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[Flashback ends, and the scene returns to the Dragon Temple, as Sebastian continues narrating with what sequentially occurred.]
SEBASTIAN: (sobs) And that was the last time I heard Ariel's voice, as I was pulled into the depth of the trench below, where I soon passed out.  It was a long time before I reawakened, finding myself falling thousands of feet from above, and…well, you probably can guess what happened after that.
SPARX: (mentally) Well, wasn't it that obvious?!
[From this point, Sebastian begins verbally expressing his thoughts aloud, to which everybody, except Sparx recognizes.  And in the process, he begins to sound more seriously emotional then he has ever been in his life, to the point of sobbing.]
SEBASTIAN: But de worst ding about it is dat, although I'm alive, I'm now more confused as to how and why I even survived back there in the first place.  Which unfortunately leads only to more questions instead of answers, such as what will everyone here think of me when they see someone as insignificant and small as me?  Will I survive?  And for what reason was I brought to a place that's scary and huge instead someplace quiet and peaceful?  What's my purpose here in this place called…Dragon Realms?  Also, if there is a way back home for me, how is it that I could occupy myself in a land I am have no knowledge of?  What is there for me to do while I wait?  And what if (gulps, then begins sobbing)…what if I can't seem to ever get back to my and…(sniff, sniff)…and I would have to stay here for the rest of my miserably insignificant life? And will…WILL I EVER GET TO SEE ARIEL AGAIN?!
[Sebastian suddenly collapses face down and bursts out crying dolorously, with his claws covering his visage.  Throughout Sebastian's previous explanation, all the dragons present and Sparx eventually portray facial features of sympathy and sadness on their visages, apparently comprehending with the intense confusion Sebastian was currently enduring.  Cynder herself even started shedding tears as she witnessed the very one she and her purple mate saved and buried her head into his shoulder as she sequentially began crying.  Spyro then sympathetically brought one wing over his beautiful black mate in response, and then rested his head over on hers (this lasted momentarily).  Sparx, despite that he was great disturbed by the sight of the crab sobbing loudly, eventually threw himself onto his brother's head and sobbed silently.  It took at least twenty to thirty-five seconds for Sebastian's mournful crying to soften to sniffling quietly for a minute or two.]
[Then Kindle bent down her neck until the end of her snout was a few inches above where Sebastian was still bent downward sobbing.  Then Kindle tapped into her fire elements and blew a soft, steady stream of intensely warm air onto the melancholy crab, which brought him much solace as he sequentially stopped crying and calmed down.]
KINDLE: (sympathetically) Oh, don't be sad, Sebastian.  We all understand how you feel right now.
[Sebastian instant lifted his head, gazing into the Fire Guardian's tender visage, which expressed both concern and sympathy.  For upon hearing Kindle's words, he once again felt nostalgic as he heard Ariel's voice again.]
ARIEL: Please don't be sad, Sebastian.  I know how you feel.
[Sebastian then rubbed his eyes with the round parts of his claws to wipe off any remaining tears.  The red crab then lets them hang along his sides before he looked up at Kindle's visage.]
SEBASTIAN: (slightly high voice) Ya do?
KINDLE: (nods) Mm-hmm.  Just look around you, Sebastian.
[Sebastian, as he slowly rotated himself, gazed upon the faces of Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Terrador, Volteer, and Cyril before he returned his visual to Kindle's.  He observed that all of them maintained looks of sympathy and dolor on their visages, to which the crab receptive felt moderately joyous internally (even though he no longer felt terrified near Terrador).  While Sebastian was circulating his visual, Kindle congenially spoke to him simultaneously.]
KINDLE: You see, Sebastian, we have all known and experienced similar kinds of anxiety and confusion you are currently struggling with.  And it is because of this that we've been able to find the way in overcoming these difficulties.  So don't lose hope, Sebastian…we will help you discover your purpose in coming here and the answers you seek together.  Alright?
[With his gaze now fixed upon Kindle's, Sebastian, nervous as he was with the whole affair, nodded with assurance nonetheless in response.]
KINDLE: (gently) Good.
[As Kindle continued speaking, Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer stood up on all fours, with Spyro and Cynder following their example.]
KNIDLE: Now, the other Guardians and I are going to privately discuss on this matter further.  In the meantime, why don't you, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx patiently wait outside the chamber entrance until we finish, alright?
