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Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan, the Great Lion: Part Four

[The young dragon couple, Spyro and Cynder stood before Aslan on Half Dome's summit as they admirably gazed upon His glorious face as it's golden aura seem to shine with unsurpassable glory and majesty.]
ASLAN: Dear beloveds…much delight has been brought with your presence here in this world.  But now…it is time for you to return to your home world.  But before you depart, I have commandments to give you, ones that both of you are to withhold and obey in your hearts for the rest of your joyous lives together.  For I promise you that there will be many tribulations and trials that both of you will endure together for the rest of your lives.  And in order to survive, you will need to obey these commandments I will provide for you faithfully.  First, as mates, you must ensure to always remain loyal, faithful, honest, and loving to one another in the love you have for each other.  Second, you must not let anything or anyone interferes or disturbs the loving bond you both share and cherish.  Third: you must always, always be thankful for each other and to me for all the things I have done for you, during your past, your present life, and the things to come.  Then, whenever you are in times of trouble or in great need you may always call upon me in my name and I will hear and answer you regardless of how far or near you are from me.  And most of all you are to raise your future offspring and those who come after them to live in peace in prosperity.  And when you've returned to your world, please tell others about what you have seen and experienced here in this world along with what I have told you as well.  Now…is there something either of you would want to ask of me before you depart back to your own world?
[Spyro and Cynder looked at each other for a moment before they refocused their gaze upon the magnificent High King of All Kings.]
CYNDER: Aslan…will Spyro and I ever return here someday?
ASLAN: Yes, you both will.  But it will only be for only a visit.  For there is something else I want to inform you about: there are others, many others, who live here on this planet as their home, just as you do on yours, whom I also love dearly and watch over.  Many of them have come to believe that dragons do not actually exist.  Their hearts are blinded to the truth because that is what they have been told to believe.  They are not ready to encounter you yet.  And although the planet we are standing on is quite similar to yours, it lacks the very Spirit Gems you and other dragons require to replenish yourselves.  Now is there anything either of you would like to ask of me?
SPYRO: There is one I have to ask, Lord Aslan: will we be able to call upon you whenever Cynder and I need help from you, even when we're far away?
ASLAN: Absolutely, Spyro, for as I have said before, I will be able to hear you wherever you and your mate Cynder may be, whether it be far or nearby.  All you need to do is call out my name and I will come to answer.  And I assure you, Spyro that I'll be there to help you and your mate endure any tribulations you will endure in your lives together.  This I greatly promise.
SPYRO: Thank you Aslan.  Thank you so very much for what you've done for both me and Cynder.
CYNDER: And we're definitely grateful that you will always be there for us, Aslan.  Thank you very much.
[Both of the dragon beloveds bowed for a moment in reverence.]
ASLAN: That is good to hear from you, young beloveds.  And now…it is time.
[Then Aslan rotated His body until He stopped to face the Northwest direction.  Then, strongly thrusting His head forward, Aslan unleashed an utterly intense roar, loud enough to seemingly shatter the planet Earth.  Instantly, Spyro and his mate Cynder witnessed something shine in that same direction on the other side of Yosemite Valley, which grew into a portal similar to the one they originated from yesterday.  Then Aslan turned his vision toward the dragon couple with a facial expression of joy and compassion.]
ASLAN: This portal will take you straight back to your home world and will exit directly into the city of Warfang.  Once there, you will find four others who are waiting for your return and once you have found them, please ensure to tell them everything you have seen here in this world and what I have told you.
[Both dragon beloveds nodded reverently and approached Aslan, sequentially stood on their hind legs and embraced his beautiful golden mane with their forearms.]
SPYRO, CYNDER: (mentally) We love you, Aslan.
ASLAN: (whispers gently) And I love you too, my children.
[They then released their embrace and looked in the direction of the portal.  After taking a few steps forward, the couple spread each of their wings and ascended into the air from where they both previously stood on Half Dome.  Spyro and Cynder then spent the next few minutes flying over and across the Valley as they joyously thought of the bright and beautiful future that awaited them together.  When they glanced at each other for a moment, the two mates exchanged intimately loving smiles to each other, sequentially looked back forward and entered the portal back to their home.]

[Location: Dragon Realms, Warfang.]
[Upon returning to Warfang, Spyro and his mate Cynder reunited with the four that Aslan mentioned, who were Sparx, Flash, Nina, and Hunter.  As they greeted each other warmly, Spyro and Cynder learned that mysteriously, a week had passed in their home world, which perplexed. The couple and their friends then all proceeded joyously toward the Dragon Temple in Warfang.  After receiving another gracious welcome from the Guardians (including the new Fire Guardian after Ignitus), which included some gibberish from Volteer, Spyro and his life-mate, Cynder, spent an hour or so describing what they both experienced when they went to meet Aslan.  The couple told them about the other world they ventured into, their first encounter with Aslan, the majesty and beauty of Yosemite Valley and the surrounding area, and everything the Great Lion had told them (including the answers He provided involving Cynder's nightmare).  Throughout the recalling of events involving the couple's two-day journey, the Guardians, Flash, Nina, Sparx, and Hunter listened with full attention and observation.  When Spyro and Cynder concluded their narrative, the Guardians, Hunter, and the dragonflies were not only joyous that Cynder and her mate had found the answers about her nightmares, but also felt ecstatic about Aslan, the one who provided them.  For they utterly realized that since it was Aslan who had will those events to happen with the young dragon couple in Yosemite, it was also by His divine will that the couple defeated Malefor and saved their world from his destruction of it, ultimately beginning a new age of peace.  When the narrations of Spyro and Cynder's meeting with Aslan were declared all over Warfang, most of the city's populace rejoiced throughout the day.  Later that night, Spyro and his life-mate Cynder slept joyfully and peacefully inside their Warfang residence, holding each other in their arms.  As the dragon couple slept, they both were dream about the Almighty Aslan, whom they have now considered their dearest friend: one who will be with them for the rest of their long lives.]
[Meanwhile, Aslan, who now situated himself within Yellowstone National Park, was watching the couple from afar with great joy.  The reason for his presence in Yellowstone was that he was awaiting another dragon couple from Spyro and Cynder's realm he had kindly summoned, both of whom consisted of a red dragon and pink dragoness.  But that's another tale altogether.]
After a long hiatus, here's the fourth part of my fanficiton, Spyro and Cynder meet Aslan. Just one more part before this story concludes.

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humanofprey Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spyro and Cynder can call upon Aslan whenever they need help from him, as well as we can call upon Jesus Christ whenever we need help from him too :)

Nice work :thumbsup:
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Amen to that! Thank you!
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