talking about himself, Cynder gently convinced him on account that it would greatly help her and Spyro understand him better.  From there, Sebastian spent countless hours descriptively telling the lovely dragon couple about his life in Atlantica, friends from his dimension (even though he already indicated that Ariel is one of them), the many marvelous adventures they had together, his loyal service to King Triton, that he has always lived under the ocean water most of his life, etc.  There were some moments during that amount time that both Spyro and Cynder laughed at some of the things which were humorous in Sebastian's narrative.  Yet, Spyro and Cynder also sometimes reacted to some of the things that were dolor in Sebastian's narration with facial expressions of grief and sympathy.  The only times Sebastian paused was during meals, and it was around lunch when Sparx returned, joining in on listening to Sebastian's narrative about where he came from and his life there.  That same night, Sparx decided to "hit the sack early" on account that he was apparently becoming a bit bored with the narrative.  But Spyro and Cynder seemed further intrigued about Sebastian as he progressed onward.  By that time, Sebastian was becoming slightly melancholy from the intense nostalgia of recalling those moments with his friends in Atlantica, which caused the little red crab to greatly miss them, as he sometimes cried silently.  He had to stop when it was time for him and the dragon couple to go on to sleep.]

[Next day, late in the morning]
[Spyro and his mate Cynder had already devoured a late breakfast, while Sebastian and Sparx were positioned on one of the windows and involved in a conversation.  Suddenly a loud and familiar voice made everyone within the pavilion jump in surprise.]
CYRIL'S VOICE: Spyro!!!  Come quickly!!!
SEBASTIAN: (high-pitched) AH!!!
[The intensity of Sebastian's outburst caused Sparx to quickly motion backwards and slam his back hard against one side of the window wall with a grunt.  A split second later, he fell prostrate near a concerned Sebastian, who quickly picked him up gently with his crab claws, tending him for any damage on him.  Simultaneously, Spyro dashed toward and out from the entrance while his beauteous black life-mate rushed toward Sebastian and Sparx.  When she managed reach them, she then heard laughter and shouting outside from her purple mate and someone else.  A few moments later, Cynder's head shifted towards the entrance as her mate popped his head inside with an ecstatic expression on his face.]
SPYRO: Hey Cynder, could you, Sebastian and Sparx come on out here, please?
CYNDER: How come, Spyro?
SPYRO: Because Skye's here and says that he's finally found someone who's selling some seaweed today at the Warfang marketplace.
[Sebastian gasps upon hearing this.]
SEBASTIAN: He did?  Where can we find it?
SPYRO: That's where we're going today, Sebastian. (smiles)
SPARX: (weakly) Well, what are waiting for?  Let's get going already!
[After both dragons rolled their eyes in slight irritation, Spyro retreated outside, while Cynder positioned herself to let Sebastian jump onto her back while simultaneously holding Sparx in his upper extremities.  Cynder then progressed toward the entry way walking with moderate speed.]
SEBASTIAN: Aw you okay, Spawcks?
SPARX: (groans) Yeah…just give me a moment to rest.
SEBASTIAN: Okay…and I'm sorry if I hurt you by screaming like that, mawn.
SPARX: Hey, no worries, Sebastian.  I've been freaked out more times than I can even count.  So don't worry 'bout it and try not to do that again. (falls asleep)
[Sebastian only nodded with uncertainty riddled across his face without speaking, while Cynder smiled briefly as she listened to him and Sparx speaking together.  When Cynder reached and exited the door, Sebastian heard her give a brief gasp as she moved and positioned herself to the left parallel alongside her mate, Spyro.]
CYNDER: Hey there, Skye!
SKYE: Why hello, mademoiselle Cynder!
[Sebastian, upon hearing the voice ahead of Cynder, placed Sparx flat on his back against Cynder's scales and then approaches Cynder's neck base before sequentially leaning to the right (he remembers to grab hold of her neck prior to this).  Then Sebastian gasped slightly as he saw before him another dragon, Skye, who was a rather young looking dragon, possibly younger then Spyro and Cynder by a year and marginally smaller in size.  Skye looked similar to Spyro under the exception for the former possessing thinner body frame in addition to having a more square-shaped muzzle in comparison to latter's rounder one and larger head frills.  Skye was also an aquamarine dragon with a purple underbelly, wing-membranes, tail spike, and head frill in addition to having sky blue horns and eyes.  Other features on Skye's body included purple/navy blue swirls, one each on his shoulders, wings, and three more along his tail, in addition to having a checkered bracelet worn on one of his forearms.  As Sebastian observed these features on the air dragon, he also noticed that Skye's visage naturally expressed both pride and excitement.  Within the few seconds Sebastian fixed his gaze on Skye, the air dragon suddenly readjusted his visual toward the former and smiled.]
SKYE: Well now, who do we have here?
[Sebastian gasped and immediately hid himself behind Cynder's neck, to which her mate noticed, as Skye sequentially began gradually approaching in her direction (he was currently a few feet away from her).]
SPYRO: Skye, (motions head) this is our new friend, Sebastian.  And he's the one that needed seaweed.
SKYE: Hmm, I see.
[Skye eventually stopped close to Cynder and then positioned his head forward to his left of Cynder's neck for a closer inspection of the little red crab.  Upon observing how nervous Sebastian looked, Skye smiled and then lifted one forearm, with one claw protruding out, until it was an inch away from the former.]
SKYE: (whispers, excitedly) Hello, Sebastian.  My name is Skye, and it's very nice to meet you.
[Sebastian then leaned to his left again as he sequentially saw Skye's visage which displayed a most dashing smile.  Sebastian then recognized the manner in which the air dragon had extended his forepaw pointed at him and advanced his right open claw and gently griped one of talons, thus slowly shake the paws digit slowly.  Sebastian was smiling nervously as he did this.]
SEBASTIAN: (gulps) Um, please to meet you…Skye.
[Sebastian immediately released afterwards, while Skye lowered his forepaw, softly chuckling with amusement simultaneously for a moment.]
SKYE: Indeed.  So you're the one wanting seaweed, right?
SEBASTIAN: (nervously) Y-yes!  That's one of the things I've always eaten in my whole life.
SKYE: (chuckles, still smiling) Well, it just so happens that I found someone who is currently selling seaweed as we speak in the markets located within the southern area of Warfang's center. (places one forepaw on chest momentarily) And I'm going to personally guide you to precisely where that is, my little friend.