[As Kindle spoke, Sebastian was looking directly into her amber-colored eyes, which were filled with fervent assurance.  He remained silent for a few seconds before he responded to Kindle's question.]
SEBASTIAN: (nods) Alright, Kindle.
[With that, Kindle genuinely smiled at the little red crab and lifted up her right wing.  As Sebastian then approached Spyro and Cynder's direction and suddenly yelped as he immediately found himself skidding down the fire dragoness' abdominal area.  In microseconds, he landed on Kindle's tail blade with a grunt.]
KINDLE: (giggles) Careful, Sebastian.  Don't hurt yourself.
[Sebastian looked back at Kindle as she maneuvered her tail blade out forward onto the floor.]
SEBASTIAN: (genuinely) Dank you, Kindle.  I appreciate dat.
[Once level to the floor, Sebastian then removes himself from Kindle's tail spade as he, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx then proceeded toward the entrance from whence they entered at a moderate pace.  Simultaneous, Kindle then rose up from her recumbent position as the she and the other guardians began huddling around the Pool of Visions.  The Guardians waited until they watched all four exited into the hallway and then motion to their right.  It was then that Guardian of Electricity Volteer first whispered softly, which began a brief discussion.]
VOLTEER: Poor, Sebastian.  I honestly feel absolutely terrible, distraught, distressed about the dire extremity of his situation.
CYRIL: As annoying as you are with that frightfully electric tongue of yours, Volteer (sighs)...I concur with you about Sebastian's dilemma…it's rather extremely serious.
TERRADOR: Indeed. (sighs sadly) I can now understand why cringed so dreadfully when I beckoned him forward earlier.  What matters now is the consideration in how Sebastian was initially brought here and why.
CYRIL: But before we go into that, I am also concerned as to Sebastian can occupy himself, considering how long the investigation involved with his sudden appearance would take.
KINDLE: Agreed, Cyril.  And I may have some suggestions as to how help Sebastian in that matter.
VOLTEER: Then please, pray tell and proceed with it, Kindle.
[He, Cyril, and Terrador gazed toward Kindle's direction, as they eagerly awaited her response.]

[Temple Hallway]
[Twenty to thirty minutes have passed since Spyro, his mate Cynder, Sparx and Sebastian left the central chamber to wait within the circular hallway near the doorway they previously exited.  Both dragons were fully prostrate with Sebastian positioned in between them while Sparx was pacing halfway between the ceiling and the floor muttering.  At some point within that duration of time, Sebastian was humming nervously while his claws fiddled around with each other and shifted his visual in various directions.  Cynder, at one point notices the little crab's behavior and rotates her gaze toward him.  Her purple mate did the same as he too observed Sebastian's behavior.]
CYNDER: Sebastian, are you alright?
[Sebastian jumped in slight surprise.]
[He then focuses his gaze toward Cynder.]
SEBASTIAN: Oh, sorry. (looks down nervously) Well…it's just dat…(slightly irritated) it's been such a long time waiting around here, ah mean, how long daws it usually take four dem to hold and finish a discussion?
SPYRO: They're doing all they can, Sebastian.  Remember?  You can trust them.
SEBASTIAN: Hmm.  Dat's true.  Especially Kindle.  I mean…each time I looked into er eyes, mahn, I felt this warmth flowing through my soul…and it just instinctively told me to trust her.  She's…she's like a pure angel fish, mawn.
SPARX: An angel what?  Hey, listen can keep the noise level low down there, guys?  I can't even barely hear myself think!
[Seconds of awkward silence passed.]
SEBASTIAN: What's wit him, mahn?
SPYRO: Sparx just has issues, Sebastian.
CYNDER: Which is usually natural for him to have.
[Both beloveds chuckled silently while Sebastian looks at both of them with a perplexed look in his bright-red visage.  When the laughter died down a few seconds later, Cynder looked down at Sebastian again.]
CYNDER: So, is there something else on your mind?
SEBASTIAN: Well, yes, Cyndah, there is.  Since this isn't my home and all, I am uncertain as where am I to go? (slightly frantic) I mean, there's no way a small-sized crab like meself can survive a place as big as Wahfang.  I don't dink I could ever last one hour out in the unknown wildahniss.
SPYRO: Which is why you will come stay with us, Sebastian.
[Sebastian instantly gazed up at Spyro, whose face was filled with compassion.]
