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TLoS:AoH – That's What Friends Are For

It was a late, starry night in the city of Warfang and the full moons were out.  On the roof of a large building sat a white dragoness, Ivory, sadly gazing up at the dark, luminous night sky.  She had been sitting there for some time now when she heard a voice behind her saying:

"Hey, Ivory."  She turned to see that the voice belong to Cynder, as she also observed the black dragoness approaching her.

"Oh, hi, Cynder," replied Ivory, as the black dragoness positioned herself next to the former.  A few hours earlier, Ivory and her son, Flush, had arrived at the residence of Spyro and his family to have dinner together and stay for the night.  Both the adults and children present had a wonderful time this night and the dinner was exquisite.  At present, most within Spyro's residence were already fast asleep, except for Cynder and Ivory.  The black dragoness focused one emerald eye toward Ivory and observed that she had a sad expression on her face.

"Are you feeling alright?" she asked with concern.  Ivory gave a sigh before replying:

"I couldn't sleep.  I felt like coming out here."  Cynder then focused her full gaze toward Ivory as she spoke, in a more sympathetic voice:

"You're thinking about him, aren't you?"  Ivory of course knew what and who Cynder meant and gave out a sad sigh.

"Yes," Ivory softly replied.  There was a long pause before she spoke again. "It's been five years.  Five years since Flush died.  For all of my life, I have always loved and protected him.  Yet, when he was murdered, I was deeply devastated…as if my whole world had been crushed.  I know I've moved on since then…but there are occasions where…I still feel lonely and empty without him."  Cynder then observed a single tear falling from one of Ivory's eyes.

"I know how you feel, Ivory," replied the black dragoness compassionately, draping one wing on Ivory's back.  "Believe me, I truly do.  During the conflict against Liun some years ago, when Spyro kept getting weaker from losing his powers, there were moments where I felt that I was going to lose him forever, which almost happened a few times.  I love Spyro. I've loved him ever since he freed me from Malefor's corruption all those many years ago. I'm eternally grateful and thankful to have him in my life, and I've dedicated myself to protecting him, even at the risk of my own life."  She paused for a moment, sighing, before resuming.

"I would never forgive myself if anything terrible ever happened to Spyro. I'd be just as devastated as you were when you lost Flush."

"I know," replied the white dragoness sadly, nodding in agreement.  "Except one thing though: you've managed to protect your mate so far, while I failed to protect mine."  There was a long moment of silence between the two dragonesses before it was broken by Cynder, as she spoke again:

"That maybe so…but don't forget, that a part of Flush still lives…"  Cynder then motioned one forepaw over Ivory's chest for a moment. "…here, in your heart, Ivory, where he will always be, and that he also lives within your son as well.  As long you remember that, you'll never be alone."  Seconds later, Cynder then observed that Ivory's muzzle crease into a smile as the latter then glanced at the former.

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Cynder," said Ivory joyfully.  "For you are right…there are often times where I do feel his presence while dreaming about him in my sleep.  And my son does greatly resemble his own father in so many ways.  There are even moments where I feel Flush's presence in my son, and it brings me great joy knowing that too.  They both have been such a great blessing to me in my life.  I feel I've been given another chance to start everything once again. For that this time I wouldn't fail Flush. I will not fail, no matter what."

"Indeed," said Cynder in agreement.  "Just like how both Spyro and our daughter Zealous have been a great blessing to me."  She then heard the white dragoness giggling joyfully before the latter replied:

"We sure do have much in common, Cynder."

"We certainly do, Ivory."  They both shared a moment of mirthful giggling together before embracing each other in a friendly hug.

"Thank you for comforting me, Cynder," said Ivory in a kind voice.

"No problem, Ivory," replied the black dragoness gently. "That's what friends are for after all."  They then separated from their embrace.  "Now, how about we head inside and get some sleep?"  Ivory nodded in agreement as they both sequentially headed inside the draconic domicile.

Later as Ivory slept peacefully in her room, she was smiling blissfully as she dreamt about her beloved mate Flush.
This is a Christmas present I wrote for my good friend and Christian brother, :iconicey1456:, which involves one of his Legend of Spyro OCs, Ivory. It was the Lord who inspired me to write this on account that He reminded me what Vixen said in Home, a fanfiction written by ~icey1456, that Ivory needed friends in her life, not another lover (since her heart belongs to Flush after all). Cynder would be one such friend because of how both she and Ivory have both suffered horribly during their lives, something they both share in common. I really hope that he'll love and cherish his present.

Also I got the title from this song on YouTube: [link]

Note to ~icey1456: Did I portray Ivory's personality correctly?
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humanofprey Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That what friends are for. They stay on our side everytime we need them and even when we don´t need them, they are always ready to help us.

Nice work :thumbsup:
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Thank you very much!
renton0915 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Nice one
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Thank you.
icey1456 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
What can I say... That's my Ivory :D
Well, maybe except for some almost meaningless details... "For you are right..." I think she has never used such a form of sentence, but it mostly fault of my lack of knowledge of English (or maybe writing style?). She sounded at that point a little too... poetic to me, but it's something I've barely noticed, only analyzing the text carefully.

It appears that you have learnt really much about Ivory since our conversation of Aslan, your dream and all, haven't you?

And also, when Ivory says "I'm glad to hear you say that, Cynder," could you add after "They both have been such a great blessing to me in my life." a short sentence?

"I feel I've been given another chance to start everything once again. For that this time I wouldn't fail Flush. I will not fail, no matter what."

THank you very much! It's a beautiful gift, I feel in debt towards you :D
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Oh, good. I previously assumed that the her giggling would have been out of character for Ivory, since I've never heard her giggle in your stories.

Yes, the Lord had made me re-think what I first dreamed. For after that experience, I actually had visions of Ivory and Aslan becoming life-long friends, none of which have any of what I previously envisioned. Some of them even had glimpses of Aslan comforting Ivory after she revisit painful moments in her life through her memories. In fact, if you think about it, since Aslan is also Jesus are the same person, He might also help Ivory master her control of her magic. After all, the Lord's Word does say (I don't remember where exactly) that His yoke is lighter than anyone else's. No doubt He already knows how Ivory will learn that in Home, which you also know as well.

Of course I'll add that sentence in, but then I'll have to wonder how Cynder would reply to that.
icey1456 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, she has right to giggle as well, even if she doesn't do it often.

Indeed, I already know how her magic mastering will end up, even if she (in the currently published chapter) still fears about it.

The reaction doesn't really have to be much different, I think it would even fit in the way it is now.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
True at that.

And I've applied the dialogue you gave me. Does it look good?
icey1456 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I believe so :)
THank you!
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
You're welcome.

Additionally, one reason I chose Cynder to interact with Ivory here it was never shown in your fanfictions.
icey1456 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You mean conversation of Cynder and Ivory?

Indeed, I never really described such a situation, except for their returning to eastern city; it was just short, since Ivory was mourning then
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Well, it was a good thing I wrote this then.:)
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