SPARX: So what are we all waiting for?!  Let's go already!
[All four are startled when they suddenly looked over to their right upward and saw Sparx hovering impatiently 6 feet from the edge of the balcony.  Sebastian, mouth gapped open, then looked back to where Sparx previously rested on Cynder's back.  He then returned his gaze back toward Sparx with a look of astonishment and slight irritation.]
SEBASTIAN: (slightly irritated) But…what arr you doin' up dere, Spawcks?!  You said you were takin' a nap, mawn!
SPARX: Hey, no worries!  It was only a cat nap.  So come on, don't just stand there like a trio of statues let's go somewhere already!  I mean it's boring as for us to—WHOA!
[As Sparx was babbling his mouth about, Skye, with a mischievous grin on his face, took off and quickly zoomed past Sparx leaving behind a brief, yet strong whirlwind.  This resulted in forcing Sparx to rotate 2-3 times within the whirlwinds left behind.  As Skye sequentially shouted, he steered to his right slightly heading west-northwest.]
SKYE: Come and catch me if you can, Sparky! (laughing)
SPARX: Hey!  Get back here!  I'm gonna get you for that!
[Sparx flew after Skye as he responded back.  While this occurred, Spyro and Cynder were already standing near the edge of the balcony and ready to ascend, while Sebastian nervously, yet tightly wrapped his arms around the black dragoness' neck.]
SPYRO: You ready, Cynder?
CYNDER: (sweetly) Always, Spyro.
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) I really hope I'm ready.
CYNDER: Hang on, Sebastian!
[While stating this, Cynder and her life-mate, Spyro, had already ascended into the air and followed Skye and Sparx toward direction of the Warfang marketplace.]

[Some minutes passed as the five ventured deeper into the center of Warfang.  Throughout the brief journey, Sebastian watched Skye and Spyro performing fantastic flight maneuvers to as they progressed (Sparx of course was frustrated over the whole affair).  The little crab then looked toward Cynder's graceful head.]
[Cynder swerved her head slightly, setting one of her beautiful emerald eyes on Sebastian.]
CYNDER: (tenderly) Yes, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: Um, what ah Spyro and Skye doing fiddling around over there?  Ah mean, shouldn't we be flyin' to de market like we're supposed to be doing?
CYNDER: (giggling) Don't worry about it, Sebastian.  It's just part of who Skye is, and I don't mind my dear Spyro having fun with him, as long as he doesn't hurt himself.  But I'm positive that Skye will get us there, after all, he's lead me and Spyro to the markets many times before.
SEBASTIAN: Well, okay.  I'll take yahr word at et. (sighs)
[With that, Cynder repositions her head forward as Sparx, flying above her and Sebastian, looks down and cups his hands around his mouth.]
SPARX: (shouts) Hey, come on, black beauty!  Join the fun why don't you?
SKYE: She's carrying a passenger, Sparx!  And I would prefer not to endanger Sebastian that way!
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) At least I'm grateful of Skye being considerate about my safety.
SPARX: Oh, come on, Skye!
SPYRO: Sparx, I'm afraid he's right, for if Cynder were to currently try maneuvering like that, Sebastian could slip and fall off.
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) He's definitely right about dat, man!
SPARX: Okay, fine! (mentally) Kill joy!
[Sparx then crossed his arms in frustration as he and other four flyers accompanying him progress in flight for the next minute.  Then everyone's attention turned to Skye as he shouted joyfully.]
SKYE: Look, my friends, we made it to the markets!  Now let's go down to land and I'll lead you four directly to where I found some seaweed!
[All five descended into the area where the markets were located]

[Some moments later]
[Skye, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and Sebastian, who was still perched on the black dragoness' back, were strolling through the market area, which was quite huge for its size.  As Skye led them through the traffic of the bazaar, Sebastian observed many various outdoor stores and tents where various sentient beings, including other dragons of various sizes, moles, anthro-felines, etc. were making deals, trades, bets, and purchases for whatever items they each desired.  They eventually stopped in front of a motionless cart of hay with a donkey supposedly pulling it and a sleepy mole as the driver.  Sparx sighed distressfully as he hovered above the beloved dragons Spyro and Cynder below him.]
SPARX: Oh, boy.  Just what we need: a traffic jam!  I mean seriously, there can't be anything more boring and dull than having wait long hours all because of some stupid hay cart.
SKYE: (muttering sulkily) Ugh!  I couldn't agree more, Sparx.
[While Sparx complained loudly, Sebastian relieved his grip around Cynder's neck and retreated a few steps along her beautiful back before looking up toward the dragonfly with an indignant expression on his red visage.]
SEBASTIAN: Are you kidding, mahn?  Ay've been stuck in trahffic jahms worse thahn dis whenevah blue whales blocked da way!
[Sparx, upon hearing Sebastian speaking, zoomed down to his level and looked at him just before the latter finished speaking]
SPARX: Whales?!  I mean come on, Sebastian, how does this have anything to do with whales?
SEBASTIAN: Everything, Spawcks!  Four if you must know, some of the massive whales I stumble into ah so slew, it sometimes takes at least hours even days—
SPARX: Days??!!  Hey, what are you talking about?  I mean where do you even come up with this gibberish?
SEBASTIAN: (infuriated) It's not gibberish, mahn!  Ay've seen et happen befoor in the ocean many times!
SPARX: (infuriated) Ocean—wha?!  Okay, now you've got me way mixed up here.  You're telling me that you've been to the ocean before?
SEBASTIAN: "Been to de ocean?"  I lived in the ocean for me whole life till I was pulled out of it and onto here mawn!
SPARX: Hey, you just…
SPYRO: Sparx, could you please stop that?
[Sebastian and Sparx looked forward and noticed that both Spyro and Cynder were both glancing in their direction.]
SPARX: Hey what do ya mean?  Stop what?
[Suddenly, a loud and piercing screech was heard nearby, which immediately echoed throughout the markets.  Many things occurred simultaneously: Cynder immediately screamed in fright, jumping slightly, to which her mate Spyro quickly responded by positioning himself next to her, thus enwrapping his tail around hers lovingly.  Both Sebastian and Sparx yelped frightfully as they sequentially embraced each other with their teeth clinched and trembling.  The same cart that blockaded them previously was seen moving hastily, with the donkey braying most horrifically in response to the terrifying screech heard a second earlier.]