SEBASTIAN: Y-you mean I…I'm staying with both you?
[He switched his gaze between both dragon mates while speaking (he eventually fixed it in Cynder's direction).  They in turn sequentially nodded while smiling.]
CYNDER: Spyro and I have a pavilion we live in together located in Warfang.  We'll take you there once our friends, the Guardians, have finished discussing on how they can help you.
SPYRO: So you've got nothing to worry about, Sebastian.  Just be sure to stay close to us, alright?
[A second or two or later, Sebastian inhaled.  Then as he spoke, Sebastian hugged both Spyro and Cynder ecstatically.]
SEBASTIAN: Oh, dank you so very much! (laughs) You have no idea how relieved I am!
CYNDER: Your welcome, Sebastian. (smiles)
[Spyro smiles simultaneously with his beloved mate alongside from him before they repositioned their gaze forward.  Moments later when the door next to the three awaiting visitors opened, Spyro, his mate Cynder, and Sebastian stood up as they sequentially saw Kindle step out into the hallway, with her ear fins erect and her wings raised.  Sparx then zooms downward until he is positioned near the Fire Guardian's right eye.]
SPARX: So?  How'd it go, "K"?
[Kindle fixed her right eye toward Sparx briefly.]
KINDLE: It went just fine, young Sparx.
SPARX: (shrugs shoulders) Oh, okay.
[Kindle then rotated her head and neck toward the young dragon couple and Sebastian.  She watched them as they approached along her right side.  They then slowly strolled down the hallway toward the Temple entrance while simultaneously beginning a discussion.]
KINDLE: (tenderly) Sebastian…I want you to please bear with me when I tell you this, alright?
SEBASTIAN: (gulps, then nods) Alright, Kindle.
[While she spoke, Kindle kept her comely visage facing forward while her right eye focused on Sebastian, Spyro, and Cynder.]
KINDLE: (tenderly) The Guardians and I have decided that while we attempt to discover the reason and purpose for your sudden appearance, we'd also like to inquire you of what abilities you're capable in-
[Sparx, who is still hovering and maneuvering near the right-side of Kindle's head when he abruptly interrupts her.]
SPARX: Hey, wait a minute!  You mean he's got to go to this job interview or something?
CYNDER: That's kind of the general idea, Sparx.
SPARX: Oh, okay.
[Kindle resumes, still tenderly speaking.]
KINDLE: …however, we've also chosen when to proceed, which won't occur in three days.
[Sebastian looked up at Kindle's head as he simultaneously gasped.]
SEBASTIAN: Three days?
SPARX: Three days-are you kidding?!  There's no way Sebastian can wait that long!
SPYRO: Sparx, if that's the only time the Guardians can decide on doing that, we need to accept their decision.
SPARX: (immaturely) Ah, come on, Spyro!
KINDLE: I'm afraid that he's right, young Sparx.  For as Guardians, we have many responsibilities to carry out daily, both great and small.  Some include training younger generations of dragons in using their elements, protecting the innocent and the weak, managing our individual elemental shrines, and so forth. (to Sebastian) Are you alright with waiting that long, Sebastian?
[Sebastian thought for a few seconds before he answered.]
SEBASTIAN: Yes, Kindle.  I can wait that long.
KINDLE: That's wonderful, Sebastian, I'm glad you've accepted that.  Now do you have somewhere to stay until then?
[Cynder spoke just as Sebastian opened his mouth to reply.]
CYNDER: He's staying with Spyro, Sparx, and I, Kindle.
[Kindle shifts her head to her right side.]
KINDLE: Really?
SPYRO: Yes, Kindle.  Both Cynder and I both discussed and agreed to have him live with us at our pavilion in Warfang.
[As he stated this, Spyro and Cynder looked at each other lovingly briefly before returning their attention back to Kindle who smiled greatly.  The Guardian of Fire then observed the look of slight joy on Sebastian's face, indicating that he has agreed to what the dragon couple present had discussed.  She then observed that his face reverted to a more dolor state and thus drooped down her ear-fins momentarily.]
KINDLE: Oh, do not despair, Sebastian…for you are very fortunate to have ones as compassionate as Spyro and Cynder.
SEBASTIAN: (mutters) I know.  It's just dat I may ahve to wait a long time before I can return home.
[Then Kindle's ear-fins then perked upward.]