SPYRO:  Are you okay, Cynder?
CYNDER: Yeah…just startled a bit, dear.
SPYRO: (smiles) Alright.
[Thus the dragon couple progressed forward, with their tails still beautifully entwined, right behind Skye as he continued leading them to their destination.  Sebastian and Sparx however were still embraced with looks of terror still on their faces and their eyes shut.]
SPARX: Is it over?
SEBASTIAN: I don't know, mahn.  I dare not even look.
SPARX: Okay then, let me take a peek. (opens one, gasps) Hey!
[At this moment, they both release from their embrace quickly with nervous and awkward looks on their visages as Sparx reversed his direction.]
SPARX: (awkward chuckle) Right, uh…if you'll excuse me.
[Sparx immediately hovered on over ahead toward Skye as Sebastian looked on.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Hmm.  Someding's definitely wrong wit him.
[He then progressed back to Cynder's neck base.]
[Sparx was slowly hovering beside Skye's head to the latter's right as they continued toward where he was leading them.  The dragonfly looked to his left and noticed that the air dragon had a proud and satisfied grin spread across his face.]
SPARX: Hey, Skye?
SKYE: Yeah, Sparky?
SPARX: Do you mind if--hey!  I thought I told not to call me Sparky!
SKYE: (sarcastically) You did not!
SPARX: Did--never mind!  What I wanted to ask you was if you heard loud screech all the sudden back there?
SKYE: Hmm.  Maybe.
SPARX: Hey, come on!  I could swear that it was--hey!  What was that for?!
SKYE: (casually) What was what?
SPARX: (suspiciously) Hey, man, don't give me that.  You know it--hey!
SKYE: Oh, so you're a horse now, huh Sparx? (chuckles lightly)
SPARX: (irritated) Hey, that's not even funny--hey!!!
[From behind, Spyro and his mate, Cynder, were softly giggling at what they were seeing: Skye was furtively and jocundly poking Sparx in the back with the tip of his right wing.  Even Sebastian himself found the situation humorous as he placed one claw over his mouth to hold back his laughter.  As the wonderful beloveds progressed, with their tails still entwined, Spyro leaned his head over to his beauteous black mate's.]
SPYRO: Think Sparx will really catch Skye poking him like that?
CYNDER: In a matter of time, I think so.
VOICE: Hey, Spyro, Cynder!
[The beloveds and Sebastian then rotated their gaze to their left and saw a red dragon running toward them from behind excitedly.  From what Sebastian observed, the red dragon was also a young dragon, at least a year younger than both Spyro and Cynder.  He also noticed that although he looked similar to Spyro in physique, with the exception of being slightly smaller with additional traits that included a more pointed snout and straighter horns.]
SPYRO: Hi, Flame!
CYNDER: Hi, Flame!
[Flame eventually slowed down to a walk as he positioned himself next to Spyro, with excitement on the former's face.  Sebastian remained silent and moderately nervous as Flame then spoke.]
FLAME: So whatcha guys doin'?
SPYRO: We're going to a place that sells seaweed.
FLAME: (perplexed) Seaweed?  Whatever for?
CYNDER: I can assure you, Flame that it's not for us.
FLAME: Okay, but who's--hey, who's that sitting near your neck, Cynder?
SEBASTIAN: (gasps, shivers)
[Flame then ascends slightly to reposition himself next to Cynder on the black dragoness' right side.  During this, Spyro looked toward Sebastian's direction with a comforting expression on his visage.]
SPYRO: (whispers) Don't worry, Sebastian, Flame's a really good friend of ours and he won't hurt you, I promise.
SEBASTIAN: Okee, Spyro.
[Spyro then readjusted his gaze forward but kept his right eye assuredly on Sebastian.]
[A second later, Flame descended and positioned himself to Cynder's right and then gazed at Sebastian curiously, whom the latter expressed a slightly nervous look upon his visage.]
FLAME: Hey there, I'm Flame.  What's yours?
SEBASTIAN: (high-pitched) Bastian! (clears throat, normal voice) My name is Sebastian.
FLAME: Now, let me get this straight: is it Bastian or Sebastian.
CYNDER: It's Sebastian, Flame.
FLAME: Oh!  Thanks, Cynder.
CYNDER: Anytime.
FLAME: Sure. (gasps slightly) Hey, are you the one needing seaweed?
SEBASTIAN: (gulps) Yes…that's correct.  I mean seaweed's one of the only things I eat.
FLAME: Whoa, you actually--
SPARX: Man!  You just get this guy to stop, can ya?!
[Sparx, was retreating to where he was previously hovering above and between the lovely dragon couple as he stated this.  The four below him fixated his gaze at him before Spyro and Cynder returned theirs forward.  Flame gazed forward and then returned it towards Sparx swiftly with a smirk on his face.]
FLAME: Problems with Skye again, Sparx?
SPARX: Yeah.  He keeps using the taps-somebody-on-the-back-without-them-noticing routine on me again.  I mean, man, it's just so annoying!
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) No doubt reminds me of Urchin.
FLAME: (softer) Hey, come on, Sparx!  You know how it's always in Skye's nature to be mischievous like that.
CYNDER: (softly) And besides, I think that Skye's way of saying that he likes you, Sparx.
SPARX: Hey, let me--huh?  You really think that--
SKYE: Okay, everybody!  We're here!
[Everybody looked forward and noticed that Skye had stopped right in a make-shift tent with a large sheet of canvas hanging over the front and was positioned flat against a large wall.  The entry way was quite large enough to fit at least 7 teenaged dragons.  Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Sebastian (still sitting on Cynder's back), and Flame gathered around the aquamarine air dragon, who maintained a cocky smile on his square muzzle.  Skye then looked sideways in both directions as he spoke.]
SKYE: Shall we?
[They all nodded and then approached forward, thus entering the tent.  Inside, there were various and mysterious items which Sebastian noticed.  Some were variously sized bottles containing eye balls, spiders, body parts of small animals, spider venom, snake venom, etc.  Other items that didn't fit in the bottles included skunks tails, witch hazel, the bones of smaller animals, etc.  Other items included various-sized candles that emitted strange scents when lit and piles of materials which included some containing foul stenches.  At the back of the store was a doorway with long strings of beads covering hanging down from the top.  Skye puffed out his chest and opened his muzzle.]
SKYE: (deep and operatic voice, yelling) Hazel!  O Haazeelll!!!