KINDLE: Well, all I can say is that until then, you may never know what wonderful surprises lay in store for you here, Sebastian.
SEBASTIAN: (curiously, yet moderately perplexed) Ya do?
KINDLE: (softly chuckles) Don't worry…you'll understand in time, Sebastian…that I can promise you.
[Kindle then repositioned her head and neck directly forward as she and the other four continued strolling down the hallway until they eventually exit through the entrance of the temple.]

[As they ventured out into the platform area surrounding the primary Temple structure and under the early evening sky, Spyro, his mate Cynder, Sparx, and Sebastian ventured slightly ahead of Kindle.  Sparx then, with great effort, slowly lifted Sebastian into the air.]
SEBASTIAN: (anxious) Careful that you don't drop me, Spawx!
SPARX: (mentally) Don't worry, you'll get no argument from me on this one, for now.
[As Sparx then carefully and strenuously hovered over to position Sebastian onto Cynder's neck base, her purple mate looked up at Kindle admirably.]
SPYRO: We shall be departing for our pavilion now, Kindle.  And thank you very much for helping Sebastian.
KINDLE: It could not have been done without you and Cynder as well, young Spyro.
SPYRO: Thank you, Kindle.
[Sparx has managed to place Sebastian onto the base of Cynder's neck, breathing exhaustively for a few moments before he hovered to Spyro slumped onto the back of his head, holding both his horns.  Both Spyro and Cynder both turned toward the direction of east-southeast and took off flying over the suburbs of the city below them.  Seconds later, as Kindle affectionately watched then depart, she raised up her head and neck.]
KINDLE: May the ancestors look after you! (softer) May they look after us all.

[The quartet glided east-southeast for some time over the city landscape below until Sebastian perked up in suddenly.]
SEBASTIAN: Cyndah, is dat it?  Is dat where you and Spyro live?
CYNDER: (delightfully) Oh, yes, Sebastian.  It's our home sweet home.
[There before them was tower-like structure ahead (it's total height was at least 500 feet).  At the top of the structure was Spyro and Cynder's pavilion, a cylindrical building with a dome on top, which measured at 45 feet in diameter width and at least 35 feet in height.  This same pavilion also had an elongated and hollow rectangular prism projecting upward on one side of the building (this was the chimney) and had an entry way, facing west, more than big enough for Spyro and Cynder (it had linen covers hanging from the interior, serving as a door) to fit through.  Surrounding the pavilion was a platform that was level to the top structure's bottom, with a diameter of 65 feet.  It took at least a minute or two before dragon couple landed on the platform and gently strolled on into the doorway.]

[Inside Spyro and Cynder's pavilion]
SEBASTIAN: (gasped) Wow, mawn!  You two actually live in this-AH! (grunts)
[As Sebastian spoke, he was sequentially interrupted when he slipped off of the base of Cynder's neck and fell onto the floor, his outer exterior clattering upon impact.  Cynder gasped as she and her purple mate rushed to Sebastian's side.  She and Spyro then positioned their lurched their snouts downward at where Sebastian fell, who quickly picked himself up.]
CYNDER: Sebastian, are you alright?!
[Sebastian looked up at them.]
SEBASTIAN: Yes, I'm okay, Cyndah. (shakes he head sideways) Of course, I'm pretty much use to it by now.
SPARX: (mentally) Man!  That guy can take serious damage from falls like that!
SPYRO: Are you sure?
SEBASTIAN: Yes, I'm positive.
[With that, Spyro and Cynder lifted their heads up, but had their gazes fixated on Sebastian for a moment as they sequentially smiled out of relief.  Then Spyro walked over to the gargantuan-sized cushion set in the middle of the pavilion and tilted his head forward as Sparx slides off onto the softness of the mattress.  Then Spyro turned around and proceeded toward the door, but then stopped half way between there and the large cushion and looked at his beloved mate.]
SPYRO: If you don't mind, dear, I'm going hunting.  Would you like something?
CYNDER: (smiles, giggles) As long as it's fresh, Spyro.
SPYRO: Okay, I'll be right-
[Spyro fixed his gaze toward Sebastian as the latter sequentially spoke.]
SEBASTIAN: If at all possible, could you see if there's something similar to seaweed or at least something leafy and edible for me?
[A few moments passed before Spyro managed to understand what Sebastian was asking, before he smiled back.]
SPYRO: Alright, Sebastian, I'll see what I can do.  I'll be back shortly.
[He then walked at a faster pace till he exited and then the sound of beating wings was heard outside.]

[An hour had passed since Spyro left to retrieve some food for both Cynder and Sebastian.  During much of that time, Cynder was busy rearranging the interior appearance of the lovely pavilion she and her mate habituated.  Some of the various items rearranged inside included vast amounts of candles, which were placed amongst different areas all over the shelves and parts of the floor.  Sebastian also assisted with the cleaning, which often involved dusting areas that were too difficult to reach for her and since Sparx was not awake.  Two other features Sebastian noticed were the two windows that were positioned opposite of each other and perpendicular to the entry way.  These same windows had hinged doors capable of being locked when closed shut.  Eventually Sparx did wake up and joined in, helping dust in high tight corners Sebastian couldn't reach.   When finished, Cynder prostrated herself onto the floor between the doorway and the cushion she and her purple mate shared together.  Sebastian crawled near the black dragonesses' bracelets worn on her forearms while Sparx had already left to return home in the swamp (he asked Cynder to inform Spyro about this before departing).  While Cynder, with her head and neck erect, remained prostrate, Sebastian then curiously gazed directly onto the surface bracelet on her right forearm, which reflected like a mirror.  As the little crab continued looking into his reflection on Cynder's bracelet for a few moments, she then looked down at him.]
CYNDER: You like it?
SEBASTIAN: (softly, high-pitched) Ah! (looked up at Cynder) Um…well, it's…very…I-I mean…i-i-it's very interesting and…ur…do you mind…if I…
[Before he could finish, Cynder motioned her left forearm over to Sebastian, shift the bracelet in front of him.]
CYNDER: It's alright, go ahead.
[Sebastian then reached out an open claw and pressed against the braclet firmly.  It felt very smooth and cool as Sebastian rubbed against it with his claw slowly.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Hmm.  I never thought dat dragons would actually wear jewelry.  I wonder if Ariel-
[Sebastian was immediately interrupted when both he and Cynder rotated their visual upon the entry as they heard the sound of flapping wings outside.  Then Cynder got up when she and Sebastian heard voices outside for a moment, but were relieved when Spyro poked his head inside smiling.]
SPYRO: Cynder, could you come out for a second and give me some help with something?
CYNDER: Sure thing, darling. (to Sebastian) Wait here for a brief moment, okay, Sebastian?
[With that, Cynder gracefully strode toward the entry way following her mate as he retracted his head outside.  A few minutes later, Sebastian heard Spyro and Cynder giving their goodbyes to someone outside before they both perked their heads inside and looked at Sebastian joyfully.]
SPYRO: Hey, Sebastian, come sit and eat out with us outside.
SEBASTIAN: (slightly nervous) Well…okay.  But why?
CYNDER: We have a surprise waiting for you. (lifts part one half of the curtain) Come on, please.
[After gulping slightly, Sebastian then proceeded across the floor and quickly exited onto the porch where right before his eyes was a soft pillow, big enough for him to rest upon with a large piece of lettuce on top (both of which were firmly held down by the flat of Cynder's tail blade to prevent from being blow over by excess wind.  As Sebastian approached them, Spyro spoke and backed out with Cynder.]
SPYRO: I'm afraid that was all that could be found for you eat for tonight, Sebastian.  I'm sorry if I couldn't find any seaweed anywhere at the markets in Warfang.
[While Spyro was speaking Sebastian managed to quickly reach the spot where his pillow and lettuce laid.  As he grabbed hold of the lettuce, looked at Spyro from the corner of his eye.]
SEBASTIAN: Well, I suppoose its nawt much, but I dink cahn manage.
[Cynder's relieved some pressure from her tail blade to allow Sebastian to remove his piece of lettuce from place as he rotated himself until he was looking at Spyro, while rolling up his dinner.]
SEBASTIAN: But…thank you anyway, Spyro.
SPYRO: (smiles) You're welcome, Sebastian.
CYNDER: Here, I'll put that inside before we eat.
[While she stated this, she approached where her tail blade was still holding down Sebastian's pillow as she then grabbed the end of it with her mouth.  Then, after remove her tail blade from it, she then went inside the entry way for a moment and then returned shortly.]