[As Skye spoke in this voice, both Sebastian and Sparx covered their ears for the moment.  Fifteen seconds later, all present heard an old and wrinkly feminine voice.]
HAZEL: Just a minute!  I'm coming!
[Thirty seconds later, the stringed beads were pushed aside as an elderly light green colored cheetah entered from the door way, wearing an ankle-length blue rope.  Sebastian particularly noticed that Hazel's eyes matched the color of her skin.]
HAZEL: (gasped) Why hello there, young and noble dragons. (bows courteously) And I must say that was a most marvelous voice performance you did there, Skye, you cheeky fellow you. (giggles)
SKYE: (normal voice, laughs) Why thank you. (smiles)
HAZEL: So what brings you all here to little store, hmm?
SPYRO: We're here for some seaweed, Hazel.
[The old female cheetah lifts one forepaw up to her chin thoughtfully.]
HAZEL: But…why do you want seaweed?  For if I recall, dragons don't actually eat sea--
SPARX: Ahem!
[Hazel's gaze shifts to Sparx, the latter hovering over Cynder and Sebastian.]
SPARX: The seaweed, first of all, it's not for the dragons, it's for our main man Sebastian here, thank you.
[As if on cue, the lovely black dragoness approaches forward a few paces as Hazel gasps in noticing Sebastian still perched near Cynder's neck base.]
HAZEL: (to Sebastian) So you're the one they call Sebastian, eh?
[As Hazel spoke, Sebastian gasped slightly and then nodded when the former finished her question.  His eyes then grew wide when he noticed Hazel approaching him slowly until she was standing right beside Cynder.  The old female then bent over and placed out her open palm before the little red crab.]
HAZEL: Now, don't be shy, I won't hurt you, Sebastian.
[After a second of hesitation, Sebastian dismounted from Cynder and timidly positioned himself onto Hazel's palm.  The old feline then straightened up and then lifted Sebastian until they were at eye level with each other.]
HAZEL: Your friend Spyro here has told me that are looking for some seaweed, correct?
SEBASTIAN: (trepidly) Well, um, yes actually.
HAZEL: And what for?
SEBASTIAN: Because…(gulp) I actually eat seaweed.  Its part of my diet since I've lived in da ocean all me whole life.
HAZEL: Oh, well that makes a difference there, doesn't it?  Tell you what, deary, why don't you and your friends wait outside and I'll check to see if I can find some seaweed in stock.
[As the elderly feline stated this, she gently placed Sebastian back onto Cynder's back.  She then turned toward and approached the back entry but turned back toward Sebastian for a moment as she sequentially spoke.]
HAZEL: You're lucky to be with Spyro and Cynder, Sebastian.  For you'll never find another dragon couple that is as loving, gentle, caring, or compassionate as them.
[She then repositioned her gaze back toward the door way and entered.  Sebastian, Sparx, and the four dragons with them then exited the shop and positioned themselves close to a street corner in which Hazel's tent was located, with both Spyro and Cynder sitting together, their tails lovingly entwined.]
SPYRO: Sparx?
SPARX: Yeah, bro?
SPYRO: Could you please stand watch at the front of the tent and inform us when Hazel comes back the seaweed?
SPARX: Sure, why not?
[Sparx then zooms over to where Spyro asked him to position himself in front of the tent entrance.  The four dragons positioned in this manner: Spyro and Cynder were still sitting next to each other with their tails lovingly entwined, while across from them sat Skye and Flame, who were positioned away from each other in a triangular manner with the gorgeous dragon couple.  Sebastian noticed that Skye was tapping one of his forepaws on the ground.]
SEBASTIAN: Um, excuse Skye.
SKYE: Yes, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: Um, I want—oh, Spyro, could you please help me down?
SPYRO: Sure thing, Sebastian.
[Spyro lifted one forepaw to Sebastian, allowing him to dismount from the former's beautiful black mate, before setting him down on the ground.  Then Sebastian slowly approached Skye as he spoke and motioned a few gestures with his arms and claws to which the latter fixated his gaze at the former.]
SEBASTIAN: I just want to graciously thank you for being so kind in finding me some seaweed.  I really appreciate it man.
[As he spoke, Sebastian eventually stopped a few inches in front of Skye's stretched-out forepaws.]
SKYE: (smiles) Hey, it was my pleasure, Sebastian!  I'd do anything, and I mean anything for my friends.
SEBASTIAN: Well...okay.
[Sebastian partially hung his head dolefully as he then rotated his gaze toward dragon couple behind him and approached them.]
FLAME: (concerned) Hey, what's wrong, Sebastian?
[Although Sebastian remained silent when he reached Spyro's out-stretched forepaws he immediately rotated his body until he looked up at Flame showing a dolor facial expression.  Seconds later, the little red crab then looked behind Spyro as the latter spoke directly at Flame.]
SPYRO: Flame, there is something you must know about Sebastian: he's not really from here.
FLAME: But I thought Sebastian said he was from the ocean?
[As the three dragons conversed about Sebastian, they were gazing at each other and away from Skye's direction.  The aquamarine air dragon grinned mischievously as the others progressed speaking.</b>]
CYNDER: He is, Flame, but Sebastian isn't from any oceans around here or anywhere else in Dragon Realms.
FLAME: So you're saying that Sebastian--AHH!!!!!!
[Flame was utterly interrupted by a sudden and loud screech (lasted for 2 seconds), which caused him and the other three to jump, yelp, and scream simultaneously.  When the screeching stopped Flame was standing all fours while he, Spyro, Cynder, and Sebastian inhaling heavily when they suddenly fixed their gaze at Skye, who was laughing intensely while he remained prostrate.  Flame then approached Skye with a smirk on his face as the Skye continued laughing.]
FLAME: Wow, Skye!  That was a wicked screech you did there.
SKYE: (laughing) I know, right?
SPARX: (mentally) And most people think I'm weird!
[Then all four dragons present burst out laughing as Flame retreated to his previous spot.  Sebastian of course facially expressed confusion at the occurrence of Skye's prank until he remembered something Flame mentioned earlier.]
[At this point, Skye's and everyone else's laughter was decreasing to a more controllable level as the air dragon looked toward Sebastian.]
SKYE: (laughing slightly) Yes-he-he-he, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: (nervously) How was it dat you did dat, man?
SKYE: Did what?
SEBASTIAN: (awkwardly) Um, well…you know, um…I--
CYNDER: I think he's referring to how you screeched, Skye.
SKYE: Oh, that!  Well, Sebastian…
[Skye then lifts himself up on all fours before he sat back on his haunches.]
SKYE: …since I am an air dragon, I am able to use the air I breath to change my voice slightly.  For example (Gilbert Gottfried imitation) I can change it from being a very high-pitched voice (normal) or (deep voice) I can also make myself sound like a big tough guy!
SEBASTIAN: (gasps)
SKYE: But then again I'd prefer sounding like this: (hysterically high-pitched) ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
SEBASTIAN: (gasps with a yelp)
[While Sebastian cringed slightly from Skye's silliness the other three dragons present were chuckling most heartily.  During this moment, Spyro and Cynder were still gazing at Sebastian as the latter reached out her forepaw and patted the little red crab on the head tenderly.]
CYNDER: Don't worry, Sebastian.  Skye just does it for fun.
SEBASTIAN: (panting, to Cynder) Tanks, I appreciate it, Cyndah. (to Skye) But isn't there some other wee of having fun without scaring the crab cakes out of somebody, mahn?
FLAME: I'm afraid not, Sebastian.  That's part of who Skye is or otherwise he'd just be sitting around bored all day.
SKYE: Yep, it's true, Sebastian.  And believe me, if there's one thing I really hate, it's being bored from having nothing to do.  And believe me you do not want to see me when I don't have something to do.  For when I do, I tend to become really impatient, desperately wanting to do something until--OOF!
[Suddenly, out of nowhere, a flash of blue from above tackled Skye, sending them rolling in Flame's direction, whom the latter barely managed to dodge before it stopped where he previous laid.  Simultaneously, Sebastian let out a piercing cry as Spyro and his beautiful life-mate, Cynder drew the crab close to each other and covered themselves with their wings. A second or two later, Skye found himself fully prostrate and that he was pressed down by something heavy when he then heard intensely joyous giggling.  Spyro and his life-mate Cynder then withdrew their wings back as they released the timid Sebastian before getting up.  As they approached Skye's current position, the dragon couple gasped in amazement and joy while Sebastian gasped with astonishment at the identity of the air dragon's attacker.]
FLAME: Whoa!  That was so wicked in how glomped Skye, Blue!
SKYE: (obnoxiously) Yeah!  Like the 700th time now!
BLUE: (giggles) 722, silly!
[Sebastian witnessed Blue getting off Skye, as he sequentially spoke while arising to his feet.]
SKYE: That just means that I'll get to glomp you next time, doesn't it?
BLUE: Yeah! (laughs)
[Blue then turned in the direction of the Sebastian and the dragon couple.  Sebastian then gasp in amazement upon observing Blue, for she as a young (at least the same age as Skye) blue dragoness with pink underbelly and wing membranes with an inverted heart-shaped tail-spade, pink horns that curved backwards sharply in addition to wearing a pink necklace with a blue hook hanging from the middle.  She also possessed pink crescent markings that were on her arms and legs in addition to having glamorous pink hair and sparkling pink eyes.  Upon seeing the lovely dragon couple before her, Blue gasped with excitement and delightfully approached them.]
BLUE: (excitedly) Hi, Spyro!  Hi, Cynder!
SPYRO and CYNDER: Hey, Blue!
[The moment the dragon couple greeted Blue, Sebastian noticed that she managed to stop where here the claws on her forepaws were positioned only a few inches from him.]
BLUE: (delightfully) So how was your honeymoon?
SPYRO: It was great, Blue.
CYNDER: And we loved it!
[Cynder then lovingly nuzzles her purple life-mate's neck for a moment.]
BLUE: Well, I'm glad that--(gasps) Hey, what's that?
SEBASTIAN: (brief gasp)
[Sebastian then observed as Blue, whose brilliant pink eyes constantly fixated on the little crab before her, crouching down onto her belly to where her she was eye-level with him, while Spyro sequentially spoke.]
SPYRO: This is Sebastian, Blue.  He's been staying with me and Cynder for the past two days.
[Sebastian was already trembling and smiling nervously when Spyro finished.  The little red crab began sweating as he spoke and gazed into the brilliance of Blue's pink eyes.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Wow!  She's a very pretty dragoness, mahn! (nervously) Heh-heh it's…um, nice to, uh (clears throat) meet you…Blue.
[Blue giggles heartily, which causes Sebastian to facially express confusion.]
SEBASTIAN: (perplexed) Um, what's so funny?
BLUE: (giggles) Oh, nothing.  It's just that I've never spoken to a cute talking little red crab before. (giggles)
[Sebastian started blushing intensely upon hearing this, thus placing his left claw behind his back (momentarily) embarrassingly and giving an awkward smile.]
SEBASTIAN: (chuckles awkwardly) Well…I…(gasps)
[Sebastian noticed that Blue licked lips with her tongue thus causing him to retreat backwards slightly as he trembled with his eyes wide with terror, teeth clinched, and crab claws placed upon his mouth.  Blue's facial features then shifted to a look of concern and perplexity.]
BLUE: What's wrong?
[Sebastian didn't respond and remained still as a statue, with terror written upon his face. Then everyone present shifted their gaze to Sebastian's left as they heard someone speaking.]
SPARX: Hey, don't worry!  He's just worried about whether or not one of you guys would eat and stuff!
SPYRO: (sternly) SPARX!
SPARX: What?!  I'm just sayin'!
[The dragonfly suddenly gasped when he received a hard glare from Blue and thus turned toward the opposite direction.  Blue then adjusted her gaze toward Sebastian and noticed that he had his head dolefully hanging downward and his limbs hanging downward.  The blue and pink dragoness then facially expressed both perplexity and sympathy toward the little red crab as the latter lifted his head with his face expressed sadness.  As Sebastian sequentially spoke, he slowly approached Blue before he stopped a few inches from the end of her snout.]
SEBASTIAN: Sorry about dat, Blue.  It's dat…well sometimes I--
BLUE: Oh, it's alright Sebastian, it's just a bit of a misunderstanding.  Besides, (giggles) do I look someone who would eat you?
[Sebastian gazed into Blue's sparkling pink eyes for a moment before he answered.]
SEBASTIAN: No, you wouldn't.
[Sebastian then observed Blue smiling widely.  And before he knew what was happening, Sebastian gasped as he found himself pulling toward Blue as she then held him close to her cheek in a hug.]