[The next few minutes or so were spent with Sebastian and the lovely dragon couple devouring their dinner on the circular balcony.  Sebastian was slowly munching and devoured his roll of lettuce while his composure maintained slight melancholy, while both Spyro and Cynder took turns ripping and tearing at each bite they each wanted at the fresh antelope carcass the former of the couple brought.  Sebastian managed to finish his share before the dragon couple could, and thus he rotated his body with his six legs to direct his visual toward them.]
[Spyro directs his attention to the little red crab, his mouth stuffed with meat.]
SPYRO: Yesh, Sebashtan? (swallows food)
SEBASTIAN: Who was it dat spoke to you aund Cyndah aftah you came bahk from huhnting?
SPYRO: It was one of our friends, Skye.  I met him on my way hunting and it was he who helped find that pillow and piece of lettuce.
[As Spyro spoke, his black dragoness mate managed to gulp down her bite of meat thus turning her attention toward Sebastian.]
SEBASTIAN: That must have been very kind of him…(paused, raises eye brows)…wait.  Is Skye a dragon?
SPYRO: (nods) Mm-hmm.  Both Cynder and I have many friends here who are dragons.
CYNDER: But don't worry, Sebastian.  Most of them are very friendly and good-natured, and don't even eat seafood.  Ugh, no offense intended.
SEBASTIAN: None takahn, Cyndah.
SPYRO: And although he couldn't find any seaweed at the market, Sebastian, Skye did promise that he'd keep an eye out for it whenever he stops by the market.
SEBASTIAN: He…actually said that?
[Both dragons nodded sincerely.  For a brief moment, Sebastian remained silent before he spoke.]
SEBASTIAN: Well... alright.  I'll be sure to thank him when we see him. (raises arms upward) Do you mind if I remain outside with you two, so as to keep you company?
CYNDER: Why certainly, Sebastian.  You can do that.
[With that both dragon lovers resumed devouring the confines of the their meal while Sebastian watched them feed.  When they managed to eat to their fullest, Spyro and Cynder then looked into each other's visage and the former then started licking the stains off the latter's snout and face causing the former to giggle and laugh.  When Spyro finished, Cynder gazed at him slyly with a smirk across her face.]
CYNDER: Now it's my turn.
SPYRO: Alright, come get me.
[No sooner when Spyro finished as he sequentially chuckled at the tickling sensation of his mate's tongue licking away the stains from the food he devoured joyously.  A few moments later Sebastian observed that Cynder had completely cleaned Spyro of the dark food stains, as she then retracted for a moment and gazed into her mates eyes.]
CYNDER: Spyro…I seem hungry for more.
SPYRO: Then you shall have some, my dear Cynder.
[They then inclined their heads forward and pressed their lips in beautifully deep and passionate kiss, as their tongues caressed and intertwined each other most lovingly for a brief moment.  Sebastian, upon observing this, was filled with nostalgia when he remembered witnessing similar moments of his friend Ariel and Prince Eric shared together.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) I sure hope Ariel, Prince Eric, and all my friends are doing okay.  I really do miss them.
[Sebastian then diverted his gaze away from the Spyro and Cynder as they then broke their kiss seconds later.]
SPYRO: You want more?
CYNDER: Sure (inclines head next to his ear, whispers) but let's do it later tonight.
SPYRO: (smiles delightfully) Agreed.
[They then suddenly turned toward Sebastian after hearing him give a despairing sigh.]
CYNDER: Are you alright, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: (startled) Huh?
[He quickly rotated his body and focused his gaze upon the dragon couple with a look of slight sorrow on his visage.]
SEBASTIAN: Oh, sorry.  It's just that…well…y-y-you see…I um…
CYNDER: (smiles) It's alright, Sebastian, you don't have to say it right now.
SPYRO: Indeed, you're probably too stressed over what has happened today.  We'll wait for you when you're ready to state what's on your mind.
SEBASTIAN: Well…dank you.  So what do we do now?
SPYRO: Well, why don't you and Cynder wait here while I find a place to dispose of this carcass, okay?
CYNDER: Alright.
[With that, Spyro then took up the carcass in his jaws and ascended.]