BLUE: There, there, Sebastian.  There's no need to be afraid of me.  I promise that no one here will ever eat you.
[As Blue spoke Sebastian glanced at Spyro and Cynder for a moment and noticed that they both gave him reassuring smiles to him.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) I dink she's right, mawn.  After all, Cyndah already confirmed to me that none of the other dragons eat ones such as meself.  Perhaps I just ovahreacted and I forgot about dat.  Maybe--
[Sebastian suddenly gasped as he noticed, from his visual, that everything turning upside-down before finding himself looking upward at the sky.  Sebastian then realized that Blue had flipped on her back and spread out her hind legs while she held Sebastian to her chest with the palms of both her forepaws (Spyro and Cynder at this point have already backed up two paces when she rolled over), while he listened to her beautifully soft breathing.  She also head inclined in reverse and both her eyes closed.  After a few seconds, Sebastian gave out a small nervous chuckle.]
SEBASTIAN: (nervously) Um, are you sure that this is necessary, Blue?  I mean it seems rather embarrassin' to havin' bein' given such special treatment like dis.
BLUE: (giggles) Oh, there's no need to feel embarrassed, Sebastian.  I'm doing this as a way of expressing that you are always welcome here in Warfang or anywhere else that dragons live.
SEBASTIAN: Well…thank you very much, Blue.
BLUE: Oh, you're most welcome, Sebastian.  I really hope you'll--(begins laughing, which increases in intensity)
[Sebastian then suddenly felt himself trembling as Blue's chest vibrating while she laughed uncontrollably.  As he sequentially spoke, Sebastian began raising his head upward.]
SEBASTIAN: Wh-what's going on, Blue?  Why ah--(gasps)
[What Sebastian observed was that Skye was sitting on his hunches to Blue's right using his fore-claws to tickle her abdominal area.  Sebastian also noticed that Skye had a most devilish and mischievously smile across his visage.  But before he could vocally protest, Sebastian noticed that Blue's forepaws loosened pressure upon him and fell sides-ways onto the floor.  During this, one of Blue's claws accidentally caught on to one of the red crab's legs and flung him to her right.  Sebastian then screamed as he was flung into the air across a few feet before he suddenly found himself held in midair by a pair of forepaws.  Sebastian suddenly noticed that the one holding him was none other than Spyro, who had a look of concern on his visage and was hovering over the ground between his life-mate Cynder and Flame, who were surprised to see him there.  Both approached Spyro as he quickly set himself on the floor and gently placed Sebastian down.]
SEBASTIAN: (astonished) Spyro…H-how did you do that if you were over dere?
[Sebastian was pointing over toward Spyro's previous position.  Cynder and Flame were already positioned close to Sebastian to where they were looking down at him (the former was next to Spyro).]
FLAME: Oh, come on, Sebastian!  It's really simple: as a purple dragon, Spyro has the ability of time control.
SEBASTIAN: (confused) Um…time control?  What's dat, mawn?
SPYRO: It's an ability I have where I am able to stop or slow down all of time around me.
SEBASTIAN: (confused) Hmm…I still don't undahstand, mawn.  How is dat even possible?
CYNDER: (chuckling) We may have to explain that one to you later, Sebastian.
SEBASTIAN: How come, Cyndah?
SPARX: Hello!  We came here for your sea…whatever you call it or something.  And should have been back with it by now but it seems she's just taking her sweet time to get it!
HUNTER'S VOICE: That's because you still don't know her very well, Sparx.
[All three dragons, Sprax, and Sebastian turned around to see Hunter standing behind them, while Skye remained beside Blue as he continued giving her a tickle attack.]
FLAME: Hey there, Hunter!  It's good to see you!
[The dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder, had facial expressions of joy and delight when they saw Hunter present.]
HUNTER: Likewise, Flame.  And the same to both of you as well, Spyro and Cynder.  And I assume that you must be the one called Sebastian, correct?
[Sebastian immediately realized that Hunter was addressing him looked up at the cheetah warrior and then portrayed a nervous look on his face as the latter approached the former.]
SEBASTIAN: (nervously) Um, yes.  But how is it that you know about me?
HUNTER: It came from a message I received from Chief Prowlus yesterday, which involved your current situation about returning to your home.
[As Hunter spoke, Sebastian eventually stopped right in front of Hunter with both Spyro and his life-mate, Cynder right behind him.  The red crab took a quick glance at each of them, both of whom gave Sebastian a reassuring smile before refocusing on Hunter, who continued speaking.]
HUNTER: I've also been informed that you are currently searching for some seaweed on account that's one of the things you eat, which is why I came here to Hazel's location to help purchase it.
VOICE: And I was the one who told him about that.
[Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Sparx and Sebastian gazed at Hunter's left as a blue dragon emerged from that side and stood beside the cheetah warrior.  Sebastian observed that this same dragon's horns had the distinct appearance as if they were composed of ice.]
SPYRO, CYNDER, and FLAME: Hi, Glacier!
GLACIER: Hi, Spyro, Cynder, and Flame!  And you must be Sebastian, right?
[Sebastian gasped slightly when Glacier spoke to him.  He then looked into the ice dragon's visage before speaking in a moderately nervous tone in his voice.]
SEBASTIAN: Um, yes…actually.
[Glacier expressed a look of puzzlement on his visage for a second before Cynder spoke.]
CYNDER: Sorry 'bout that, Glacier.  He's just a bit nervous.
GLACIER: Hey, it's cool, Cynder.
SPYRO: But there's something that puzzles me: how did you know that Sebastian needed seaweed, Glacier?  Because I don't recall telling anyone else about—
GLACIER: Well if you must know, it was Skye who told me and--OH!
[As if right on cue, Skye (who was smiling mischievously) furtively glomped Glacier from behind as they both sequentially fell sideways onto the floor on their left.  Everyone present (except for Sebastian) laughed at this humorous occurrence for a few seconds, including Skye and Glacier.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Hmm.  He definitely reminds me of Urchin when he was younger.
SKYE: So what did you think of that one, Glacier.
GLACIER: That was awesome!
[While speaking to each other, Skye and Glacier managed to get themselves back on their feet.]
BLUE: Hunter!
[After approaching Hunter, Blue stood up on her hind legs and gave the cheetah warrior a hug around his waist.  Hunter chuckled delightfully as he embraced her for a few seconds.]
HUNTER: It's good to see you as well, Blue.
[They both released and then everyone huddled together as Hunter progressed speaking to Sebastian.  Throughout the discussion, Hunter was gazing down directly at Sebastian.</b>]
HUNTER: Now, Sebastian, there is something I want to inform you about, for it involves your sudden appearance into our world.  I've heard that the Guardians have been making immediate preparations to further investigate your dilemma.  However, please remember that this may take some time on account that…
[Blue suddenly gasped in horror and raised a forearm in the forward direction.]
BLUE: Sprax!
[Everybody turned in the direction Blue was pointing toward and all gasped when they saw a small hooded figure with wings dashing off while holding something that glowed (he was already 200 feet past Sparx's previous location).]
SPARX: Hey!  Somebody help me!  I'm being kidnapped!
[In an instant, the gorgeous dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder, in addition to the other dragons immediately ascended into the air after their the little thief.  Within seconds, Sebastian suddenly found himself flung upward and right onto Flame's neck base, to which the little crab held on firmly with his arms as the former ascended.  Moments later, all six dragons were flying a few hundred feet above the markets as they continued pursuing the miniature kidnapper (or in this case bug-napper).  Sebastian was perplexed at where the bug-nabber was located below.]
SEBASTIAN: Where is he exactly, mawn?
FLAME: He's a bit ahead us, Sebastian and is apparently faster than…Sebastian?!  What are you doing on top of me?
SEBASTIAN: I-I don't likely know, mawn! One minute I found myself lifted upward and then here ay am on your back.  Hey, what's Cyndah doin' dere?
[As Sebastian stated this, Flame looked in the forward direction to see Cynder taking a sharp descent from where she was previously positioned next to her life-mate, Spyro.]
FLAME: Hmm.  I'm not sure, little buddy?  Let's go ask Spyro and find out.
[At this point, the dragons began circling in flight and Flame eventually managed to position himself alongside Spyro's right side.]
FLAME: Hey, Spyro, what was Cynder doing?
SPYRO: She descended before using her Shadow powers to help find the one who kidnapped Sparx more easily.
[During this conversation, Sebastian noticed something on Spyro's neck that surprised and perplexed him: two slight, yet deep marks that formed an oval-like shape.  This also made the little crab gasp slightly and softly.]
SPEBASTIAN: (mentally) I don't remembah seein' dat dere on Spyro's neck some days ago. Where did dat come from anyhow?  And why is it dare?
[The discussion progressed as these thoughts echoed through Sebastian's mentality.]
SPYRO: Then once she finds out where he's going, Cynder will immediately indicate it with her signal.
FLAME: That sounds like a plan to me, buddy.
SPYRO: Thank you--
[Spyro's eyes widen slightly when he observed that Sebastian was positioned on Flame's neck base.  Sebastian quickly realized this and expressed a surprising look on his visage.]
SEBASTIAN: Uh, please don't be angry, Spyro!  I can assure you that earnestly didn't intend to--
SPYRO: (chuckles) It's alright, Sebastian. (more seriously) Just be sure to not fall off, alright?
SEBASTIAN: (gulps) Okee, Spyro.
FLAME: Don't worry, Spyro.  I'll make sure Sebastian doesn't fall.
SKYE: And I'll ensure to catch him in case he falls.
GLACIER: You can count me in on that!
BLUE: And me as well!
[With that, the group of young dragons continued circling in flight as they awaited the signal Cynder would give them.  After a few minutes, Sebastian turned to Spyro's direction while he still managed to hold on to Flame's neck.]
SPYRO: Yes, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: If you don' mind me askin', mawn, why is et dat Sparx called you brothah?  I mean neither of you don' evan look like brothahs from how I see it.
[Spyro chuckled heartily at this before he gazed back at Sebastian and Flame, with his heart-warming smile present upon his visage.]
SPYRO: He's actually my half-brother, Sebastian.  Along with my mate, Cynder, and the Guardians,  and many others, Sparx has been one of the most important people in my life.
FLAME: Despite all the jokes he makes.
SPYRO: Indeed.
[All five dragons present burst out laughing, while Sebastian remained silent.  The little red crab then gasped loudly and pointed in an outward direction.]
SEBASTIAN: (shouting) Look!  I see something over dere!
[Sure enough, all five dragons saw a column of a black fire at least three city blocks away to the eastern direction.]
SPYRO: That's got to be Cynder.  Come on!
[With that, Spyro and those presently accompanying him followed as he flew towards Cynder's current location.  Moments later they observed that Cynder ascended and was approaching them until they eventually stopped in front of each other, hovering.]
CYNDER: He's heading toward the Market's Eastern Plaza and he's still carrying Sparx with him.
SPYRO: Well done, dear.
[Spyro approached his beautiful black life-mate and kissed her gently on the cheek.]
FLAME: So what now?  Any plan to catch him and save Sparx?
SPYRO: We'll have to head him off!  Cynder dear, I want to you use your Shadow powers to get ahead of him.  From there, you'll be able to block him from entering the plaza while the others and I ambush him from behind and rescue Sparx.
CYNDER: That I can do, Spyro.
SPYRO: Excellent.  Now let's go!
[With that, they all took launched forward in flight in pursuit of Sparx's kidnapper.  After a few minutes of flight, Cynder then noticed that Sebastian was perched atop Flame's neck base. She looked toward her handsome purple mate curiously.]
CYNDER: Spyro, how exactly did Sebastian become perched atop Flame's neck?
SPYRO: I'm not exactly sure, Cynder…but now that you remind me, I suspect that someone threw him onto Flame's back while we were in the middle of taking off.
CYNDER: Hmm.  Well I just hope that he'll be careful while flying on Flame.
FLAME: It's okay, Cynder!  We'll watch out for him in case he falls.
[Sebastian, however, felt very nervous and doubtful at this moment.]
SEBASTIAN: Oh, what good could I do when I'm just sitting on another dragon's back out of me own safety, mawn?  I'll probably mess up like all those others times like when--
SKYE: Look!  There he is!
[The dragons looked to their right to see the same hooded and winged figure continuing down the street at a fast pace, although Sparx was not visible at the moment.  At the same time, the group of dragons came to where this same street was apparently elevated by a three-story wall.  If you looked to the left of that, down below, you'd see buildings rising at a height of two stories from that same lower level.  As it just so happens, Spyro, his life-mate Cynder, and the other dragons accompanying them were flying over these same buildings while remaining close to the upper level's edge.  The moment Skye shouted and indicated where he saw the kidnapper, Cynder dived into a near-by shaded area and used her Shadow powers to blend in with them.  She then progressed ahead of the kidnapper to cut him off at the Plaza entrance.]