[At least ten-fifteen minutes passed since Spyro left to properly dispose of the carcass he and his mate gorged on.  During that time, Sebastian had positioned himself close to Cynder (who was sitting across her stomach and head erect) as they watched the sun sinking ever lowering onto the horizon before them.  At one point, Cynder even allowed the little red crab to position himself between her stretched out forelegs (which crossed over each other) and up against her chest area.  Spyro eventually returned and landed atop the balcony.  He then laid down up next to his beautiful black mate and placed a wing over her, with their tails intertwined around each other.  All three then watched the sun setting over the next hour or two (though they did not look directly at it).  As for Sebastian, while positioned up against Cynder's resplendent red breast area, he felt intense, yet soothing warmth, coursing through his small and invertebrate body.  He also felt and heard the soft beating of the black dragoness' heart as it thumped rhythmically throughout her slender body.  The little red crab then gave a most deeply joyous sigh as he began to feel sleepy.]
SEBASTIAN: (mentally) Wow!  Dis is soo beautiful, man.  I nevah realized how warm and cozy sitting near a dragon could be.  Perhaps they're not as dangerous as we thought of them to be and are perhaps very peaceful and loving.  Perhaps maybe now…
[Before he finished, Sebastian fell asleep and then his head slumped forward as with his body up against the warmth of Cynder's breast area.  Then a few minutes later, Cynder and Spyro looked down as they suddenly heard Sebastian snoring loudly (which is quite bizarre for a crab as small as he).]
CYNDER: (giggles, whispers) He seems pretty loud when he sleeps.
SPYRO: (whispers) Indeed.  Want to go inside and put him in his soft bed?
CYNDER: (gets up, whispers) Sure!  For then it's just you and me together.
SPYRO: (gets up, whispers) Alright.
[With that, Cynder carefully picked up and then held the dormant Sebastian around her right arm before she progressed inside on three legs while her strong purple mate followed close behind her as they entered their pavilion.]

[Some moments later, Sebastian was fast asleep on his pillow somewhere inside the pavilion, which was covered by a folding screen that blocked the crabs visual from the cushion in the center (as a precaution in case he woke up unexpectedly).  In addition, some of the candles were already lit, along with the windows shutters closed and locked in addition to a thin section of floor elevated in front of the door to prevent anyone from entering.  In the center of the single-roomed pavilion, Spyro and Cynder were lying on their sides on the cushion, with their bodies positioned very close to each other (by at least inches), hind legs fully stretched out, both their tails entwined, and they were lovingly gazing at each other's eyes.  Then Spyro slowly looked down along his mate's slender body stretched out in front of him, admiring the resplendence of her intensely ruby-red belly scales as they softly reflected from the candle light.  Cynder observed the manner in which Spyro was gazing and giggled softly.]
CYNDER: (softly, jocundly) What is it you're looking at?
[Spyro then readjusted his gaze toward Cynder's eyes again and smiled with delight.]
SPYRO: (softly) I was wondering how you're soft underbelly is like a beautiful field of deep red roses, with blooms that are tender to touch and smell.  Now I just want bask in their softness and beauty.
[While Spyro stating this lovely compliment, his mate blushed and giggled softly.]
CYNDER: (softly and tenderly) Oh, that's so sweet of you, Spyro.
[Then, both Spyro and Cynder reached out their forearms and enwrapped them around their waists tenderly and then pulled each other closer slowly until their soft underbellies made contact.  Then Spyro and Cynder locked their lips together in a passionate and deep kiss, while their tongues sequentially enwrapped and caressed each other most tenderly and amorously.  During this kiss, both dragons heaved their chests outward as they breathed deeply while the warmth emitting from their underbellies coursed through their bodies.  This continued for a few minutes before they broke away and gazed into their eyes lovingly.]
CYNDER: (giggles, softly) Oh, I love you so much, Spyro.
SPYRO: I love you too, Cynder…
[He then forwarded his head and kissed Cynder passionately on the neck, to which she reacted with a slightly louder giggle (which thankfully did not wake up Sebastian).  He then reverted his head toward gazing toward her eyes.]
SPYRO: (softly) …and I shall do so endlessly.
[Cynder then smiled before she lifted her head and used her wind breath to softly blow out all the candles before repositioning it to gaze back at Spyro.  They then kissed each other's lips passionately once more and progressed with their actively physical love throughout the next thirty to thirty-five minutes before they eventually fell asleep with love in their hearts.]
Here's part two of the first chapter:D. I should be able to finish the second chapter after some time (I do not exactly know when).

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