SPYRO: (mentally) Be careful, my beloved. (aloud) Alright, everyone!  We must distract the kidnapper to ensure that Cynder get's ahead of him!
[All dragons present nodded in agreement as they sequentially followed Spyro to a slight descent.  Glacier then suddenly gasped as he noticed something from the hooded figure they were chasing.]
GLACIER: Be careful, guys!  That hooded jerk's got a crossbow!
[Then every dragon gasped when they observed that the hooded figure removed his hood, thus revealing his visage which looked exactly like a rat's head.  He then prepared to fire his loaded cross bow.]
SEBASTIAN: (gasps) Spyro!  Look owt!
[At that moment, Spyro heard a faint twang and quickly noticed the approaching arrow aimed at him.  Spyro then used his time control powers to move out of the arrow's path, thus allowing it to pass by him safely.  Sebastian gasped in surprise and astonishment.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) He must have used that time control ding he mentioned earliah!
[A minute or two later, the kidnapper fired another shot at Spyro, who dodged it once more with his time powers.  When the kidnapper prepared his third shot, he decided to aim it at Flame's head.  When he fired, many things happened at once: Flame ducked his head lower to dodged, almost forgetting the little red crab positioned on his neck base.  Sebastian, upon seeing the oncoming arrow, jumped aside and barely missed it by an inch.  Little did Sebastian realize that he utterly jumped off of Flame and began falling into the depths of the lower level below.]
[Hearing Sebastian's scream, Blue, who was positioned right behind Flame, quickly descended after him.]
BLUE: Hold on, Sebastian, I'm coming!
[As the blue dragoness edged closer to the rapidly descending crab, Sebastian then disappears into one of the alley ways below.  Glacier of course stopped at a hover above the alley way on account that it was too small for him to fit inside while in flight.]
BLUE: (shouts) Sebastian?  Where are you?
[After a brief moment of silence, there was a reply.]
SEBASTIAN: I right here, Blue!  I'm hanging on the edge of a window sill.
BLUE: Can you pull yourself up?
SEBASTIAN: I'll try. (grunts) Okay, I'm up now.  Go and help rescue Spawcks!
BLUE: But what about you, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: Don't worry, I'll be fine, Blue.  Just be sure to come bawk when you rescue him, okee?
[The beauteous blue dragoness hesitated for a moment before she sighed.]
BLUE: Okay, I'll be back to help you as soon as I find and electrocute the one who dared to kidnap Sparx.
[Blue spoke with intense anger when she stated that last part of her statement.  She then flew off to return pursuing the kidnapper with the others, while Sebastian gazed upward.]
SEBASTIAN: Well, it looks like I'll have to wait till then.

[Twenty minutes have passed since the kidnapper used his fourth and last shot, which was aimed at Flame again.  Glacier, however, countered with an Ice shot, which cancelled the arrow's path, thus causing it fall to the ground.  By the end of that time period, the kidnapper had almost reached the Plaza entrance when suddenly Cynder jumped out from the Shadows, surprising him unexpectedly.  The black dragoness was snarling at him venomously with poison dripping from her muzzle.]
CYNDER: (savagely) You have something that you've stolen from me and my mate, Spyro.
[Cynder observed that the rat-faced villain had an enclosed sack in his right hand and then drew out a small dagger with his left hand with a look of defiance on his visage, baring his teeth savagely.]
KIDNAPPER: Then you'll have to take him back from me, dragoness!
[Suddenly, there was am loud shriek from above, which frightened the rat-like creature so much, he threw up the sack into the air.  Seconds later, the strange creature suddenly found his feet frozen to the floor by a patch of ice.  He then suddenly gasped when he noticed that Spyro was standing right beside his black mate, Cynder, with the sack held by his jaws.  To make things worse for the now trapped kidnapper, he found himself surrounded by Flame, Glacier, Skye, and Blue, all of whom had expressions of intense anger on their visages.  He then smiled before suddenly before he fell limp onto the stone floor.  All six dragons present were perplexed by this until Skye stepped forward to inspect him.  Then suddenly, Spyro felt something struggling inside the sack he was holding, thus causing him to put it down softly.]
CYNDER: Do you suppose Sparx could be in there, Spyro?
SPYRO: Maybe.  Let's find out.
[Spyro gently and carefully opened the sack to reveal his brother Sparx crawling out, panting heavily.  The golden dragonfly then fluttered up into the air.]
SPARX: Phew!  Thank's Spyro!  I cannot tell you how much I nearly suffocated in that rotten and smelly sack that freak stuffed me into!
SPYRO: You're welcome Sparx.
[He turned to his mate, Cynder smiling lovingly.]
SPYRO: Thank you, Cynder.
CYNDER: You're welcome, Spyro.
[The dragon couple spent the next 15 seconds amorously nuzzling each other.  They stopped suddenly when Skye stated something vital.]
SKYE: This one here's dead, Spyro.  I smelt the poison he ingested.
[Skye was referring to the dead kidnapper.  They all approached the corpse slowly and noticed that he looked like a large rat with wings.]
GLACIER: Who or what is he?
BLUE: Whatever he is, I'm glad he killed himself.  After what he nearly did to Sebastian, I think--(gasps)
[All others present gasped suddenly when Blue mentioned Sebastian, and then they looked toward her.]
SPYRO: Did you see what happened to him, Blue?
BLUE: I'll explain on the way.  Now come on!
[She and the other five dragons immediately ascended to find Sebastian.  Glacier, of course, placed the dead corpse of the kidnapper on his back before he ascended.]

I do seriously apologize for the long delay, but I had many side tracks and struggles with demotivation (I'm still having trouble with them internally and could seriously use some help with them).
Now who do you suppose was the mysterious one that kidnapped Sparx.? And for what evil and heinous purpose? We shall see as we progress in the story.

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Glacier belongs to :iconjsonic50000:

Sebastian belongs to :icondisneyplz:

Hazel and the thief belong to me

All other characters present belong to :iconsierraplz:

TRIVIA: Which wicked cartoon character did I name Hazel after?
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